Brain Training For Children

Brain Training For Children With Brain Harmonics

We all want the best for our kids, we want them to do well and succeed at school, to be well-adjusted adults, we want them to have active healthy social and physical lives. I know that I personally, will do anything to help one of my kids when they are in pain or experiencing a trauma of some kind.

Brain Training For Children With Brain Harmonics

Imagine what it is like for a kid with ADD or ADHD, or a kid who has a traumatic brain injury of some kind. They will try really hard to achieve but see all of their classmates and friends nailing the work while it feels incredibly hard for them to equal this. They are usually in trouble because they are moving too much, zoning out and daydreaming or they are reactive and angry. Eventually these kids stop trying because it is too much effort for no rewards.

I currently have a lot of kids coming for brain training who are not sleeping, feeling anxious, depressed and even suicidal. I believe whole heartedly that we have to sort out emotions and sleep, before we worry about learning and excelling at school. Why would your kid be super focused in class if they’re not feeling happy on some level or exhausted from never getting quality sleep at night?

At Brain Harmonics, we focus on whole brain training which means that we balance all the imbalances and combinations of imbalances at the same time, this also balances your neurochemistry. It is 100% natural and non-invasive, so its safe for kids (even safe for pregnant moms) as there is no input into your head. It is a feedback system where your brain is hearing itself in each frequency at each point in real time – It’s like your brain is seeing itself in a mirror and once your brain feels balanced again, it definitely doesn’t want to go back to a long way around of doing things.

What will Brain Training do for ADD and ADHD?

We address the high Theta to Beta ratio when brain training someone who has ADD or ADHD. We have protocols that raise the dopamine naturally in your brain by raising your smr (sensory motor rhythm) at your Central lobes (this is what ADD medications such as Ritalin do while you are on the medication which will wear off when the medication wears off), we usually do this while getting the client to watch videos (enhancing concentration) while we build dominoes on their bodies, this also teaches them to filter out distractions, all the while their brain is creating new neural pathways.  We also teach people with ADD to think in pictures and have a series of games that teach them how to see more detail or we use schoolwork to show them how to link the work to pictures (memory pegging).  Kids can remember movies, things that are in every room in the house or anything else visual – pages and pages of work is so much harder – we use the pegging techniques in a fun crazy way while the brain is forming new neural pathways. We will also address any other reversal’s that we find in their brains which will enable them to operate more efficiently.

With Brain Training, we also look at improving emotional balance and sensory integration.

If you are on prescribed medication, please keep taking your medication as prescribed. If your aim is to lower the dosage or go off the medication that you are on, please discuss this with us at your assessment.

Internationally renowned Brain Trainer, Pete Van Deusen, says:

“Our brains are constantly bombarded with sounds, images and touches. One of its most important jobs is controlling the border between all that noise and your mind – deciding what gets in and what gets out. Some people can sit quietly for hours in a classroom or meeting, they screen out everything except for what’s important to them, they may produce lots of impulses to get up or interrupt, but they don’t act on them. Not every brain does that job so well, every brain does have a filtering system, it constantly and automatically set the rules for what is important. If you’re meeting with your boss, the rule is that the noise from the street is not important.

If there is a crash outside the window, the rule is to find out what happened, your brain actually monitors the noise but it only processes what gets in. Screening is a constant job, even when you’re sleeping, and it can take a lot of energy, depending on how noisy the environment is and how still you are supposed to be. Some brains can’t meet the challenge over long periods.

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Low energy brains think with intuition and images instead of words, they live inside their minds and have to push their attention out, they solve the problem of controlling the border by closing it much of the time. They may fall asleep easily but have trouble waking up.

People call them inattentive or learning disabled, but they are creative, they can be still and keep themselves busy over long periods. They have a strong inner world, but they are stuck there.

Other brains have energy, but they don’t have an inside world to protect. They live outside their borders actually paying attention to the noise, acting on the impulses without choosing.

They lack the idling brain speed, so they can’t rest even when there is nothing to do. They may have difficulty falling asleep but wake up quite easily. People call them hyperactive, if their borders are almost completely unprotected, they may be called autistic.

They can be good do-ers and talkers, but they often miss what things mean. Many are fearless and tireless and get things done, but they hate to be alone or still. They can dominate their outside world, but they’re stuck there.

Sure, there are pills and diets and supplements to help your brain control the border – but they are temporary cover ups, they don’t really change the way the brain makes and uses energy in a lasting way.”

If your child battles to learn, focus or concentrate, our ADD learning program helps all clients to filter out distractions, stay on task and take in as well as retrieve information more easily.

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