Behind The Scenes 11 February 2022 – Loving My Garden & Another Busy Week

Why do I keep thinking that things will get quieter and easier… and then things just get busier and more crazy. Behind the scenes 11 February 2022 this week has been so busy. I could honestly do with a bit of a breather but don’t see it happening any time soon.

My Kids Are Getting Phones Soon – Eek!

The time has come for my kids to get their own phones. My dad is upgrading his phone and giving it to us. I am upgrading my phone in April, which means that we will have a spare phone for both my kids. They are now 8 and 10 years old, and while I am nervous about this step I feel it is maybe time for them to have their own devices.

Of course, it will be “their phones” but not as in free to do whatever they like when they like. It is such perfect timing that I was put into contact with Rachelle Best from FYI play it safe for a collaboration and it was fantastic having her join me live this morning to talk about all the things I need to consider before we take this big step.

We are going to be using FYI play it safe and I will be adding a review once I’ve had the opportunity to test it out and see how it works.

Sign up to FYI play it safe using coupon code kaboutjie and get 10% off your subscription.

Loving My Garden

This year has been my most successful gardening year, my plants are happy and producing green peppers for the first time ever! While I love gardening the truth is I am not very good at it. In December my mom gave me some of her homemade compost and my plants are thriving. I know what I am going to be taking home with me next time I visit my parents farm.

Such A Busy Week!

This week has been insanely busy.

I had a dentist appointment on Wednesday to get my tooth repaired – half my tooth fell out in November and I was waiting for 2022 for my medical aid savings to kick in again so I can have it fixed.

My son’s teacher’s birthday is today and since I am class mom I organized a class party which is happening on Monday. Add in my son’s Valentine’s Dance yesterday, his gala today, and crazy hair day at school today…. oh my word it has felt like I could not catch my breathe this week.

This weekend we are going to visit my sister in Cape Town, so straight after the school gala we will be on the road.

CHOC Flip Flop Day 2022

I received my delivery from PNA this week and unboxed it during my live video this morning. I love flip flops and this fundraising event for supporting kids with cancer is amazing. I am going to publishing more information on it next week, but for now take note of the date 18 February. You can get your sticker from PNA and wear your flip flops for the day.

The Green Planet

I loved taking part in the online event this week for the upcoming series The Green Planet and what an awesome surprise to get a gift box from them this week. I received seeds to plant, which really excites me since I am very much focused on my little garden.

The Green Planet series launches on Sunday at 16h00 on BBC Earth. I was sent the first three episodes to preview and it is a fantastic series with Sir David Attenborough.

Super Snapper

I’m A Super Snapper

The more I use SnapnSave the more I love it! I was so pleasantly surprised this week to get an email from SnapnSave telling me that I have become a Super Snapper since I have snapped more than 10 slips this month. I didn’t even know that was a thing… it means that I now have access to exclusive Super Snapper deals and oh my word does that up the game. Some of the offers are amazing.

I saw that I could get R8 off any foam bath and oh how I love my bubble baths, so I quickly booked it and headed off to go buy some. It is certainly worth making the effort to snap often for these exclusive deals.

Check out my SnapnSave review and enter the giveaway on that post to win R500 cash to your SnapnSave wallet! e to sign up or download the app and use my code moyo010 when you register.

Ysense 11 Feb 2022

Ysense Earnings

My earnings have mostly been slow on Ysense this week due to being so busy with family and work, but I did have one of my best earning days of $10.93 (R165.98) on Wednesday. This was made up of one survey of $2.50 and the rest was all residual income so it really made my day!

If you want to know how Ysense works click here to read my review, and also check out this post I wrote sharing tips to earn more with Ysense. Click here to sign up.

I wish you all a fantastic weekend, I will catch up with you next week 🙂

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