House of Bean and Leaf Langebaan

House Of Bean & Leaf Langebaan Review

The House Of Bean and Leaf Langebaan recently opened and I was so excited to be invited to come with a friend and try out their restaurant when they did a test run the Friday before they opened. I don’t often take time off from work during the week so any excuse to do that is always a treat! I love eating out and trying out new places.

House of Bean and Leaf Langebaan Review

The House Of Bean and Leaf Langebaan

Upon arrival I wasn’t sure where to park because the parking appears limited however after finding a parking spot on the road I saw that there is a parking lot directly opposite the restaurant with ample parking so make sure to turn into that parking.

I love that there is an outside seating area as well as indoors. I have always loved sitting outside, and now with the pandemic I always feel more comfortable in the fresh air.

Bean and Leaf Coffee

The House Of Bean and Leaf Menu

There is a mind-blowing choice of teas on the menu, so if you are a tea person this is a must visit restaurant! Their tea collection includes rooibos, honeybush, ceylon, chai, spicy ginger rooibos, sleep easy tea, green unfermented rooibos, English breakfast tea, French earl grey, Singapore breakfast tea and silver moon tea.

Since I am not much of a tea drinker I ordered a cappuccino and it arrived with a little meringue. I love meringues and found this to be a delightful treat. The meringues come with the coffees and the teas. I loved the cappuccino, it was premium quality and delish.

Bean and Leaf Chicken Burger with Mushroom

The food menu includes all day breakfasts, freshly baked scones and muffins, savoury Belgian waffles, sandwiches, burgers and salads.

I love breakfasts and I love it when I can order breakfasts all day, it is not fun sleeping late on a weekend only to find you have missed the cut off time! However I also love burgers so I went with the chicken burger with gourmet mushroom topping with chips (you can opt for salad or chips). The burgers come with a wholegrain mustard mayo, served separately.

The burger was lovely, the roll was fresh and tasty, the chicken was cooked to perfection and the salad inside the burger was fresh and lovely. I really enjoyed the mushrooms which were served in a bowl next to the burger. They were done beautifully. I enjoyed the chips.

The burgers options are beef short rib, free range chicken and chickpea & brinjal. The chickpea & brinjal burger is vegan, however the roll is not vegan, so this is a great option for vegetarians but if you are vegan just let the waiter know to lose the bun when they serve it.

My friend that joined me enjoyed her meal too, she had the BLT sandwich and gave feedback that she enjoys her chips more crispy. She told me she has now eaten there a few times with her family since they opened and they took her feedback to heart serving crispier chips.

Bean and Leaf waffle

For dessert you can choose from a variety of waffles or ice cream in a bowl. I chose the Berry Compote waffle with ice cream and it was delicious. The waffle is a quarter waffle and while it looked small it filled the spot perfectly without me feeling overfull at the end of my meal or wanting for more.

Please note that there are also gluten free waffles available for sweet and savoury, on request.

Opening Hours and Address for Bean and Leaf Langebaan

The House Of Bean and Leaf is open every day from 08h00 until 05h00. Their address is 2 Jakoba Street, Langebaan and you can contact them on 082 735 2279. Click here for their website (coming soon).

My Verdict For The House Of Bean and Leaf

I loved eating at The House Of Bean and Leaf Langebaan, it ticks all the boxes for a lovely meal out. The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable, and the food was lovely. The service was fantastic, the waiters were lovely and attentive and the food was served quickly.

If you are looking for a new place to eat out in the West Coast I highly recommend you head on over to The House Of Bean and Leaf Langebaan.

See the map below to find your way there.

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  1. Thank you for the recommendation. Loved your review. Reading it felt like I was experiencing and tasting everything first hand. I could picture everything you spoke about and will definitely pop by when I get the chance to. Thank you Lynne

  2. Thank you for the recommendation Lynne I would love to try their burger and chips one day ???

  3. Can they just open one in Joburg please? It sounds amazing

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