Best baby shower gift ideas

Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Buying a baby shower gift for someone special can be lots of fun and you have a really awesome opportunity to make a lasting impact on that special mommy to be.

The first thing you need to do is decide what type of gift you want to buy your loved on, from there you can narrow it down for the best baby shower gift ideas.

Best Memory Keepsake Baby Shower Gifts

Buying gifts that will also be an awesome baby memory keepsake. For me personally this is the type of gift that I love the most.

Mexican Bola 

A mexican bola (also known as pregnancy chimes)Mexican bola best baby shower keepsake gift is one the most special gifts you can buy a women when she is pregnant. A chime is worn on a necklace over the belly and the baby hears the chimes while in the womb. The baby gets used to hearing those sounds in the womb and when the baby is born it is a sound of comfort. The chimes are then worn shorter and often baby starts playing with it when breastfeeding.

When the baby grows up the necklace can then be given to her as a keepsake. Giving this as a gift to your close friend or family member will hold very special meaning for mommy and for baby.

This is my number one gift idea for a baby shower gift.

Baby Hand Footprint Kit

This is another wonderful and personal baby shower gift to give a mommy to be. The baby hand footprint kits often come in a frame and there is a little kit to make prints of your newborn baby’s feet and hands.

Some of them also have space for a photo of your baby too which is really lovely. This will make not only a lovely keepsake, but also stunning decor for the home.

Baby Memory Book

A baby memory book is another very special gift that is a lovely baby keepsake. There will be places for mommy to fill in all the special moments and memories such as baby’s birth weight and length. There are also places to fill in baby’s firsts like baby’s first words and baby’s first steps.

Baby memory books can be a first year book or even the first five years.

Check the bottom of this post for a giveaway of Our Baby’s Book! 

Baby Keepsake Box

Buying a baby keepsake box is another stunning baby keepsake gift for a mommy to be. There are some really stunning baby keepsake boxes that will make a very special gift.

Or if you are crafty you could even make your own one and make the gift completely unique.

Best Practical Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Having a baby is so expensive and there are so many essential things for a newborn that mommy to be will be needing.

Nappies and Wetwipes

If your plan is to help mommy with some essential things she will be needing for her baby you just cannot go wrong with nappies and wet wipes. It doesn’t matter how many packs of nappies and wet wipes she gets as gifts it will always be welcome.

Making a nappy cake will make a boring nappy gift into something loads more fun. You can also add lots of smaller items to a nappy cake like pacifiers, toiletries, bottles and more.


Mommy to be is going to need plenty of toiletries and like aqueous cream, bum cream, cotton wool, baby soap and baby shampoo. This makes toiletries a very practical gift and once again no matter now much mommy to be gets she can always keep it stored for when she needs it.

Blankets, Baby Towels, Burp Cloths and Bibs

Mommy to be is going to be needing plenty of these items. Adding in a swaddling blanket with instructions will also come in handy for mommy when she is struggling with getting her baby to sleep.

Baby Sleeping Bag

These are so awesome and I loved the baby sleeping bag I got as a gift for my daughter at my baby shower. I had never seen one before until I got given one and they are lovely. I had no idea at the time how babies wiggle and kick off their blankets at night, making winter nights with a baby a nightmare. The baby sleeping back sorts this problem out.

Baby Carrier

A baby carrier was another gift that I only realized the value of after I started using it. This became one of my absolutely essential items. Wearing your baby helps with bonding but also keeps your hands free to do other things while keeping your baby close to you.

Seriously if you haven’t had a baby yet you have no idea how much your baby needs to be held all the time. You will need to be able to get some things done and wearing your baby makes life so much easier. A baby carrier will keep mommy and baby happy.

Before I had my baby I always thought a baby carrier was for using when you go out, almost like an alternative to the pram. However I landed up using my baby carrier every single day at home as well as using it when I went out.

Baby Diaper Bag

This is another item that will be used all day every day and probably for up to 3 years for each baby! Every time mommy leaves the house she is going to need to pack all those nappies, wet wipes, spare clothing, blankets and more.

If you are already a mom and mommy to be is pregnant with her first child you will be in a good position to choose a really practical and handy baby diaper bag.

Breastfeeding Pillow

If mommy to be is planning on breastfeeding she will be in great need of a good breastfeeding pillow. Breastfeeding does not always come naturally and it takes quite a lot of time to figure out the best position for breastfeeding. It is essential to be comfortable and relaxed while breastfeeding and using a breastfeeding pillow makes all the difference.

Breastfeeding is great for mommy and baby to bond so anything you can do to help mommy to be get it right will be very much appreciated.

Baby Clothing

Mommy to be is going to be in need of lots of tiny little baby garments and this makes such a lovely gift simply because newborn baby clothing is oh so cute.

Here’s what I suggest you do though, instead of buying outfits all in newborn size but one in newborn, one in 0 – 3 months, one in 3 – 6 and one in 6 – 12 months.

