Interesting Birthday Party Themes

10 Interesting Birthday Party Themes that Your Kids Will Absolutely Love

Do you remember when your birthday came around as a child? It was like the second Christmas holiday of the year… Everyone showers you with gifts and recognizes that it is your birthday, you are one year older which usually comes with more freedom, and then there’s the birthday party… You get to plan a huge party, with a delicious cake and invite all your closest friends.

Somehow, the excitement of our birthday and the degree of our birthday parties begin to slowly dwindle down as we become adults. Maybe because we do not want to acknowledge the fact that we are getting older.

10 Interesting Birthday Party Themes

However, as parents we can still celebrate this joy vicariously through our children. The joy of birthdays is somehow revived once you have a child…

You get to make the cake, pack the party packs, help plan the party and see the joy in their eyes when it all comes together just right.

So, as their next birthday approaches, here are a few interesting birthday party themes to suggest that they will absolutely love:

  1. Circus party. Does your child just love animals? Grab an animal piñata and some popcorn boxes for a fun night. Even try incorporating admission tickets, you could send one in the party invitation just as a fun addition and ask that guests bring it with them.But, of course, have extras for those who might have forgotten theirs.Cotton Candy Birthday Party Theme Idea
  2. Cotton candy party. A cotton candy party is perfect for the child with a sweet tooth – it is their birthday, so let them go all out.You can buy bags of cotton candy as party favors and do a variety of colored cupcakes with whipped icing for dessert. The whipped icing will give it the light, airy cotton candy look.
  3. Nautical party. If you have a water baby, a nautical party might just sail their ship the right way. Use dark blue bags and cut the tops using design scissors for a wavy look. For food options, snack-sized sandwiches and other beach themed snacks are a great way to fill their little bellies.
  4. Hollywood themed party. My mom did this party theme for me as a young teenager – I believe for my 13th or 14th birthday, but don’t quote me on that – and I absolutely loved it! It was like we all had a night on the red carpet. For a few bucks at the dollar store, she grabbed a few fake trophies to give out during games making us feel like we had just won an Oscar. Especially for a musical child, this could be a great idea.Pro Tip: If your child loves to sing, try adding a karaoke activity to the party.
  5. Sports themed party. Baseball, soccer, football, cheerleading – you name it, you can turn it into a party. For some added personalized decoration, display your child’s sports jersey or outfit and make it a day all about them.Fun birthday party theme ideas
  6. The next great adventure party. If your child likes a good mystery, try a great adventure party with a scavenger hunt. You can use hand drawn maps of your house – even if you aren’t an artist, just keep it basic since it is for the kids. Then, have them add stickers where they find things, or you can add stickers to give them clues such as “X” marks the spot.
  7. Paris glamour party. For the child who has a little sass and a lot of sparkle, a Paris themed party is just glamourous enough. Try adding some sparkly pink macaroons for a simple, yet elegant dessert. An Eiffel tower piñata is a great way to decorate and really set the mood for a Paris theme.
  8. Pajama party. Who doesn’t love to hang out in their pajamas all day? I know I do, and so do kids! This is a great party theme for a sleepover. Have the party guests come over in the late afternoon sporting their favorite pajamas, with a sleeping bag and their favorite stuffed animal. Put on one of their favorite movies and you have a happy crew.
  9. Woodland wonderland party. If your child loves the outdoors, bring them inside to them for an epic birthday party. A green tablecloth with a forest themed cake really brings the outdoors inside. Try decorating with a few real plants too such as small planted trees or shrubs.
  10. Summer camping party. If you have a great backyard, a summer camping party is the way to go. You can make individual s’mores packets for each child to have and spend the night telling stories around the fire pit.

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Annabelle Short is a writer and seamstress of more than 5 years. She loves making crafts with her two children: Leo (age 9) and Michelle (age 11). Annabelle splits her time between London and Los Angeles and writes for Wunderlabel and Content Blossom.


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  1. Great tips my son loves animals so for his next birthday i will try to use this tips. Thank you

  2. I had a Superman themed birthday party for my little boys 1st birthday. It was so cute. But I actually think a telly-tubby theme will also be very cute. For the little little ones.

  3. My son’s third birthday party was a spider man theme. He absolutely loved it. His 1st birthday theme was a sailor/nautical theme and his 2nd one was farm animals. My baby girl is turning 1 in 2 months so i will definitely use some of these tips.

  4. So many good ideas. My son is now at an age where he wants to tell me what party he wants.
    His first birthday was Red and Blue Polka Dots (Not particularly a theme).
    His second birthday was Two-By-Two (Noah’s arc)
    His third birthday (we skipped!) We were busy moving from the Karoo to the city at that time.
    For his fourth birthday, he had an Avengers party (His choice)
    For his fifth birthday, he would like a Minion party!

    Now that we’re expecting a girl, I’ll definitely try the Cotton Candy party!

  5. Thanks for all those great ideas. when it comes to planning a birthday party it is always cartoon character based for me, I never taught of the other themes that could be incorporated in the party.

    My sons first birthday party was based on the Tigger theme (friend of Winnie the Pooh), everything was orange and green.
    Hi second birthday was his crown birthday, we had the Minion theme, all décor was yellow and black.
    His third birthday was Spiderman theme, this I got a party planner to do and the set up was at the park, I saw an awesome special offer and had to take advantage of the package. This was the only party that I did not co-ordinate on my own.
    Last year he turned 4 and we had a PJ Masks theme party.

    I would be so much more convenient to have a party that is not cartoon character based, the printing on vinyl and selecting décor is costly. The ideas in your article are superb, yes they are individual themes, but these can be found at your local party shops and do not have to be ordered on request.

  6. great Tips my daughter loves animals but is really scared to play with them… This will be great for her fears and enjoyment

  7. Thanks for all the great ideas…i had a Barney theme birthday party for my granddaughter…we invited the entire neighbourhoods children…and we hired 4 ponies…they loved it

  8. Such lovely themes so different from the usual same old characters birthday party’s for my sons 1st birthday he had boss baby and his 2nd birthday is now in May which he will have a king themed reason being it is his crown birthday as well.but might keep these for the years to come

  9. Themes are amazing and I just love it. My twin girls birthday coming up soon, then boys then my my little man have to try some of this and definitely going to be a surprise for them thank you

  10. Wow such lovely ideas

  11. I just found a theme for my little one one year birthday he may not hav everything like the others but his 1st birthday im going make it extra special bake my own cake from scratch thank you for post this again .one day he can look back and see he was not left out because i struggle alot to get him from milk to nappies

  12. Queenneth Zuraidah

    Great ideas I now have an idea on what to go for next year….my son is turning 5 and my daughter is turning 10 so will definitely be using ideas
    Thank you so much for sharing ❤️

  13. AH thank you for these ideas I have been wondering what I should do for his fourth birthday and these tips really helped.

  14. Monique Delcarme-Adams

    We’ve had parties from carnival, camp out, soccer ,cars, games night, minions, favourite colour themes and movie night dress up to name a few . They all work out so well. We actually just used whatever the boys were interested at the time.

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