Buying Guide For LED Deck Lights

Deck lighting is one of the most appealing visual and cost-effective ways you can finish off any outside space from larger commercial venues to domestic garden or hotel. Add security and beauty with outdoor lighting by using this guide which will let you understand how to buy lights for a deck for outdoor lighting functions and fixture types so that you can choose the right one for your space.

What To Consider Before Purchase

With the development of technology, the old are being taken over by the new. In yesteryears, both outdoor and indoor light fixtures used light bulbs that were incandescent. When the bulbs are incandescent, they create light using a filament. Immediately an electrical current passes through the filament, it glows and heats to a temperature which then produces light.

What Are Incandescent Bulbs?

These are bulbs which are normally used in low voltage light fixtures and thus, it is recommended that you utilize an AC transformer to convert your energy in the household to the 12-volt level. Most of the deck lighting nowadays features a progressive technology of LED which is more cost and energy efficient as compared to the earlier incandescent bulbs.

They use a 5th of the electricity which was previously used and according to their rating, they can last for around 50000 hours.  For pets and children, LED bulbs which are non-heat producing are safer as these also attract fewer insects.

LED lights are normally used in both solar light and low-voltage fixtures. When using low voltage style light, you will need a DC transformer in order to convert your electricity in the house to the lower level which is required.

Advantages Of LED Bulbs

  • They are environmentally friendly
  • They are cost and energy efficient
  • They are safe for pets and children
  • They have a longer life span

LED Lights Color Temperatures

Cool white and warm white refers to the temperatures of the light which are emitted from the LED lights. It is normally measured on the Kelvin scale, a unit of measurement which is used in describing the hue of the specific source of light.

  • Warm white LED lights: This type of LED light produces a light which is more of a golden glow which used to be emitted by the incandescent lighting. Yellow delicate and tingle, this type of LED lights will be deemed as compared to their cool white counterparts and in most instances, they are rated between 2,700 Kelvin and 3,000 Kelvin.
  • Cool white LED lights:This type of LED generates light which is brighter and natural white which will still be pleasant to the eyes. This cool white light fixture has a slight shade of blue and thus, it will be a bit more radiant than the warm white LED lights and are normally rated around 5,000 to 6,000 Kelvin.

Types of LED lights

When you want to buy lights for a deck, choose between the non-integrated and integrated lights.

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