Behind The Scenes 12 August 2022 – Loving My New Bedside Lamps

It has been another hard week behind the scenes 12 August 2022. I’m still reeling a bit from my slip with alcohol and focusing on finding balance and doing the next right thing. It has gotten a bit easier and I’ve been able to catch up on a lot of my work that has been behind.

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Watch The Replay Of My Facebook Live Video – Behind The Scenes 12 August 2022

You can watch the replay of my live video on Facebook (below) or in the Youtube video above the post.

My Alcohol Slip & Smoking

It’s been two weeks since my slip with alcohol and while things are tough I’m managing to cope. I’m still going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, attending therapy sessions, and working on my recovery.

One thing I have not shared with everyone is that I also started smoking. I quit smoking close on 7 years ago and it was tough to quit. I’ve decided not to focus on putting down the cigarettes yet since my main focus is staying clean. One thing at a time and I will quit smoking when I am feeling more stable with my recovery.

The last week I’ve been focusing on nurturing my soul. One thing I really love to do is puzzles, so I’ve been pulling out my puzzles and completing them with some friends, and with my mom when I visited the farm last weekend. Completing a puzzle is so satisfying and I’ve been spoiling myself with Nova Choc-Oh-Late.

I wrote an ebook about my days in active addiction, highlighting how powerless I was over my addiction, the damages I caused, and how far in denial I was. You can buy it here and get 50% off using coupon code TG36N.

Amazon Bedside Lights – Bought Using Giftcards Earned Through Ysense

I’m still on a mission to redecorate our home and the bedside lights I ordered from Amazon are beyond perfect! They were very easy to put together, but I had to go to a bit of effort to change the plugs since they came with US plugs. Changing the plugs was easy but checking that I wouldn’t blow them up due to wattage differences is not something I am too clued up about so I took them to Brights Hardware at Laguna Mall to make sure I could change them without a problem.

The bedside lights are exactly what I was looking for and I am so chuffed with the USB port on the base so that I can charge devices through the lamps.

Now that I have my bedside lights my next mission is to buy a new bedside table set from Amazon. I’m about halfway to earning enough from Ysense to buy them, so maybe within the next month I will be able to place my order.

Bicycle Bought Through SnapnSave Cash Back

I bought my bicycle a few weeks ago, but since things have been quite overwhelming it took me a week to take it out of the box after it was delivered, and another week to remove the plastic from the bike. It is now sitting ready to be put together. I also want to get that sludge stuff in the tyres and liners for the tyres since there are so many devil thorns in our area. I don’t want to be sitting having to repair punctures all the time.

I’m determined to have that all done next week and then I can start riding bikes with my kids. I promise to share some photos of the bike as soon as it has been set up.

I bought my bicycle from Game with cash back that I got through SnapnSave (more about SnapnSave below).

Ysense 12 August 2022

Make Money Online– Ysense, SurveyTime, And Sweatcoin

My Ysense earnings are still going strong and I am really enjoying cashing out via Amazon gift card to redo my home decor. It is a great way to earn some extra income in your spare time. Click here to read my Ysense review, and here to read tips on how to increase your earnings. Click here to join Ysense.

SurveyTime is also a fantastic way to earn a little extra and the big bonus is that they pay immediately when you complete a survey. Read my review to learn more about making money through SurveyTime and click here to sign up.

I’ve been super keen to get my review of Sweatcoin published, but I am still waiting for them to launch SWEAT crypo and I want to include that in my review. The great news is that they have now confirmed that SWEAT crypto is launching on the 12th September. Sweatcoin is a fun app where you earn Sweatcoin for walking. You can then cash in your Sweatcoin for offers on the app. Click here to join Sweatcoin.

Shopping Apps (Vouchers, Cashback) – SnapnSave, PanelSmart & ibottit

SnapnSave is a fantastic app for getting cash back on your everyday shopping. I’ve been with SnapnSave since the beginning of this year and received over R1700 back on my shopping to date.  Check out my review here for more information.

PanelSmart rewards you for sharing your shopping habits for market research purchases. I’ve just cashed out my first reward with them and I’m waiting on the R250 Takealot voucher to be sent to me. Sign up for PanelSmart. I plan on writing a review on PanelSmart as soon as I can.

ibottit is another app that rewards you for shopping in South Africa – it is very simple to use. You can upload up to 16 till slips per month and you will be awarded 20 points for every approved till slip. They also occasionally have surveys that earn you 50 points per survey. You can cash out your points for vouchers available on the app. 500 points = R50. I recently cashed out my first reward on the app and received a R250 Takealot voucher.

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  1. You are a true inspiration and I’m so proud of you. You completed such a beautiful puzzle too’. Hope you’re enjoying your bicycle. The lap you bought on Amazon is so stunning. I’m not sure why my snap save csuper snapper coupons are not reflecting

  2. My weekend was fantastic…. I went to a Woman Day Celebration and enjoyed myself though I came back with block nose. Sunday I prepared lunch then stay in bed for the rest of the day.

    • I’m so glad you had a great weekend and something lovely to do for Women’s Day! I hope your blocked nose has cleared up Amelia 🙂

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