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The 5 Best Word Games You Should Try Out Now

Word games are becoming more popular thanks to the great variation you can find — board games, video games, applications, and even ones that you can play only with pen and paper. Each game will be very amusing, but also you will be able to learn some new words and enrich your vocabulary. Those are perfect for kids as well because you can find one suitable for any age. Let’s have a look over the 5 best word games you can play right now.

The 5 Best Word Games You Should Try Out Now

The 5 Best Word Games You Should Try Out Now

Maybe you are a fan of the traditional board games that even our parents and their parents played decades ago, or you perhaps you prefer the modern variations that you can download on your phone. They all have a very similar way of playing — you will see many scrambled letters, and you need to come up with different words using them.

There are variations of word games where you play directly against other people, and the one that collects the most points wins at the end. Or you can play by yourself and try to find as many words as possible so that you can go to the next level. If you have some trouble to unscramble words, then you can try using some additional help. Let’s talk about some of the best games you can try out.


Wordscapes is a game that you can download on your Android or Apple phone. When you first see the game, you might immediately make the association with a crossword puzzle. You will see a circle with a couple of letters on your screen. Using those letters, you have to come up with some words. Above the circle, you will see some lines crossing each other and, therefore, really remind us of a crossword puzzle.

Your goal is to drag your finger in the circle and connect the letters to find the words that are supposed to be on the board. If you find a word that is not on the board, you will get some bonus points.


We all love this classic, and there are many variations. Scrabble can be found as a board game that you can play at home, a video game on gaming consoles, or an application on your phone. No matter which option you choose, the rules and way of playing are pretty much the same.

You will get a number of tiles with different letters on them. You will have to come up with a rod using those letters and put it on the Scrabble board. Dispensing on where you put it, there might be some board tiles that give you additional points. In the end, the board will also look like a crossword puzzle since the words of different players have to cross.


Wheel of Fortune

This is the equivalent of a very famous TV show with the same name. Wheel of Fortune can be found as a video game or an application for your phone. You will have the same option as in the original game: buy a vowel, try to solve the puzzle, or spin the well and then call a consonant.

Vowels usually have a set price, but each consonant will be worth a different amount. This amount is defined by where the wedge of the wheel stops. If you guess the consonant, you can continue to play until you either make a wrong guess or land on a Lose a Turn tile or, even worse, on a Bankrupt one.


Upwords is a fun family board game that can be played by anyone above 8. It is very similar to Scrabble, but it has its own little additional rules. In general, you start by getting some tiles with letters and coming up with words that you need to put on the board. The interesting twist is that you can put tiles on each other. And if you stack more words, you will get even more points. Up to 4 players can play the game. Can you reach the limit of 7 tiles stacked on each other and be the winner?


This is another classic where you don’t have to come up with a word, but you have to guess it. So you will be split into two or more teams with at least two people in each. Then one of each team will receive a clue which will be the same for everyone. They have to help the others on the team guess the actual word with a one-word clue. If the first team doesn’t manage to, the next one tries, and so on until someone guesses the word correctly. You can agree on the number of rounds you will play, and the winner will be the team with the most points at the end.

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