Butteryfly World

Butterfly World – Klapmuts, Cape Town

Butterly Fly World is a tropical garden that is home to butterflies, birds, reptiles, tarantulas, marmoset monkeys, meerkats and lots more. The setting is beautiful and is the perfect place to take kids on a day out. Most of the animals/ reptiles are not locked up but left to roam free in the tropical garden making it a wonderful experience. Obviously snakes such as pythons are in a cage and there was one monkey in a cage while the others roamed free. I can only assume the caged one is a trouble maker or a biter!



















I have been to Butterfly World a number of times but going with a 3 year old and a 1 year old and seeing how amazed they were to have so many butterflies fluttering about, fish in the pond, monkeys jumping all around and a big green lizard (iguana?) creep across the path in front of them was purely magical and made this the best visit I have had there to date.

We had a lovely outside lunch. The food was good, well priced and there was a high chair for my son (which for me is a make or break for a restaurant right now!). The paths inside the garden are also quite easy to push a pram around which was helpful.

I would definitely advise a trip here with your kids if possible.

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  1. Beautiful! I would love to take my kids there.

  2. Been there a few years back and my eldest enjoyed it so much 🙂 Need to still take my baby there it is so stunning 🙂

  3. I took my boys to visit Butterfly World last year – They had a blast. It was my first visit too and it was spectacular. Would definitely recommend to all parents


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