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Breastfeeding in Public.. it’s just a Boob

Breastfeeding in Public

I love asking moms on our Facebook page how they feel about breastfeeding in public. We always get a good response but I am always amazed at how many moms find breastfeeding in public offensive. Click here to see the latest responses on our Facebook page.

In the past a number number of the moms stated that they don’t want their husband to see another woman’s breasts which I find a little strange. I can’t see how a man finds a boob attractive with a baby sucking on it. I asked my husband one day how he felt about it and he said it is just a boob with a baby on it and it does nothing for him. Yes I am sure there are plenty of men with fetishes out there too, but I think they are a serious minority.

Breastfeeding is perfectly natural and in my mind very far from sexual. Besides there are boobs everywhere all the time for our husbands to perve on if they feel the urge. Spend a bit of time taking note of how many times you see boobs on tv, in magazines and on billboards – it is quite insane how often half naked or naked women are shown. We’ve all got boobs, we’ve all seen them and so have our husbands and kids.

When I was breastfeeding I would have loved nothing more than to sit privately with my baby and feed without anyone being able to see a thing, but the truth is there was often nowhere for me to go and my baby was screaming for his lunch! I tried numerous occasions to cover him with a blanket but the little guy fought me and won. I am also not the most graceful person and when I tried to do it discreetly it always backfired. The last thing I needed was to have a boob hanging out in the open while fighting with a baby and a blanket, I looked ridiculous!

In the end I gave up on modesty completely and it turned out that was a lot more discreet. Although I have had my fair shares of looks of disgust from people.

Something else that really intrigues me is that black women regularly feed anywhere and everywhere. It seems to me that there is not much notice taken when they do, but let a white women take out a boob for her baby and it is noticed. I personally don’t pay any attention to black women feeding their babies and hardly notice, but if a white woman is feeding in public I know immediately. Can anyone give any feedback on my perception with this?

Here is a post on my Facebook page about Breastfeeding in public:

What are your experiences and thoughts on breastfeeding in public?

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