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Back to School & Work With PNA

The year is winding down, and the last thing on your mind is 2021 school stationery lists. But getting organised ahead of time takes away the stress from rushing before school opens. Kids like to feel prepared, and frantic last minute school shopping can stoke anxiety in some kids. But with PNA you can face the uphill battle to keep everything sorted over the weeks ahead.

It is exciting looking forward to a new school year, it can be a bit overwhelming too when it comes to getting organized. It’s busy times like these that you need some simple organizing hacks to get you through the day. The most basic step for a less stressful school year is a good time management and schedule for your little ones. Organising their lives in a good way means an organised life for you too!

Here are simple back-to-school hacks that will not only help you get more out of the supplies you’ve purchased, but also help you to enjoy a smoother, more carefree school year.

Good luck with next year’s academic adventure! #PNASchoolHacks

  1. Moveable Homework Stations

Make your own handy DIY caddy that holds all the necessary supplies, so kids can do their homework at the kitchen table or in their bedrooms. It is a great idea to keep their school supplies tidy and organized.

  1. DIY After School Routine Check

After the kids get home from school, life gets hectic. Even without after school activities, their evenings are still jam-packed with homework, dinner, bath time, and more. It’s so easy to lose track of time on these busy nights. Making a DIY clock is an invaluable tool to help you organize their evenings and make your life less stressful.

  1. Shopping Smart

Back to school shopping can be chaotic. To half the stress, why not give some items on the stationery list to family members to buy as stocking fillers this Christmas. Quirky and stylish stationery may be a fun way to get your kids psyched up for school!

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