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Weaning: Smells Like Cabbage!

The weaning process is nearly complete. It has not been an easy week so far, but things are getting better. I got Dostinex from my doctor on Tuesday: a course of 4 pills, one every 12 hours which dries up the milk. I was instructed not to feed my son or to express or stimulate my boobs in any way.

For 3 nights hubby slept with our son. He slept surprisingly well and only woke up once every night. During the day on Thursday and Friday he was at creche full day.

The hardest part for me has been picking up my son or being with him, he immediately wants to latch and try to get at my boobs! Then there has been a few times where he has knocked his head against something and my immediate thought is to latch him to soothe him, so it has been a little tricky.

The other difficulty is that my boobs have been swollen, hard and leaky since Wednesday night! I thought this was normal and tried to carry on as best I could (stinking with a bra stuffed full of frozen cabbage leaves) but it just got progressively worse. I went back to my doctor yesterday and it turns out that I have mastitis and he put me on a course of antibiotics and told me to go home and pump all the milk out.

What a bittersweet experience that was! I expressed over 300ml of milk and immediately felt better. This morning my boobs are tender but not sore. Cuddling my son this morning he got very cranky and tried to latch, we settled for a compromise. He latched onto my boob but not the nipple and sucked, I now have a little “hickie” on each boob just above the bra-line.

What has your experience been with weaning? What worked for you?

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