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User’s Guide To Choosing The Best Handheld Vacuums For Home Use

Handheld vacuums are typically portable and smaller versions of your traditional vacuum cleaner. Due to the compact size, it can be a highly convenient gadget to have around your home, however, they are not suitable for vacuuming large spaces. In this post we will be giving you more information on our top five choices of best handheld vacuum cleaners and the key features to look for when buying a superior quality handheld vacuum for home use.

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The 5 Best Handheld Vacuums

What You Must Know About Stick Vacuums

As far as vacuum cleaners go, power is no assurance of the cleaning performance. The overall design of the unit is what really makes a difference. With that being said, stick vacuums cannot be expected to perform as good as a traditional vacuum cleaner when you are cleaning your carpets.

The more juice you have in the battery, the better your handheld vacuum will perform. These nifty gadgets usually start losing power as the battery starts running down. However, with the latest technology and designs, for instance, lithium-ion batteries, you can enjoy improved dirt pick-up and running times.

Primary Features To Take Into Consideration When Buying A Handheld Vacuum

Irrespective of the model or brand you select, here are the vital features to consider when you are searching for the best handheld vacuum. before making your purchase.

  • Running and charging times

When choosing a handheld vacuum, be on the lookout for models that can run for an extended length of time and do not take forever to charge. Some models might need to be charged overnight, or even longer.

Stick vacuums on average takes about four hours to charge, and you may get about thirteen minutes of runtime, contingent on the surface you are cleaning and the power settings on the unit.

Some models can only run six minutes maximum, therefore, if you have a large space to clean, you may want to opt for a model that permits you to swap it over with a spare battery.

  • Filter

A filter must be easily removed, cleaned, or replaced. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, we suggest going for a vacuum that has a HEPA filter.

  • Quiet, lightweight, and easy to manoeuvre

Test the models in the shop to see if it has all the abovementioned things. When you are buying the best handheld vacuum, check it moves around easily on carpet as well as hard surfaces. Some models can weight up to 4 kilograms, which is not always noticeable when you’re utilizing it on floor, however, once you have to reach up to clean your fans and ceilings, for instance, it can become tiring very quickly.

Handheld vacuum

  • Battery

The models that are equipped with higher voltage batteries (18V and more) tend to have improved performance. The most commonplace battery types that are found in stick vacuums are lithium-ion (Li-ion) and Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH). There are typically advanced-performing, and longer-lasting batteries compared to nickel-cadmium (NiCad) as well as lead-acid batteries, which are still being used in the older models.

Have a look at the warranty details on the battery. Some warranties do not cover the batteries for one year or more, even if the cleaner is covered. A good quality stick vacuum cleaner battery should hold sufficient charge for you to do what you need to without running out of juice frequently.

Some models have battery indicators which makes it easier for you to see once the charge starts running low. The battery will eventually start losing its capability to hold a charge. If this happens, it is often more cost effective to upgrade your model, as opposed to replace the battery, unless you can switch out the battery for an affordable replacement.

  • 2-In-1 models

These models can be used as either a stick vacuum or a handheld one. They are usually equipped with a trigger that release the handheld section which is located on the upper body of the stick.

  • Floor heads

Various stick vacuums are equipped with a standard motorised head that can be used for both hard and carpet floors. Some has a special soft head that can be used on hard floors. The higher-end stick models can detect which surface you are vacuuming and adjust the suction suitably without having to swap out heads.

  • Variable suction / power

This feature permits you to decrease the suction, which comes in handy when you are cleaning fabric surfaces like upholstery or curtains. 

  • Tools

The standard tools to look for are crevice tools and a dusting brush. Other accessories might include an extension tube, squeegee tools, or a pet hairbrush. These tools are particularly useful when built-in or storable on the vacuum cleaner itself, instead of in a separate container or on the charging cradle.

  • Fall-out flap

A fall-out flap prevents dirt from falling out once you carry the vacuum with the nozzle pointing downwards, for example, when you are moving in between cleaning chores.

  • Switch

It is useful to look for a model that has an on/off switch when you are using it continuously, rather than a trigger that must be pressed down the entire time.

  • A charging base that is floor or wall mountable

This can assist with keeping the vacuum accessible and fully charged wen needed. Certain charging bases are mounted to the floor which means you can move the location of the base whenever you choose to do so.

