Beautiful Eye Makeup

12 Beautiful Eye Makeup Tips For The Busy Mom

When it comes to eye makeup, the goal is to make your eyes pop and making them look bigger and brighter and ideally you want the look to last.

Have a look at these beautiful eye makeup tips for applying eyeshadow, mascara and false eye lashes. Generally a lot of women have questions specifically about these key areas that can become very tricky when you don’t know how to do them quickly and effortlessly.

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Beautiful Eye Makeup Tips For Busy Moms

The best tips and hacks for applying eyeshadow

Step 1 – Eye primer

Applying eyeshadow to the eyelid without applying primer makes it look a lot messier.  Applying a tinted eye primer will provide you with many benefits of which the main ones are:

  • Concealing any darkness or redness around the eye areas.
  • Providing a neat and finished look.
  • Increasing the longevity of your eyeshadow’s look and intensifying the colour of your eyeshadow.

Step 2 – Translucent face powder

Eye primers tend to be quite sticky and to “set them down” before applying eyeshadow, making use of a translucent face powder proves to be highly effective to stop it from moving and getting rid of any tackiness.

Step 3 –  Eyeshadow transition shades

Many women make the mistake in applying transition shades that are too dark which will not give you the desirable overall eye make-up look. You can make use a bronzer to act as a transition shade (blending stage) or any of the colours as shown in the video. They are usually one or two tones darker than your natural skin tone. It is important to remember that “less is more” therefore you can tap the brush against the upper side of your hand to avoid any excess eyeshadow before applying. Many make up artists apply the transition shade with side-to-side movements, but as illustrated in the video, making use of small circular movements get’s the job done effectively and gives a smooth appearance. Another tip is to try and drag the eyeshadow in an upwards motion towards the temple area. This will give your eye a younger, brighter and revitalized appearance.

In cases where you’re trying to blend your transition shades and it just keeps looking messy and unblended, you can use a shimmery shadow over the top of the transition shade which is of a lighter shade. White shimmery glittery eyeshadows work especially well for carefully blending of the transition shade. Surprisingly enough it won’t give the eye a shimmery appearance, it will just assist you with blending the shadow effectively.

Step 4 – Orange eye shadow for smoky eyes

This trick is applicable for any smoky eye look, no matter which color of eyeshadow you’re using whether being purple, green, brown, pink or any other colour that tickles your fancy. Making use of the orange eyeshadow will increase the vibrance as well as the colour payoff of the eyeshadow look.

Again, avoid using too much of the product and remove the excess on the back of your hand first. Gently apply the orange shade on the area where the transition colour ends, and the next area begins.

Step 5 – Highlighting the underneath the brow area with a transforming powder

When you are highlighting the brown area underneath the brow are, take care to apply transforming powder only on the outer corner area right underneath the eyebrow. As shown in the video, when the whole area underneath the eyebrow is highlighted, it gives the eye a much droopier and a less blended appearance. By adding the highlighter to the inner corner of your eye, you can make the eye look wider and brighter.

Step 6 – Blending the lower lash line

Not a lot of women take the time to blend the lower lash line. By blending this area, you just give your eye-makeup a finished look. Otherwise the look will just end up looking messy and incomplete.

Step 7 – Applying liquid eyeliner and mascara

Not all women care for the liquid eyeliner, so this is completely optional, but it is worth mentioning that liquid eyeliner really makes the smoky eye-look pop. It basically adds a whole new dimension to the look. Liquid eyeliner is especially suitable if you’re going for an evening look when attending a function or going on a date.

When applying mascara, some ladies may prefer to put on their mascara before eyeshadow, but this is not recommended. When you’ve already applied the mascara, and you’re busy applying the eyeshadow afterwards, you may end up with eyeshadow residue falling onto the sticky lashes and causing discolouring of the lashes.

Step 8 – Choosing false lashes

When you are applying false lashes, always ensure that you use a pair of lashes that is the right size and that goes with the shape of your eyes to create a more natural look. When applying lashes that are too big, instead of making your eyes look bigger, they will end doing the complete opposite. They will look fake and give the eye a drooping appearance.

The best tips for applying false lashes


  • Tip 1 – choose a good quality pair of lashes.
  • Tip 2 – get your glue and lash application tool (tweezers are perfect) ready.
  • Tip 3 – when buying lashes make sure you measure them against your eyes to get the right size. You can trim a bit of the excess lashes off for a perfect fit.
  • Tip 4 – Make sure you’re not applying too much glue on the lash before sticking it on.
  • Tip 5 – Don’t stick on the lash immediately after adding the glue as it will slide off almost instantly or mess up your eyeshadow. Wait a minute or so for the glue to get sticky or tacky.
  • Tip 6 – When you’re applying the lashes, make sure you place the middle section first, followed by the outer and inner sections as close as possible to your natural lashes.

Applying makeup doesn’t have to be an overly lengthy and complicated process. With these beautiful eye makeup tips and tricks, you can obtain a flawless and beautiful look without overdoing it.

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