Behind The Scenes 15 April 2022 – Loving Sweatcoin

It’s been a fun and busy week behind the scenes 15 April 2022. I’ve been motivated to get back into a good exercise routine again and I finally bought another scale to track my weight loss progress. I had Natasha Evason from Ausomelyme join me to talk about parenting a child with autism.

Behind The Scenes 15 April 2022

Autism Awareness and Acceptance

Parenting is a hard job, and parenting a child with autism, or any other special needs, makes it all the harder. It was fantastic having Natasha Evason join me live to talk about some of the challenges that parents face and the importance of acceptance. She has recently launched her own website, Ausomelyme, which will be sharing social stories that outline socially appropriate behaviour and responses in a uniquely meaningful way.

Weight Loss? Back To 73kgs!

So a few weeks ago I finally reached the normal BMI weight category, I was 70.3kgs and for the first time in 6 years I was not classified as overweight. The same day my scale broke and it took me a few weeks to buy a new one.

I weighed myself this week and I am now back to 73kgs. The same weight I got stuck on for about a month. Maybe it is the new scale that’s off? Hopeful thinking I know.

I did lose my momentum a bit with regards to my exercise, it is getting chilly in the mornings so I’ve sometimes skipped my walks when the weather is too windy or cold. I also had my birthday and of course it was school holidays and now Easter coming up so I’ve also not been sticking to my healthy eating that well lately either.

I’m going to be focusing on keeping on track with my eating and exercise, even in the cold weather when it is tempting to stay indoors and eat more. I will update on this again soon.

Yummy White Chocolate Mocha Mousse

I made the most divine white chocolate mocha mousse with Nova Choc-Oh-Late baking buttons. It was so easy to make and so tasty. I’ve now added the recipe to my website.

Sweatcoin – Loving It And Waiting For My First Cashouts

One of the things that has really helped motivate me get back on track with exercise the last week is Sweatcoin. I’ve now been a member for just over a week and it looks such a superb app so far.

I’ve still got a lot to learn about it so I will have to wait a few weeks until I can write a comprehensive review on it. When you sign up with Sweatcoin you earn one Sweatcoin for every 1000 steps you take (less a 5% transaction fee). There is also a daily double boost where you can boost your steps for 20 minutes and earn double Sweatcoins for those steps.

There are also 3 daily rewards you can claim. The first one you can claim immediately by watching an ad. The second you can claim after you have walked 500 steps for the day and the third you can claim after you have walked 1000 steps for the day. You will get a random amount of Sweatcoins for each reward.

There are different offers available to cash out and they change all the time. I’ve cashed out an offer to be rewarded R40 via Paypal for referring 5 people and the second offer was to get free Netflix.

I’m waiting on these offers to be sent to me and will update you once they have been paid. Click here to sign up for Sweatcoin if you want to join.

I hope you had a great week and I will catch up with you in my next weekly update.

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  1. Hi Lynne must get the app first and then use it or is a link I would love to earn extra cash thanks I get so well on with my dollars all thanks to you I just love that app and earn

  2. Buyisile Shiburi

    Thank you Lynne I’m definitely downloading the sweatcoin App as I am a person who always go for morning and late jog including taking a walk as well.. Thank you xxx

    • Awesome, just take note that I’ve had a few hiccups with them, the app is awesome but not perfect. I am still gathering information for my review and will write it as soon as I can.

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