Behind The Scenes 25 March 2022 – Restful Farm Visit

It was such a peaceful week behind the scenes 25 March 2022 – I’m really enjoying the rest that this school holiday has brought and spending time on the farm has been such a pleasure.

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Behind The Scenes 25 March 2022 - Restful Farm Visit

Serious Downtime – Much Needed

What a pleasure it was going to the farm this last week, it was just what I needed to rest and get my energy levels up! My mom cooked all the meals, it is always great to have a break from cooking for the family. In the four days I was there I managed to read two books, complete two puzzles with my mom, take a long hike around the farm, swim twice a day and get plenty of rest.

I also got to leave my kids at the farm for a few days and come home alone to get some more rest from being a full-time mom.

Building A Fort With My Kids

On our first night on the farm my kids wanted to build a fort, watch a movie in it and sleep in it. It was loads of fun, but I have to admit not the most comfortable sleep arrangement and oh my word was it hot. Hence the fan at the entrance to the fort.

Building forts is a great activity for kids and this was a fantastic bonding experience for us. I find it hard to keep the balance at home and find the time and energy to do something fun and special with my kids. This was the perfect way to start our holidays.

Fresh Farm Veggies!

One of my favourite things to do is pick my own veggies the day before I leave the farm. I love gardening and have a few pots at home where I grow a few things, but it is nothing compared to the amazing things my parents have growing. As you can see in my Instagram post I got a great haul this visit.

Yummy Banana And Chocolate Muffins

We made the most delicious banana and chocolate muffins using Nova Choc-Oh-Late baking buttons. It was the perfect recipe for me since I love recipes that are quick, easy and no flop. This one ticks all those boxes. I have to admit I am loving being a brand ambassador for Nova Choc-Oh-Late.

Cadbury Worldwide Hunt

The Cadbury Worldwide Hunt is on and I got an email from Cadbury to find my virtual egg. It was loads of fun and I found my egg. I’m going to hide a virtual egg for my nephew that lives in the UK.

I’m so impressed with the awesome delivery from Cadbury that I unboxed during my live video last week – such a delicious range for Easter.

Ysense – $2000+ Lifetime Earnings!

I’m so super chuffed with my Ysense earnings this week. While it has been slow going with my earnings lately due to being so busy with other things my lifetime earnings hit $2000 this week. Not bad for a side income!

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  1. Always a pleasure to have some time out with family or friends. It’s refreshing and rejuvenating away from the businessman craziness of the city

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