  • Wet and dry models

Some handheld vacuums can be used for sucking up wet materials or liquid. However, this is typically for a small quantity (about 150L) and the bin must not be filled with liquids beyond the indicated level. The filter and bin must be cleaned separately and dried afterwards.

  • Models that have an LCD screen

It is highly convenient to have a vacuum that shows you information when operational, like how much battery charge you’ve got left, when it’s necessary for the filter to be replaced, or if there is an obstruction. 

5 Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

Black & Decker Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Features and benefits:

  • The unit is handheld and cordless for ease of use.
  • It has up to four times more suction power compared to other handheld vacuums.
  • It takes only five hours to charge fully.
  • It comes with an extra-long crevice tool for cleaning hard to reach places with fewer effort.
  • It has a one touch easy-empty button, so that you will not have to touch any dirt.
  • It has a 2-speed power boost button for more power in seconds.


This product has received mixed reviews. Most customers are completely satisfied with the unit and says that it delivers what it promises. However, some customers did not agree with the advanced suction power as advertised and charge only lasted about 15-20 minutes on a full battery.

BISSELL Lithium-Ion cordless handheld vacuum (pet-hair eraser)

Features and benefits:

  • The unit is handheld and cordless for ease of use.
  • Bissell donates $5 for each Pet hair eraser Li-Ion sold, upon activation. 
  • With the motorized brush tool and the lithium ion battery, this nifty gadget can remove embedded pet hair and dirt from your upholstery and other surfaces. 
  • It comes with a 14V lithium ion battery and a dirt cup capacity of 0.7 litres.
  • It has a large dirt bin to assist you with getting rid of unwanted pet hair more easily.
  • The triple level filtration provides advanced cleaning performance.
  • This handheld vacuum comes with specialized pet tools that include: Upholstery tool, motorized brush tool, and crevice tool. 


The customer reviews for this vacuum were mostly five stars and overall, it is exceptional value for money. However, one customer did mention that he could not buy the paper filter on its own and had to buy the entire assembly which is an unnecessary expense. 

Shark WV201 Wandvac handheld vacuum cleaner

Features and benefits:

  • The unit is handheld and offers exceptional suction on the high-speed setting. 
  • It is equipped with a single-touch empty and detachable dust cup that has a capacity of 0.08 quarts.
  • The unit is ultra-lightweight and weighs a mere 1.4 pounds which makes it ideal for easy manoeuvrability and cleaning. 
  • The tapered nozzle allows for easy collection of fine dust and large debris.
  • With the duster crevice tool, you can reach into tight spaces when cleaning your car and use the multi-surface tool for cleaning upholstery, pet hair, and carpets.
  • The unit comes with a charging dock and handy storage for accessories. 
  • It has a cleaning width of 3.6 inches.
  • It is equipped with lithium ion battery that charges up quickly. 


This unit received mostly good reviews. However, some of the complaints that some customer reviews revealed were:

  • The unit is too noisy, up to the point where it is beyond annoying.
  • The brush attachment is too thin and not really a useful addition for the unit.
  • One customer said that the unit only lasted about ten minutes before shutting down completely after it was fully charged.

Homasy portable 8KPA handheld vacuum

Features and benefits:

  • The unit is handheld and cordless for ease of use.
  • This vacuum provides deep cleaning with strong suction. It uses a 100W power motor that offers suction for up to 8KPA. 
  • Besides cleaning pet hair or paper debris, it can also be used for hard to reach, difficult to notice motes, such as tiny 0.3 microns that are hidden in mattresses and sofas. 
  • It works with high-capacity lithium batteries for up to thirty minutes. The Homasy brand currently has the longest sucking time for handheld models on the market. 
  • This unit has a 600ml large-capacity dust collection cup for convenient cleaning of your living room, bedroom, or kitchen areas.
  • It comes equipped with three types of attachments. It is a convenient device for thoroughly cleaning your stairs, sofas, and other hard-to-reach spaces. The rubber jar attachment can suck up to 100ml of liquid at a time. 
  • The battery on your Homasy handheld vacuum can be fully charged within three to four hours. It is manufactured with the newest self-developed intelligent power management and fast-charge technology. It also has temperature protection, input current protection, input voltage protection, and short-circuit protection to better ensure the safety of the equipment during the charging process.
  • The Homasy handheld vacuum is equipped with a lithium battery to provide a cycle of up to 500 times in the five-year life expectancy. This is three times more than any other brand.


