Behind The Scenes 13 May 2022 – Mental Health Struggles

It’s been a mixed bundle this week behind the scenes 13 May 2022. On the one side I’ve been struggling with my mental health and sleep, however, there have also been some good moments. My energy levels have picked up and I’m able to get a little bit more done each day.

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Behind The Scenes 13 May 2022 - Mental Health Struggles

Q Photo – Second Photobook

It was great to receive my second photobook from Q Photo this week and, just like the first one, it did not disappoint. I created one for my son’s first year, much to his delight. He was not impressed that I did my daughter’s first year the week before and wanted to know why he was not in any of her first year photos even though he is younger than her.

The quality of this photobook is amazing, so it is no surprise that Q Photo offers a money back quality guarantee!

You can get 15% off your Everyday Photobook from Q Photo using the code KABOUTJIE (valid until 20 July 2022) – and you can also share a free digital copy via email.

FYI play it safe

FYI play it safe is an app that monitors your child’s online activities while giving your child privacy. It monitors for things such as adult content, hate speech, profanity, depression, bullying, stranger danger and self-harm. If there is anything that may be of concern the app takes a screenshot and sends you an alert to check.

I’m really enjoying FYI play it safe – now that I have reinstalled it on my daughter’s phone again (after she accidentally deleted it). I’ve received my first few alerts with screenshots – thankfully there was nothing that concerned me and I’m enjoying seeing this app in action.

I’m feeling so much happier with my daughter having a phone that I even let her take her phone to school last week for the first time so that she could entertain herself after school while she waited for her brother to finish playing chess.

Panado Paediatric Sachets

Panado has just brought out 5 ml sachets of their paediactric syrup and I am super excited to try them out next week when I receive my samples! The first thing that came to mind for me is no more sticky spoons and bottles. They are perfect for travel and for moms that are on the go with kids. They are small and easily stored in your handbag and will be super easy to give to your child when out and about.

Panado Paediatric 5ml Syrup Sachets and Pack

Mental Health Struggle

The last few weeks have been really tough on me when it comes to mental health. Honestly I’ve been struggling to cope. While I’m happy to share about my own life this particular thing I am struggling with involves someone else so I can’t share openly about it.

I’ve been to my doctor and had my meds increased to help smooth things over for me, and I’ve been going to therapy every week for a while.

I’ve struggled with my energy levels, motivation to get the simplest things done, anger and resentment, and my sleep.

My message to other parents that are struggling with mental health – there will be ups and downs, and sometimes you won’t cope very well. And that’s ok. Keep doing the right thing. Make sure to get out in nature, make self-care a priority, ask for help and remember that therapy is fantastic.

I know that there is a huge stigma attached to mental health issues, but talking about it is very healing. As an addict in recovery, with bipolar disorder, I am no stranger to mental health difficulties. This is something that I will be facing for the rest of my life. I take it one day at a time and when things get tough I make sure to focus on doing the next right thing.

Depp Vs Heard

Are you following the Johnny Depp Vs Amber Heard defamation case? Honestly, I’m not big on celebrity scandal but this case has really caught my attention and I’ve been following the court case closely the last few weeks.

While I know it is up to the court to rule on this case, I’ve listened to all the evidence given by witnesses and my personal opinion so far is that while their relationship was clearly toxic, it appears to me that Amber Heard has not been abused by Johnny Depp as she claimed. It also appears that in fact Amber Heard abused Johnny Depp emotionally and physically during their relationship. She then maliciously and intentionally tried to ruin his career and reputation, taking advantage of the #MeToo movement.

I have been in toxic, abusive relationships. I have been physically, sexually, emotionally and verbally abused. The #MeToo movement is something I am very passionate about. For someone to take this movement and use it for malicious purposes to hurt someone else makes me really angry. It undermines everything this movement stands for and makes it even harder for women to come forward and speak up.

However, I also see a good side to this case. Men are also abused by women and this is something that is being highlighted here and for Johnny Depp to stand up for himself is fantastic. I’ve seen the hashtag #MenToo doing the rounds and I hope that this case helps men that are being abused by their female partners.

I’m waiting for the case to resume this week after being on a week’s break.


Sweatcoin is an awesome app that allows you to earn Sweatcoin for walking. You can cash out your Sweatcoins for offers that are available on the app. This is really motivating me to move more and I love watching my Sweatcoins increase.

They are very soon launching SWEAT cryptocurrency and I am very interested to see how that works. From what I understand for every Sweatcoin earned in the app you will earn SWEAT too. I’m not into cryptocurrency but since there is no cost to it I signed up so I can see how it works when it launches.

I will be writing my review on Sweatcoin once I can see how everything works.

Click here to join Sweatcoin.


Ysense is a platform where you can earn through completing online surveys and offers, playing games and/ or referring others. I’ve been with them since 2015 and absolutely love it. While it’s not going to bring in a full time income or make you rich it can bring in a nice side income in your spare time.

Check out my Ysense review and also read my tips sharing how to increase your Ysense earnings. Click here to sign up.

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  1. Happy new week to everyone hope you all have a blessed week ahead
    Ohhh I wasn’t myself the weekend too was exhausted and slept the entire weekend.i hope today you are fit and strong Lynne and ready to tackle the week ahead.
    I personally think more awareness should be done on how to tackle this mental illness issue because a lot of people suffer in silence because they scared of being judged out here
    Can’t wait to cash out on sweatcoin as for ysense ???I failed definitely sure all mommies would be glad to have apps like FYI safer app on the tips of their hands,we live in a cruel world with people who prey on innocent kids through the technology so monitoring their apps is the best protection ever????
    Have a blessed week ladies ??

    • Lynne Huysamen

      I hope you feel better after having a lot of sleep over the weekend Sandra! I also managed to catch up on some sleep since my meds were increased and that really helps. I totally agree with you, if more people spoke up there would not be so much stigma.

      Thankfully through doing the right things my energy levels and motivation are slowly improving, but I still have to take it slow and be kind to myself. I’m so sorry that you are not coming right with Ysense, it really does time, persistence and patience.

  2. wow lynne, im glad you are feeling much better and got your energy levels up. how are you doing with your weight loss? lol your son is too funny. luckily you got one for him too so that he can show it off too. i have not got my hand on the panado sachets but will definitely get some. it is okay not to be okay lynne, take it east, one step at a time. if you need to talk im here.
    looking forward to the depp trial this week. im on johnnys side. i downloaded sweatcoin but keep forgetting to carry the spare phone around.
    i was longing for a trip, my family and i went on a MSC cruise to nowhere, i really enjoyed the relaxation and im ready for the week ahead. take care lynne.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      Honestly my weight loss has not been a huge focus as such, however eating well and getting some exercise every day are important things for my mental health so I have been keeping up with walking as often as I can, and to eat properly. I don’t think I’ve gained any weight, but I certainly haven’t lost any more. I find winter really hard when it comes to weight loss. I get cold so easily and then I want to work in bed and of course I want to eat more so I’m trying to watch that.

      Yeah I’ve been waiting to see how this trial continues this week, I’m also Team Depp. Yes he has has his struggles with addiction and yes I know that he must have had some part to play in his marriage ending, however I don’t believe for one minute he is guilty of all those things he has been accused of.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed your cruise, I really wouldn’t mind doing something like that myself.

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