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Make The Most Of Black Friday 2022 With These 9 Tips

Black Friday 2022 is just around the corner so make sure you are ready to make the most out of the great sales at your favourite stores.

Black Friday 2022

Plan Ahead

While it may be fun to browse around for the best Black Friday sale on the day, waiting for a Black Friday sale is not always the best way to go.

Rather make a list of all the things you would like to buy ahead of time and check your favourite stores for prices and compare ahead of time. Add these items to your wish lists so that you don’t waste time on the day.

Create A Black Friday Sale Budget

It is so easy to overspend on the day when you see all the great sales. Make sure to decide how much you want to spend in total and allocate a budget for each thing on your wish list.

Include a little extra for impulse buys because you never know what might catch your eye on the day.

Check Sale Dates

While some stores only offer Black Friday sales on the day, lots of stores start offering their sale prices long before the day. Some stores have already started their Black Friday sales. Superbalist’s Black Friday Showdown sale from 23 – 28 November and will be on fashion, shoes, accessories, homeware, beauty and sport.

If you are considering buying a TV take note that the best prices are usually on Black Friday, so if this is an item you are considering buying rather wait until the day for the best deal.

Shop, online

Keep An Eye On Social Media

Lots of stores give sneak previews of their sales offerings, and even offer early bird specials on their social media channels to reward their followers. Make sure to follow the social media channels of your favourite stores and keep an eye on their posts.

Contact Your Favourite Stores For Information

If you don’t see anything about a Black Friday sale on your favourite store’s website or social media channels contact them and ask them if there are any sales coming up and what you can expect. You may find that you get the inside scoop before anyone else.

Shop Online

Shops are going to be packed and it is important to get in early to get the best sales before stock runs out. Shopping online will be the quickest and most efficient way to buy what you want, especially if you are well organized and have planned ahead.

Check ahead of time whether Black Friday sales are going to be the same online as they are instore. You may need to do some instore shopping if the sales are only in-person.

Use A Price Comparison Website

Going through each and every website to check prices and compare is tedious and time-consuming. Instead use a price comparison website like to make the process much easier and quicker.

Check Store Policies

Many stores offer price-match policies which means if you buy from them and see that there was a better deal on offer somewhere else you can get the difference refunded. However, make sure to check the fine print as some stores suspend this policy during Black Friday.

Make sure you are familiar with the refund policy and exchange policy of the store before you make your purchase to avoid any disappointment.

Make sure that you save all your receipts in case you need to exchange or return any items.

Loyalty Programs

Make sure you are signed up to loyalty programs. Many businesses give their members early access to sales, promotions, and coupons. Sign up for newsletters so that you are the first to receive alerts about discounts and offers.

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