The reason for this is that babies grow so quick and very often your baby won’t even wear some of the newborn items because they grow so fast. Giving a mixture of sizes ensures that mommy to be has some outfits in store for later down the line when she is really starting to feel the financial pinch and all the gifts have dried up!

Trust me, she will appreciate it then when it seems her baby is going through a growth spurt every week and outgrowing clothes on a constant basis. Plus her baby will get much more wear out of a 6-12 month garment than a newborn garment!

Baby Store Gift Voucher

You may think it is a “lazy gift” but it is incredibly useful. Chances are huge that mommy to be won’t receive everything she needs in gifts at her baby shower and even if she does get everything she wanted there will always be something that she realizes she needs after her baby is born.

This gives mommy to be a chance to grab those last few baby essentials before her baby is born. There will also undoubtedly be things she needs to buy after her baby is born.

Handmade Gifts

Maybe you love making things yourself or perhaps you are short on cash and feel a bit down that you “can’t buy her anything special”. Some of the best gifts don’t cost a thing and other things will cost a fraction of the cost to make instead of buying.

I’ve already mentioned making a nappy cake and a baby keepsake box, so here are are some more really special things you can make yourself:

Handmade Clothing

If you knit, crochet or sew you can make some really cute outfits. If you know she wants to baptize her baby considering making a baptism outfit by hand.

There are some adorable knitted goodies you can make from jerseys and booties to teddy bears and blankets.

Handmade booties baby shower gift

Music Playlist

If you know all of mommy to be’s favorite songs why not make her a special CD for her labor and birth? She has so much to plan and many women want a playlist to take with when they are in the labor ward or at home. This will give her something she can tick off of her to do list.

Handy Mommy Tips

Get together with a bunch of your mutual friends band make a little book sharing all your best mommy tips to help her get through the first few weeks of being a new mommy. You can also include some funny stories of things that you did in the first weeks so she doesn’t feel like a failure when she things she is doing everything wrong.

Share some of your feelings and fears in those early days and how it all came together. It is not easy being a new mom and it will make it so much easier knowing what all her friends and family went through.

Make Some Cool Printables

Make some cool printables for her or find some online that will make life easier for her. You can do grocery shopping hacks and shopping lists.

You can create those printable cards for pregnancy photos that show how many months she is so she can chart the size of her tummy plus you can do some for after the baby is born to take photos plotting baby’s growth and development.

The sky is the limit here, you can get really creative and have fun.

Baby Sitting Coupons

Make and print out some baby sitting “coupons” which she can use to get you to baby sit for her. Make it fun and useful at the same time, for example you could have one where you will come over and watch her baby while she sleeps for a while, another one where she can wash her hair and another where she can go out for one hour alone.

I know I would love a batch of those even now that I could cash in with someone!

Baby Shower Pamper Gifts For Mommy

Yes it is all good and well buying loads of things for the baby but what about mommy? Maybe this is the second or third baby and mommy already has loads of clothing, bottles, blankets, baby carriers and all the rest.

This might be a good time to get some nice things for mommy instead!

Pregnancy Massage

If this is mommy’s second or third pregnancy chances are she is exhausted and sore, there is nothing better than a pregnancy massage. In addition to the fact it just feels good, massage actually has loads of health benefits.

Pajamas and Gown

Chances are mommy doesn’t buy many nice things for herself anymore. Buying her a lovely set of pajamas and gown for her to wear after the birth of the baby at hospital or at home will make her feel so much happier.

Trust me, I know because my mom bought me new pajamas and a gown for me and it was so special.

A Good Book

If she loves reading buy her a good book. I love reading and the last time I managed to read a book in peace and quiet was when I had a newborn. When she is in hospital she can cuddle up with her newborn and read a bit before she gets home to the chaos.

The last time I managed to really relax and read was when I was breastfeeding my son. He would nurse for a long time and we would lie in bed together and I would read.

Remember that I closed my online store last year? Well I was looking for something yesterday and I came across some stock of baby memory books that I was selling! This just calls for a giveaway right?

WIN 1 of 5 baby memory books!

So to enter leave a comment below and tell us what your favorite baby shower gift was and you could win 1 of 5 of baby memory books.

The 5 winners will be announced on Tuesday 27 June 2017.

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  1. Am pregnant and this is a good tips to share with my sisters

    • Lynne Huysamen

      Remember to comment here and tell us what your favorite baby shower gift was to enter the competition!

  2. My favorite baby shower was the breastfeeding pillow which my friend gifted me when I pregnant with my son it’s enjoy it so much and I keep it until now and I will be using it again with my next baby.

  3. I liked the baby hand footprint kit

  4. Jordaan Victor

    Best Gift was correct clothing suitable for seasons.

  5. The favourite BabyshOwer gift ideas I liked was the clothing with various sizes especially for a first time mom.
    The other i liked was the gift for a 2nd time mom I know I would have felt so special if I had received something like it at my shower

  6. Khomotso Betty Nkoana

    Good evening Lynne.

