Back To School 2022 – Behind The Scenes 14 January 2022

I’m not sure about all the other moms but I was so excited about back to school 2022. While I had a good festive season and a chance to rest I’m super keen to get back into routine and to have some time every morning to myself for self-care and work!

Back To School 2022 -Behind The Scenes 14 January 2022

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Recovering From Burn Out

In my last live video I shared about how I got burn out and how hard it has been to get back on track. I’m so pleased to say that I’m finally coming right slowly. I’m quite peeved at myself though since I know that the harder things become the more time and effort I need to take with looking after myself and taking care of my mental health.

Another hard lesson learned and I’m hoping that next time things get tough I pay more attention. I’ve been doing lots of gardening, walking on the beach and reading. I’ve also been focusing on eating properly and getting enough rest.

To all the moms that have also struggled this festive season I hope you manage to find the time to look after yourself and recover. I’m hoping that 2022 is a much kinder year to us all.

Back To School 2022

Back to school time has always been a bit stressful for me. In particular book covering. The reason for this is that 3 days after my daughter started grade one I landed up in hospital with an ectopic pregnancy. I didn’t know I was pregnant and I was feeling off the whole week when my daughter started school. I was covering books the day I landed up in hospital and I was feeling so stressed out and out of sorts. Now every time I wrap a book it brings back the ordeal of my miscarriage.

My kids went back to school on Wednesday and everything has gone smooth but the 4th anniversary of my miscarriage is looming over me yet again.

Ysense Earnings

My Ysense earnings have been increasing again after a slow period over the festive season due to not many surveys being available. My goal for January is to earn $200 and I’m sure it is quite achievable since I’m already on $80+.

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Getting Back Into The Swing Of Work

Over the festive season I did not get much work done other than my weekly live videos and chatting on social media. It feels great to start getting back into work – I published my review of Happy Event body butter (with a hamper giveaway) and my Nova Choc-Oh-Late review (with a hamper giveaway) So check those out and enter the giveaways.

I’ve still got a huge backlog of work to get through from last year, and now that I’m getting my energy and motivation back I will get getting to it soon!

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  1. P. S. I am not a mum however love kiddies and always giving tips and things to mums that I know =I know many of them! I’ve also returned to work on 13th Jan 2022 – I must say I looking really forward to a productive year and want to meet all goals in the workplace and in my self growth.

  2. Hi I’ve had a ok week and weekend I am busy packing as we moving to another house so it’s been keeping me busy and the kids are back at school

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