Behind The Scenes 06 May 2022 – First Photobook Arrived

It has been a seriously unproductive and frustrating week behind the scenes 06 May 2022. I’m so glad that this is the last short school week for a while so I’m hoping to get back on track and into a better routine with work and home life. I’m also hoping that there is no loadshedding for a while.

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Behind The Scenes 06 May 2022 - First Photobook Arrived

Q Photo – My First Photobook Arrived!

What a treat opening up my delivery from Q Photo – I was really looking forward to receiving it and it did not disappoint! My first Everyday Photobook is of my daughter’s first year, something I have been wanting to get done for a long time. Such precious memories that I can now browse through every day rather than look at online.

There were two questions I was asked that I didn’t know the answers to that Q Photo has given me feedback on – yes you can buy vouchers on their website – click here to buy gift cards. The other question was whether you can add captions to photos, there is no option for this on the Everyday Photobook – however all their other photobooks you can. This is the most popular photobook for captions.

You can get 15% off your Everyday Photobook from Q Photo using the code KABOUTJIE (valid until 20 July 2022) – and you can also share a free digital copy via email.

Big Time Unproductive Week

This week has been so frustrating and unproductive. Yes granted I “wasted” a day trying to get R8 tickets from Fly Safair (details in next section), but things just did not flow this week and I struggled to get things done.

Thursday took the cake out of all the days. I had a meeting scheduled for 12h00…. but then I had to reschedule that to the morning due to loadshedding starting at 12h00. When a client sent some work on Wednesday I said I would complete it on Thursday morning, forgetting about the meeting I had rescheduled. I had to send an apology that the work would be submitted during the course of Thursday.

I had my morning meeting and had about 20 minutes before loadshedding started so I raced to put the kettle on and then attended to some work on my laptop. Then I went to pour my coffee only to realise I had filled the kettle but not turned it on and the power was out.

When the power came back on I microwaved my cold coffee and managed to get in a few minutes work before rushing to get some grocery shopping done and fetch my Happy Event package from Postnet to pick my kids up in time from school. Driving from Postnet to the school I got a call from Postnet to say I had signed for my package but not taken it. I went back for it

We got home at 16h00 and I fed my kids and got homework down before settling down to finish up the job for my client before rushing to finish supper before loadshedding started at 20h00.

I don’t know about you but juggling mom life, work life and loadshedding is just too much!

Fly Safair R8 Tickets

Who else spent the day on Wednesday trying to get R8 tickets with Fly Safair? This is the first time I took part in this. Unfortunately I spent a lot of time in the waiting room staring at my screen, with no R8 tickets to show. It was very frustrating because I didn’t know how long it would take or if I had to keep the screen open, or what would happen if I got in.

I was already at a disadvantage because of loadshedding that ended at 08h30 and the waiting room opened at 07h30, with the first people being allowed in from 09h00.

I needed the toilet but didn’t want to leave my laptop in case I missed my chance. Then it got to the stage where I had to go to the bathroom so I took my phone with me but I had to put the phone down to wipe and when I picked up my phone I had missed my chance and I was asked if I wanted to back to the waiting room. Big time facepalm moment.

I stayed online in the hope that I would get another chance but when I saw on Twitter that there were no flights left for Cape Town I logged off. Maybe next year I will be lucky.

Happy Event Gift

Happy Event products are amazing, so I was incredibly chuffed to receive another gift box from them. My favourite product of all is the Happy Event firming cream which I reviewed a while back. It smells divine and is an amazing product.

Sweatcoin Update

I’m still loving the Sweatcoin app. It is an app that rewards you with Sweatcoins for walking and you can cash out your Sweatcoins for various offers on the app.

Unfortunately with the weather getting cooler I am not walking outdoors as much, I am doing more indoor cycling and that doesn’t rack up any Sweatcoins.

Sign up here to earn to walk.

Ysense Update

Ysense is a fantastic platform for making money online through completing surveys and offers, playing games and/ or referring others. I’ve been a member since 2015 and love having the extra income. It is not a huge amount of money but it adds up over time.

Read my Ysense review and also check out my post sharing tips on how to earn more through Ysense. Click here to sign up for Ysense.

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  1. Great week ahead and looking forward to it though I’m a bit of exhausted from mommy duties
    Congratulations Lynn on your gift box from happy event????ysense is really doing wonders for you
    Imma try it again.Kkkkkkkkk as for the Flyflair unfortunately with loadshedding telkom network never gave me a chance to even have access to the website
    I love the qphoto idea its the best gift not only for my kids but my parents as well they will always have something to page through whenever they miss the grandkids since we are far from each other

    • Lynne Huysamen

      I’m also feeling the hit of mom duties, the juggling lately has been insane! I really hope Ysense works well for you this time Sandra, it does take time and effort to get going. I am so impressed with Q Photo – I received my second photobook from them this week and it is also stunning. I can’t wait to show it during my next live video on Friday 🙂

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