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Reasons Why CBD Oil Is Good For Your Skin

It’s undeniable that CBD oil is having its big moment in the skincare industry nowadays. You can ask any beauty and wellness aficionado, and surely, they can attest the benefits of CBD oil for the skin.

Although there are still some doubts as to the safety and effectiveness of this cannabis-derived chemical compound, we need to remind ourselves that the skincare benefits of CBD are hard to ignore. Here is an explanation of how CBD affects the human body and the list of reasons why it’s good for your skin.

Reasons Why CBD Oil Is Good For Your Skin

How Does CBD Affect the Body?

So, let’s split some hairs here as to why there’s some controversy regarding cannabidiol or CBD. Well, CBD comes from the cannabis sativa plant, and some people consider this plant as having psychoactive ingredients that make you “high.”

However, the psychoactive ingredient that induces high sensation in cannabis sativa plant is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, not CBD. In fact, several studies have found that CBD has some health benefits that can help in treating various medical conditions. Unlike THC, cannabidiol (CBD) has mild side effects and is less addictive.

The question is: how does CBD works in the body and show its wondrous effects? Well, the answer lies in the endocannabinoid system or ECS. It’s the system of receptors and nerves responsible for mitochondrial function, metabolism, inflammation, and neurotransmitter function.

The endocannabinoid system produces natural cannabinoids in the body. CBD is also a type of cannabinoid known as phytocannabinoids coming from plants. So, when taking CBD, you boost the number of cannabinoids in your body that helps regulate your body’s function. That’s why CBD is considered an incredible chemical compound that cures and heals.

CBD Receptors

There are CBD receptors strategically placed throughout the body, and that includes the brain, nerves, muscles, and skin tissue. So, whether you take CBD by ingesting it or applying it on the surface of your body, the result and benefits will be instantaneously felt.

Cannabidiol or CBD is also an excellent agent when it comes to working on other chemicals in the body to eliminate fungal and microbial parasites. As mentioned previously, the human body produces its own cannabinoids to balance the body’s function, and frequently stress or disease can meddle with the production and cause chemical imbalances.

Of course, chemical imbalances can result in skin problems, too. So, it’s essential that the human body has a healthy and regular production of cannabinoids. CBD can serve as a supplement to boost the production of cannabinoids in the body and promote good health.

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Benefits of CBD for the Skin

So, after you read how cannabidiol or CBD affects the body and brings health benefits, now let’s look at the list of wonders it does to our skin. Here are some reasons why CBD oil is excellent as a skincare product as are essential oils.

CBD Oil Helps Cure Stress-Linked Skin Conditions

Most of the skin disorders are connected with high-stress levels. And since CBD is an excellent stress reliever, it’s not surprising that it also helps in treating skin conditions caused by stress. So, if you want to have that healthy glowing skin, it’s advisable you take or apply CBD products, especially CBD oil.

CBD Oil as Anti-Aging Treatment

The CBD is also an excellent antioxidant which eliminates radical elements that cause skin cell deterioration. When you prevent skin cell deterioration from happening by using CBD, you will keep your skin young and beautiful. You will have fewer wrinkles, and your skin will have its natural moisture even as you age.

Skin damage by free radicals is often the consequence of our unhealthy lifestyle. When we age, the results of our unbalanced lifestyle are clearly seen through our skin. That’s why while young you should see to it that you do regular exercise, eat a healthy diet, drink more water, and take or apply CBD oil as a skincare product.

CBD Oil as Acne Treatment

Acne is a skin disorder that can affect both young teenagers and adults. Sometimes the onset of acne can be severe, often causing redness, lesions, and bleeding. For most people, having acne can result in stress, low self-esteem, and social isolation. But thanks to CBD oil, people who have acne now have a solution to their skin problem.

CBD is also popularly known as an anti-inflammatory substance that can alleviate the damage caused by acne. It helps reduce redness, lesions, bleeding, and scars caused by an acne attack.

Since abnormal sebum production speeds up acne attack, taking or applying CBD oil can be useful to balance the production of sebum and prevent the onset of acne.

CBD Oil as a Treatment for Psoriasis

Studies  suggest that CBD may be effective in treating skin conditions like psoriasis. It’s a chemical compound that soothes over-sensitivity of the skin while simultaneously inhibits the factors that can lead to skin disorders.

With these wonders of CBD, it is an excellent skin product that can restore good skin even when the early stages of skin damage are already showing.

Is CBD Oil Safe?

Disease and aging tend to lose the natural beauty of the skin. A lot of people across time and cultures have looked for products that could bring back the youthful glow of their natural beauty. Right now, among many other skincare products, CBD is proven safe and tested as a skincare remedy.

Unlike THC, cannabidiol doesn’t give you the high, which means you can ingest it through the mouth or apply it on your skin without posing a danger to yourself or other people. However, it’s still advisable to ensure that the CBD product you want to take is manufactured by a trusted manufacturer to guarantee the safety and effectiveness of the product.


CBD oil has a lot of benefits to your health, especially to your skin. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-aging substance that can help fix skin damage and restore the healthy glow of your skin. Thus, it’s really excellent to include CBD oil in your beauty and wellness regimen.

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