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I’m not sure about you but I just can’t get over how fast my kids are growing up. It feels like my life was put on fast forward from the moment my first child was born.

I can clearly remember my mother telling me that I must enjoy every moment because my children will grow up so fast. At that time it felt like 18 years would be almost a life sentence and that it will be an eternity before I can have some freedom. That felt like yesterday and nearly 6 years has gone by, already one third of those 18 years has flown by.

I am starting to regret not making more of an effort to journal everything as much as I could and for not making enough of an effort to make memory keepsakes of all these amazing moments.

wedding photo booksI remember when I was young my granny had all these photo albums and it was so lovely to browse through them as a child. Another thing that stands out from that memory is that with age photos start slipping out and the photos were getting old with age.

Now with technology the way it is, hardly anyone uses cameras that need to have the film developed and printed out. Almost everything is digital and stored on our computers or phones.

I recently came across the concept of photo books and I absolutely love the idea! My mind is now whirling around with ideas for how I can make my own photo books and I have been searching online for some companies that can make up some beautiful photo books for me.

When my granny died she left me (and each grandchild) a photo album with special photos of us from birth all the way up until adulthood. She made that album for me after she had been diagnosed with liver cancer so it is very sentimental, but it is getting damaged with age. It would be great to take that album and create a professionally printed photo book.

DIY Photo Book VS Professional Printed Photo Book?

The first thing that you need to think about if you are going to make yourself a photo book is are you going to make one yourself at home or are you going to go the professional route?

You can make your own photo book at home with your photos and creating it yourself certainly adds that personal and special touch. If you are wanting to give it as a gift for someone then making it yourself really does make it unique.

Here is a lovely video I found about making your own DIY photo book from your Instagram photos if you are looking for some inspiration to get crafty and make your own photo books.

However getting one professionally printed is also very special. Imagine a photo book with a stunning cover and high quality glossy pages with all best photos from your wedding or the birth of your baby?

How To Find The Best Photo Book Deals?

Like I said I did a search online to find the best photo book deals and there are so many companies available for creating photo books that it can be quite overwhelming. Searching through each website and checking the different designs and pricing can be tedious and confusing.

Baby photo booksThat is where Photo Book Deals comes in. Photo Book Deals has already found all the best deals online for you and put it all together on their website in an easy to search way.

You can search their website using different options such as photo book occasions (such as baby photo bookswedding photo books, travel photo books, family photo books), book binding, book orientation (portrait, landscape or square), size, cover types (hard cover, soft cover or booklet) and brands.

When you search for great photo book deals each option has images, detailed descriptions and pricing so you don’t have to leave the website to find everything you need to know about each photo book deal until you have made your choice.

Photo Book Deals has done all the work for you checking out all the quality and pricing to bring you the best possible deals for photo books. If you are interested in getting a photo book done for you I suggest you check out Photo Book Deals Website to help you make your choice.

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  1. Thanks for the tips

  2. Informative thanks

  3. How does it work, do you just email your photo’s to those companies and they make up the photo book for you or do you get to design it yourself on their website and then they just print it for you?

    I don’t think I would want to print out photos and just stick them in a book, making it pretty. I’m not really into those sort of crafts. I wonder if there is a middle way to do this, like design the pages with a collage of photos yourself and then print it out and somehow bind it?

    I guess though that although you may save a bit of money the pricing on some of those photo books is not bad at all and it will look really nice.

    I would love to do my wedding and honeymoon, plus some photo’s of our little family too.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      I had a closer look at the photo book deals listed and when you click through to the photo book you want you set everything up yourself and customize it how you want it.

      Once you have designed your own book you pay and they print it. I think it is a great way to do it, the fact that you set it all up yourself means that the costs are low and then they do the printing and putting it all together.

  4. I’ve had a photo book made up for my family pics but I had it done at a print shop. I can’t remember how much it cost but it was pricey but they designed it and everything. I didn’t realize you could have it done online.
    I’ll check that out next time but I just worry about setting it all up, I hate that sort of thing and I don’t like struggling.
    Maybe they would give support and help to customers? Hope so.

  5. Khomotso Chosen

    Wonderful tips. Thank you

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