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10 Easy Hair Hacks for Busy Moms to Keep Hair Looking Great

10 Easy Hair Hacks for Busy Moms

If you are not a morning person then you most likely won’t have enough energy or time to make your hair look good in the morning. Add some kids or a newborn baby into the mix and you are basically doomed.

Waking up earlier to get your hair groomed is not always an option especially if you have been up half the night with a baby that has colic or you have been breast feeding a baby going through a growth spurt!

Even though you may not have the time and energy to get a salon look every morning, it really is important to keep your hair looking good, not just for what other people may think of you but also because if your hair looks good you will feel good.

So here are some great tips for moms to keep hair looking great in a hurry and with minimal effort:

1. Use Dry Shampoo to Detangle Your Hair

Get yourself some dry shampoo and use it in the mornings if you have limp hair or if you have not managed to give it a wash. It will perk your hair up, get rid of great and provide your hair follicles with essential minerals and vitamins.

It will also make knotted and tangled hair easier to deal with.

All you do with dry shampoo is spray it on and give your hair a good brush to blend in the powder and give it some volume.

2. Use Moisture Mist

Another fast way to detangle your hair and get rid of the grease is to use moisture mist. You can buy the hair products specially designed for this purpose, but you can also make your own moisture mist easily for free.

All you need is a spray bottle, which you fill with distilled water and a mix in a few drops of your conditioner.

3. Use Hand Lotion as Anti-Frizz

If you are a busy mom, with lots of expenses in the home buying lots of different hair products can not only work out expensive but also add additional shopping to do which is not always welcome.

If you have forgotten to buy your favorite anti-frizz product for your hair simply rub some hand lotion through your hair to tame it. It is quick, easy and works just as well!

4. Use Cornstarch to Get Rid of Grease

If you run out of dry shampoo, you can remove the excess grease by using one ingredient that you probably have in your kitchen. Believe it or not, cornstarch can help you get rid of the grease the same way as dry shampoo would.

The best thing about using cornstarch for removing hair grease is that it doesn’t require a lot of time. In fact, the whole process takes only a couple of minutes. All you have to do is put some cornstarch on the greasy areas of the hair and leave it for about two minutes. The final step is to just brush it off.

5. Make your Ponytail Perky with the Help of Bobby Pins

A ponytail is probably the easiest way to curb wild hair. However, simply tying your hair in a  ponytail may not bring the results you were expecting. In fact, if your hair is greasy or tangled, an ordinary ponytail will look messy.

The good news is that you can give it a boost by using bobby pins. This way, you will make a saggy ponytail more perky.

6. Tame the FlyAway Hair with a Toothbrush

In order to get rid of flyaway hair, you can use expensive products that are designed for this purpose. Alternatively, you can use a toothbrush hack that will help you get rid of them in the shortest time possible.

Take an old toothbrush (or buy a new one just for this purpose) and spray hairspray all over the brush. Gently brush the hair in a downward motion, which should result in taming flyway hair.

7. Wear a Night Cap

If you have a busy morning with a tight schedule it can be incredibly hard to find the time to make trendy hairstyles.

One of the best things you can do if you need to look sharp in the morning is to wear a night cap while sleeping.

This means you can spend the time and effort on your hair in the evening and sleep with a night cap on to keep your hair looking good. You may even be able to do a hairdo in the evening and keep it protected with a night cap. Even if the hair gets messy over the night, it should not be too hard to fix it in the morning.

8. Wash Your Hair before Going to Bed

Washing and drying your hair may seem like a huge task when you are a busy mom, but the fact is that the more often you wash your hair the easier it will be to maintain and the healthier your hair will be. This means that in the long run washing your hair often will actually save you loads of time.

Washing your hair in the morning before work is not always an option, or if you are a stay at home mom, you may not be able to leave your young baby or child unattended while you have a shower or bath. It makes so much more sense to wash your hair in the evening when your kids are asleep.

Another option if you have a bath and shower in the same bathroom is to have a shower and wash your hair while your kids bath. This saves you time and your kids are not left completely unattended.

9. Condition Your Hair

Washing your hair on a regular basis will help you get rid of the grease, but if you want to prevent your hair from getting too dry and weak, you need to use a proper hair conditioner. When choosing one, you need to make sure it’s made of natural ingredients that feature lots of essential nutrients, such as Biotin (Vitamin B7) which strengthens and thickens your hair.

10. Wear a Head Wrap

There will be days that everything just goes wrong, you wake up late and you are having one of those bad hair days that nothing can fix. You can research as many tricks and tips as you can, on all this information from Mega Hairstyles but nothing is going to save you this time!

This is when you can go for the last resort and wear a fashionable head wrap.

You’d be pleased to know that this fashion accessory is getting quite a lot of attention recently. Actually, a number of celebs were spotted wearing it, including Kim Kardashian and Alicia Keys.


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