This unit received numerous good customer ratings, however there were some reviews that reported the following issues:

  • The battery charge only lasted 21 minutes, and not 30 minutes as advertised. One or two customers only had ten minutes before the unit had to be recharged.
  • Most complainants had an issue with the design of the dust bag and revealed that it is not very practical.
  • More than one customer had an issue with the suction power, particularly for pet hair. One customer stated that the unit does not have enough cyclonic action for pet hair.

VacLife handheld vacuum

Features and benefits:

  • This unit is handheld and cordless for convenient use with a strong motor to provide powerful suction. 
  • It comes with a Li-ion rechargeable battery and quick-charge technology.
  • It is suitable for wet & dry use.
  • Can be used for car cleaning and daily house cleaning, including dust and pet hairs. 
  • The unit is lightweight and portable and comes with three different nozzles. 
  • It has a bright LED light which makes it easier to clean in dark places where your light is obscured. 
  • This model is suitable for those that are allergy-prone or suffer from asthma since it is equipped with HEPA filters and washable wraps that are durable.
  • The detachable dust cap is convenient for emptying collected dust and debris, ready for your next clean.
  • The VacLife is equipped with a long-lasting battery that takes about three to four hours to reach full charge. 
  • It can be used continuously for up to 30 minutes.
  • This unit comes with a one hundred percent full refund or replacement guarantee.


The VacLife handheld vacuum received numerous 5-star reviews and the majority of customers are satisfied with their purchase. However, a small percentage of customers gave it a bad review and had similar issues with the unit, which include:

  • The unit stopped working for no apparent reason.
  • The suction power is poor.
  • The unit has limited charge. One customer only got two to three minutes before the unit needed a recharge.


We hope that you have found our guide on how to shop for the best handheld vacuum cleaners helpful and that it has equipped you with the right information next time you’re in the market for buying a handheld vacuum. Remember, it is always advisable to do proper research on any item before you buy it and to read through the customer reviews to see what you are getting yourself into.

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  1. Choosing a good hand-held vacuum cleaner can be a challenge, especially so if you do not have a technical bend of mind. This is because of the availability of so many brands in the market. You have given good and valuable information which would be really helpful for those looking to buy a handheld vacuum cleaner. Incidentally, we need to get one too, will check out if these brands are available in our country.

  2. Handheld vacuum cleaner is on our wishlist. The 2-in-1 one sounds lovely. We are currently using Vax vacuum cleaner for home (the regular one not handheld) and it is fab for picking pet hair too.
    My dining table is country style and there are always some crumbs stuck in between the panels. I don’t want to cover the table with table cloth because it’s beauty lies in the raw style. I try to clean the crumbs with an old toothbrush. A handheld vacuum cleaner would be so handy and quick for this. Also, my husband can use it for cleaning car seats etc.

  3. Lauren Kinghorn

    Ooh, your timing is impeccable. Our dustbuster stopped working a couple of months ago and I was just thinking how much I miss it (especially for cleaning out my car), so thanks for this fabulous review. Definitely keen on the Black and Decker – you had me at 4x suction power than other models. The Honasy also appeals as we have a new puppy in the house and it’s mid-Winter so I’m too cold to housetrain him properly – I didn’t even know you could use a hand vacuum to pick up liquids until now. Thanks a mill.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      Yes suction power is such an important feature and I love Black and Decker – such a well known and trusted brand.

  4. Fantastic tips. Just the other day I found myself wishing we had a handheld vacuum as the regular model is quite tiring to use. Feels like my arm will fall off after I am done with two rooms and still not halfway through with the job. I remember seeing a lovely Black and Decker model some years ago – so tempting. The models you’ve listed all look sleek and efficient!

  5. Patricia von Meyer

    I use my handheld vacuum to clean my couches and the car. Better than using a big vacuum. More convenient.

  6. Aneeqah Ryklief

    A handheld vacuum is the best idea. Especially since I do most of the household chores now, it’s so convenient.

    • Yes it is so super convenient Aneeqah and yes I am also doing everything myself for the last year+ – so it is great to have something that makes keepinge verything clean easier.

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