    The best gift I ever got from my one best friend was her presence and her support when I went to the hospital during my labour she went with me. The following day because I gave birth later that night in the morning at around 08:00 am she was already in the hospital maternity ward. She bought my child, blankets, socks, wetwipes, nappies and some few clothes. All those things I really appreciated them but most of them all is her support n the memory I’ll cherish forever… Obviously my child will know about her. She is the second person to meet my first child.

    Wow I am greatful.

  7. The best gift I got was the most beautiful themed stuff for the babyroom made by my husbands aunt. She made from the quilt, all the bedding to the diaperbag and my little girl’s Christening dress. It’s absolutely gorgeous and so precious.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      That sounds amazing @babylief I know that decorating the baby room is one of the most fun parts of the preparation. A handmade christening dress is amazing, you are so fortunate and that is also an amazing baby keepsake you can give to your little girl one day.

      My mother in law gave me a beautiful handknitted jersey that her granny had made for my husband when he was born. It is so beautiful and goes back a few generations so my daughter wore it once or twice and it has now gone into her baby keepsake box and I will give it to her when she is older.

  8. We had two baby showers on the one was the best gift baby city voucher for a car seat and the second baby shower was a bottle warmer great help till today still buy i loved all our gifts. Also one best one was a handmade wall clock for our boys room very nice.

  9. Me and Lisa had both showers best gift was the car seat voucher and my grand mothers hand nitted socks and jersey.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      Oh how nice to have a daddy here! Now I must watch what I say, because I often say “mommies” in my posts. I should say “parents”. Please excuse that, it is just that it is usually mommies!

      Oh that is nice to get a voucher for a car seat since it is one of the most expensive items you will need! And of course a handmade item from your granny would be a prized item. Thanks @shane!

      • hi lynne my wife ask me to join to read some of this stuff so i decide to join this group !!! i will not be offended if you just say mommies !!! but just rember there is alot on this group that can help some dads with there children due to mother passing or just walked out leave father with the child

      • Lynne Huysamen

        I would love more dads being here to be honest, its not like us moms have a monopoly on parenting! My husband is an amazing father 🙂

        Its great to have you here.

      • Welcome father dad nice to have you

  10. Khomotso Chosen

    Wow, you are welcomed to the group Daddy.

  11. My mom hand made me a quilt. In afrikaans it is called a lappies kombers, but it was more like a duvet. It was smaller than a single bed but bigger than a cot. It was dual sided. She took smallish octagons and sewed them together by hand. Each block a different cartoon character or Disney movie, she got the scraps from the local material shop, the lady there kept aside all the baby related scraps for my mom. This was exceptionally special for me.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      Oh that is so special @karinvdw and something you can keep for your baby as a lovely keepsake!

  12. In our family it is customary for little girls to receive diamonds. I received a diamond at birth from grandfather as well as my parents. These diamonds were later set into earrings on my 21st birthday. I am currently nearly 35 weeks pregnant with my little girl and my parents have already bought 3 little diamonds.

    However something personal like the gown and slippers is something that I would really appreciate at the moment. My hospital pajamas don’t all match with my gown and slippers…

    Something I treasure and still regularly use from my previous baby shower is the keepsake box and book. I have started making inscriptions all over as I don’t have enough space to document the milestones and most precious sayings.

  13. Baby Hand Footprint Kit. I think this is the best gift ever. Babies grow so fast and to have a hand and footprint of them when they are tiny is such a beautiful idea.

  14. Baby Diaper for sure when leaving the house a mom need everything and even then there is always something i should have brought

  15. Breast feeding pillow, breast feeding is no joke it really puts strain this is a great idea

  16. I love the keepsake box…I still have all 4 my kid’s name bands and few items of them when they were babies

    • Same here Tanya, I have both my kids’ name bands from the hospital. I even have my positive pregnancy tests. Strange maybe but I just could not bring myself to chuck them out.

  17. Best present was a full medicine box, from newborn until 1 year old and something sweet for me and decaf Cappuchinos to treat myself while breastfeeding

  18. Love all these gift ideas will definitely be using this as a baby shower shopping list????.
    My favorite baby shower gift that I got was the Angel are breathing monitor that you put under the babies mattress and it monitors their breathing if the baby is to slow in breathing it stats to beep and if there is a few sec that baby does not breath or does not feel movement an alarm goes off. This item saved me twice when my son was a baby.

  19. A nappy bag that folds open into a carry cot

  20. My favourite gift was cotton Nappies, which my Mom crochet around the edges herself. It was treasured by my babies and they didn’t ever go to sleep without it…

  21. Hi there. Sooo…this is tough one..I reckon the nappies and good quality bottles.

    Also the advice cards were priceless in so many ways….cute and hilarious.

  22. Jacoba M. du Plooy

    Seeing that a baby outgrows their new clothes so fast (that’s when you realise time is indeed running!) I was later SO GLAD for the 18 months (and older) clothes I was gifted at a baby shower. At first, it seems ridiculous to gift such one-year-plus clothes for a baby shower, but believe me, the new mother will be so glad later. Especially in the case in the case of the firstborn, there are no “old clothes” to put on when you suddenly realise that your one-and-a-half-year-old baby has outgrown all available clothes …

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