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Best Belly Wrap Post Pregnancy

Many celebrities have adapted to the use of a belly band post-pregnancy to assist with getting their bodies back to normal. However, the practice of belly wrapping has been around for centuries among different cultures. In Malaysia it is referred to as “bengkung”, in Mexico they use a wrap which is called a “faja”and in Japan new mothers make use of a “sarashi”.

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Best Belly Wrap Post Pregnancy

What Is A Belly Wrap?

It is a piece of garment which is used by new mothers. It resembles a belt or piece of fabric which is worn around the belly and sometimes even the whole torso region. The main use for a belly wrap is to support your postpartum belly during the sensitive weeks after you’ve given birth. Many women choose to wear such a garment to feel more comfortable and to move around more easily during this time. You can start wearing a belly wrap soon after delivery, but it is advisable to discuss it first with your physician particularly if you’ve given birth via c-section or if you’ve had a problematic delivery.

Three most customary types of post-pregnancy belly wraps

  1. Abdominal wrap

This is the most commonplace type of belly wrap used across the board. It’s generally made from stretchy fabric which is wrapped around the mid-section and some of the are equipped with different arms which can be secured one at a time. Other designs include one-piece garments which are secured with hooks according to fit.

  1. Compression garment

This type looks like shape wear, but unlike shape wear, they are manufactured from medical-grade compression fabric and are suitable for new Moms. They are made to support your core, trunk, and pelvic floor.

  1. Pelvic support

These kinds of belly wrap are wrapped around the pelvis and its main focus is to support the hips. Certain designs include attachable groin support bands.

Benefits Of Wearing A Belly Wrap After Delivery

  1. Supporting your postpartum belly

After giving birth, your belly feels stretched out, particularly the skin around the belly region as it expanded dramatically during pregnancy and have now undergone a drastic change. This leads to the appearance of sagging or loose skin. Wrapping the belly area help with supporting this region and feeling more comfortable.

  1. Assisting with shaping your body

When pregnant and after giving birth, your body undergoes tremendous changes. Many women have issues with a hanging belly and loose skin during the weeks after delivery. Wearing a belly wrap can assist with shaping your body and to feel more comfortable when moving around. It can provide you with a slimming appearance while keeping the sagging skin in check. It may assist the uterus to return to its normal size quicker and you’ll be likely to be more active.

Warning: It is essential not to use belly wraps as a replacement for healthy eating or as a quick way of getting your pre-pregnancy body back. A belly wrap must not be worn too tightly for the purpose of shaping your body.  Wrapping too tightly can result in putting pressure on your pelvic floor, ribcage and core. If you feel uncomfortable or the need to faint, you must loosen it immediately. It is essential to use a belly wrap as an aid that helps with healing and recovery after childbirth, not as a tool that can magically shrink your post-delivery belly.

  1. Providing pain relief

Many women experiences pain in the joints, pelvic pain, back pain and discomfort as a result of diastasis recti (abdominal separation). By supporting your belly region with a belly wrap, it can bring you some welcome relief from these aches and pains. Belly wraps have been used for centuries by women to bring pain-relief, so this is not a new concept.

  1. Supporting the pelvic floor

Some Moms experiences perineal tearing while giving birth. The tears are more ordinary with first-time Moms and can take some time to heal. It can be incredibly painful in the pelvic region and by wearing a belly wrap you can help support the pelvic floor, providing some relief.

  1. Supporting C-section Moms

A belly wrap can be highly useful for Moms who had C-sections as it can accelerate the healing process by providing better mobility, supporting abdominal tissue and increasing blood flow. The firm, but gentle pressure on the belly can help reduce swelling, decrease the pain as a result from surgery and bring relief for the pulling sensation that are often experienced when coughing, moving or bending.

Warning: Although a belly wrap can support your belly and provide pain relief, it shouldn’t be used when you’re experiencing severe pain in the C-section scar area before consulting with a doctor first. The scar must be evaluated first.

There are many belly wraps to choose from when you’re looking to buy the best belly wrap post pregnancy. Our favorite is the Nyortho abdominal binder for lower waist support.

Nyortho Compression Wrap Lower Waist Support Belt

Product information for this belly wrap:

  • Custom fit – the binder fits comfortably around your waist as it is naturally flexible and can conform to any shape or size. The extra-wide design permits for the binder to be wrapped around the entire belly and staying in place without shifting when you’re moving around.
  • Adjustable first-class support belt – Made from superior, latex-free, comfortable, breathable, and high-quality lightweight materials. It offers compression to the lower and upper abdomen for improvement of oxygen levels and blood circulation. It can help reduce swelling and promote recovery. It is designed for supporting the lower back and improving posture during nursing.
  • Reducing discomfort – whether you are recovering from injury, surgery or are in need of additional support, abdominal binders is an excellent way of stabilizing your core and improving your muscle tone. It can provide support for people who had hernia surgery, natural childbirth, a C-section or has abdominal injury.
  • Perfect for reducing post-surgery issues and improving postpartum recovery.
  • Can be used by both sexes.
  • A Proudly USA-manufactured product.
  • Can be worn underneath or over your clothes.
  • Choosing your size: Find the perimeter around the widest part of your body where you are planning to wear the binder:

20-30 In – Fits 20”-30”

30-45 In – Fits 30”- 45”

45-60 In – Fits 45”-60”

60-75 In – Fits 60”- 75”

75-90 In – Fits 75”- 90”

90-105 In – Fits 90” – 105”

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