Behind The Scenes 04 February 2022 – Not Loadshedding Again!

It has been another busy week behind the scenes 04 February 2022, and it was fantastic to have Samantha Hendricks from Spec-Savers join me live to talk about kids eye health and the amazing offer that they have for free eye tests for kids.

Kids Eye Health

I learned so much from Sam during the live video this morning. Getting your child’s eyes tested is important to ensure that your child is not straining their eyes and that they are able to perform to the best of their ability during classes. Children should get their eyes tested from the age of six years old to ensure that your child gets glasses if required so that if there are any issues that can be addressed quickly.

Signs up your child struggling with eye sight include:

  • blinking a lot
  • rubbing eyes excessively
  • squinting
  • tilting head or covering one eye
  • eyes that water
  • holding a book or device very close, or sitting close to the tv
  • bad posture when reading or doing an activity
  • headaches

Spec-Savers has an amazing offer for kids – you can get your child’s eyes for free once a year from the age of 6 until 12 years old, this includes a free frame and lenses up to the value of R699 every year.

Make sure to make a booking at your nearest Spec-Savers and remember to take your child’s ID number with you.

I’m certainly going to make use of this fantastic offer soon.

Loadshedding Again

Loadshedding starting again this week really put a spanner in the works for me as I am sure it has for everyone else. It is hard enough trying to juggle my work, running a household and everything else as it is without having to try and work around loadshedding times!

Here are a few tips to cope with loadshedding:

  • Get a UPS or inverter so that you can keep some essential items going during loadshedding. I purchase a UPS last year and it keeps my wifi and laptop running for a bit longer during every loadshedding session so I am able to continue working.
  • Buy some surge protection plugs from Ellies for your high ticket appliances such as your fridge and tv’s. Not only do these plugs protect your appliance against power surges, they also come with a warranty in case any damage happens to your appliances! Terms and conditions apply – check it out here. While these plugs are pricey they can potentially save you a fortune protecting your expensive appliances.
  • Invest in a good flask – I’m not sure about you, but I need my coffee and loadshedding can really put a damper on my coffee drinking. What works well for me is to make a flask of coffee before loadshedding so that I have enough to last me until the power comes back on!
  • Buy some rechargeable battery LED light bulbs (available at Builders Warehouse) – these bulbs charge when they are on and when the power goes out they continue to provide light. While they are a bit pricey it is fantastic to be able to have light during loadshedding!
  • Keep wood/ charcoal and firelights on hand as well as foods that are easy to braai for those days that loadshedding takes you by surprise.
  • Batch make some bulk meals for freezing so that you have meals on hand for those days that the loadshedding is at an inconvenient time for cooking meals.
  • Invest in a gas stove if possible.


I’m so excited about SnapnSave now that I’ve been using it for a few weeks and made my first successful cash out to my bank account! I will be writing a full review on it this coming week, so lots more information is coming soon.

Simply put SnapnSave is a coupon app where you can book coupon offers on every day purchases and claim cash back. I’ve already made back over R100 in cash back in two weeks and cashed out R68 so far. This is on purchases I would have made anyway.

to sign up or use my coupon code moyo010 when signing up.

Pineapple Marshmallow Tart

I finally made the pineapple marshmallow tart that my hubby has been wanting and it came out incredibly well. I’ve added the recipe to my website, click here to check it out.

I’ve also baked cocoa chocolate muffins and a malva pudding in the last few weeks.

Ysense earnings 03/02/2022


Yesterday I made my highest ever earning in one day with Ysense – $12.25 (approximately R187.91). There were a lot of surveys available and I’ve noticed a trend over the last few months – it appears that Thursdays are the best earning days for Ysense so make sure to always check in regularly on Thursdays!

If you are interested in learning more about earning online through Ysense doing online surveys, playing games and/ or referring others click here to read my Ysense review.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. Thanks for the load shedding tips! Looking forward to the Snap n Save review too.

    • It’s a pleasure Mishqah! I still need to get those light bulbs, it will make such a difference. I will get that review out as soon as I can!

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