4 Popular Skincare Ingredients From The Sea

Some of the best ingredients that can be found in skincare are sourced from nature: fruits, trees and flowers. What’s lesser known is the fact that there are equally powerful all-natural ingredients not found above ground: the ocean hides a wealth of treasures in its depths, too. Below are some of the best ingredients from the sea that may have made it to your skincare:

4 Popular Skincare Ingredients From The Sea

  1. Pearl

The luminescent finish of the surface of a pearl has attracted people for generations. Much so that the ideal skin for Koreans and K-beauty enthusiasts alike is reminiscent of a pearl’s finish: smooth and positively radiant. This gem, harvested from oysters, has been in use as a skincare ingredient as far back as the Ming Dynasty in ancient China. Today its popularity continues to endure, with multiple products having been infused with pearl such as sheet masks, face creams, and even deodorants.

Pearls have been known to produce visible skin lightening results thanks to its natural nacre component, which is responsible for a pearl’s iridescence at its raw form. It also has exfoliating properties, and can even treat acne. Pearl-infused skincare is easily accessible – try Skinfood’s Marine Food Gel Mask in Pearl for a quick pick-me-up for skin that’s been stressed by the sun.

  1. Seaweed

Seaweed is the general term for a prevalent form of flora found growing deep under the sea. They are essential to marine life as both a source of nourishment and shelter, and have also been harvested by humans to be used as food for thousands of years. In skincare, seaweed has been found to be rich in antioxidants and amino acids. These substances can help unclog and purify pores as well as make the skin more radiant while protecting it from harsh environmental elements. Seaweed also possesses oil-controlling properties and is also deeply hydrating, meaning that it doesn’t strip the skin of its natural moisture. Marvelously soothing, seaweed sheet masks are also available. This sea plant is also featured prominently as an ingredient in facial cleansers, toners, and a number of skin treatments.


  1. Red and Brown Algae

Algae is also a general term used for a large and diverse group of photosynthetic marine organisms. In skincare, it is said that they are able to provide instant hydration to the skin, giving it a soft and supple quality. Red algae is particularly soothing, which makes it ideal for calming sensitive and/or acne-prone skin as well as smoothing out age lines found on the surface of the skin. Brown algae, on the other hand, can help restore aging skin by boosting firmness and elasticity, and it is also a deeply moisturizing agent that can quench dry skin.

  1. Caviar

Most of you will probably be familiar with this high-class ingredient: caviar is derived from fish roe, particularly that of the sturgeon, salmon, or other large fish. It is considered a rare and expensive delicacy around the world. While most skincare products that contain caviar may be a bit of a stretch on the wallet, the benefits are well worth the splurge. Caviar extracts have been known to possess the ability to slow down skin aging. It is loaded with amino acids and vitamins that boost healthy skin regeneration. With continued use, it can re-texture the skin, providing firmness, a visible lift, and reduced pore size and appearance.

Take advantage of the healing powers of the ocean and try these products out for yourself. You may be surprised that the fountain of youth and beauty has been all around us all along!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I did not know about using caviar OR that it was actually beneficial for the skin! You learn something new every day hey!
    What I think is very healing is actually sea water and the sound of the ocean. I’m not sure how healing this is for your skin, although sea water is a good antiseptic I suppose?
    I find the ocean very soothing and good for the soul. I’m thinking that if it helps someone to destress, then that could be good for the skin.

  2. Again, proof of how amazing and beneficial natural resources are. I think the that some of them will definitely be a bit more expensive, yes, but it seems as though the pros outweigh the cons.

    @vonimoller I definitely believe that salt water by itself also offers a lot of benefits. I think of a while back when I had a bruise on my leg; the saltwater basically helped along the healing process. I think it absorbs all the toxins and bad stuff too.

    • @kobievrb I definitely think you’re onto something with the absorption of toxins! I could definitely see that as being true.

      I know when I went for my last piercing, the gentleman and I were chatting about salt water and it’s healing properties. He actually taught me that our body resonates so much with salt water and that’s why he only recommends that for healing. I’m unsure if “resonates” is the correct word though.

  3. @vonimoller I hear what you’re saying. Looks like more beach visit for us… 😛

  4. I’ve also felt that when you stand in the beach water (I don’t swim) it takes away stress and anxiety. I feel refreshed and calm.

    Also the uses of these sea skincare ingredients helps us stay younger. Yay!!!

    Only we must remember to preserve our oceans or else we will have nothing left for our future generations…

  5. Its amazing what our natural resources can do for us. I knew seaweed had amazing effects on your skin, I really did not know about caviar.

    Its a pity that some people are using our natural resources for all the wrong reasons and they are exploiting them.

  6. Wow.. Everything natural is actually great not just for the skin but our health in general even when you consider food …

  7. I struggle with a dull looking skin. I realized that I do not always think about the effect of the food I eat have on my skin. I recently read about the benefits of vitamin C for our skins. Vitamin C helps our skin to look more youthful and glowing. It also improves our skintone and helps with pigmentation. It also helps to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    So I think that vitamin C is important for all of us,because most mothers have these kind of skin concerns. But our bodies do not produce vitamin C.We have to get it from an outside source. We can therefore buy skincare products with vitamin C as main ingredient. Or we can just make sure to eat a lot of bright coloured vegetables.

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