3 DIY Bath Scrubs

These are such awesome recipes for DIY bath scrubs, made from all natural ingredients. I am loving the Youtube videos by Honeysuckle sharing amazing tips and natural recipes.

These scrubs will make the most amazing homemade gifts.

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  1. This sounds awesome for my mom something i want to share with my mom i dont like body scrub or bath salt but my mom love it she used to make her own bath salts/scrubs i just cant cant remember how or what she done asi was never interested always busy with something else…would have love to watch the video but I dont know why but for some reason my phone once again dont want to open the video ill keep trying.

  2. I wanted to make these for my mom but just didnt get the time so i had to give her bath scrubs and bath salts for mothersday at clicks.

  3. @lindafourie this is also DIY scrubs watch the videos it shows you how and what to do and use tag you so you get see these post about thebath products.

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