Stretch marks on stomach and back

5 Tips On How To Achieve A Smooth Skin after Stretch Marks

Stretch marks occur due to the rapid change of shape of the body, either due to growth or weight gain. These are not a sign that you have anything wrong with your health. Anyone, both men and women, can get stretch marks, with pregnancy and puberty being the most common stages in life when people get stretch marks. After getting stretch marks, you can restore your skin to look young and smooth.

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These five remedies are among the best that you could use to achieve a smooth skin.

1. Cucumber and lemon juice

The natural acidity of lemon juice helps in healing and reduces scars. Cucumber juice offers a soothing and cool effect that leaves your skin fresh. To restore your skin from stretch marks, create a mixture of lime and cucumber juice and apply this product on affected areas of your skin until it gets soaked up. Leave it to rest on your skin for about 10 minutes then you can rinse it off with warm water. Do this repeatedly, about three times a week to achieve the best results.

2. Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter reduces stretch marks and is very effective if you are coming from a pregnancy. It makes the marks to disappear completely in a short span. Use it at night by massaging into your skin. After a period of time, the stretch marks will fade slowly leaving your skin radiant and smooth.

3. Aloe Vera

This is a plant that supports the regeneration of skin tissue. It possesses miraculous healing properties that can clear your skin of stretch marks. Cut a leaf and take the fresh gel produced to massage on your skin on the area affected. Leave it for about 30 minutes then use tepid water to wash it off. Do this daily and you will note the gradual disappearance of the stretch marks.

4. Almond and coconut oil

Mix coconut oil and almond in equal amounts. Massage the mixture on the area of your skin that is affected and do this regularly. This is a home remedy that is totally natural, so you will not expose yourself to any harmful side effects. Use the remedy consistently and you will get positive results after a period of time.

5. Castor oil

Due to their shriveled up, dried looks, stretch marks require nourishment and some moisture. You can use castor oil to massage the parts of the skin with stretch marks. This will heal and smoothen the marks gradually. You only need to do it constantly to keep the skin moist and provide nourishment. Castor oil works the same way as bio oil featured on The oil can treat an array of skin problems and is suitable for the entire body.

Your skin is the biggest organ of your body and should be taken care of well. One of the challenges you might encounter is the appearance of stretch marks. This is a problem that happens when you grow or gain weight, and it can be treated in a number of ways. You could use natural homemade remedies like Aloe Vera, a mixture of almond and coconut oil, and lemon juice mixed with cucumber oil. Try these remedies for effective healing.

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  1. Generally, the most common thing people use Bio Oil is to treat stretch marks associated with pregnancy and to minimize the appearance of scars.

    Bio Oil is made with a combination of plant and vitamin oils and is supposed to moisturize the skin while it improves the texture and even the appearance of uneven skin tones, stretch marks, and scars.

    Bio Oil treats aging skin, dehydrated skin, uneven skin tones, blemishes, stretch marks and even old scars. It works best if you apply it by massaging it into the area that is affected twice a day until the skin has fully absorbed the oil.

    It is recommended that you use the product daily for three months at minimum in order to see results. While older scars will get some benefit from this treatment, newer ones will see the most improvement and the same goes with stretch marks. This oil moisturizes the skin and at times results can be noticed within only a few weeks.
    Adding a bit of Bio Oil with the essential oils of your choice may assist in combatting the intenseness of the stretch marks at a faster rate. 😊

  2. Elize Swanepoel

    Great article! Thanks for sharing these tips.

    A lot of women use bio-oil or other shop bought products, but they have become quite expensive.

    I love articles about using natural products.

    Yet another great benefit of coconut oil. This wonderful fruit of nature just keeps giving. 🙂

    I am not very familiar with castor oil. I know the older generation used to give it to their kids to cleanse their system. From what I heard, the taste wasn’t very appealing.

    I wonder if castor oil can be used to nourish my skin if I’m suffering from eczema? It does help for an array of skin problems and this could be something worth considering.

    I had no idea that you can use lemon and cucumber for scar healing and stretch marks. And both are inexpensive and common household foods.

    I’ve seen quite a few blog posts with the wonderful benefits of aloe vera. We are very fortunate to have so many different plants to our disposal that we can use as natural remedies.

    * Another great product to use is Comfrey miracle cream. A few years ago I was struggling with my eczema, especially on my legs. It just got worse and nothing seemed to work. My Dad saw an ad in the Sunday paper booklet about this product. Looking at the photo’s was motivation enough for me. I ordered the cream online and it really gave me great relief. And it works for a lot of different skin problems, wounds and scars. You get a lot of the products now and they are available at Dis-chem and other health stores. The reason why I mention them is because the products contain the miracle comfrey plant. I suppose this plant is the reason for the healing properties.

  3. I had my first kid about 9 months ago and got stretch marks all across my stomach. I thought they would never go away because they are so dark. Well after 1 month of using dermalmd stretch mark serum I see a great improvement! The Jar says to use at night and in the morning but sometimes I forget at night and I’m still seeing results!

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