Baby Handprint Footprint Ideas

Baby Handprint Footprint Ideas

When my babies were born one of the first things I did was stare at their gorgeous little hands and feet, after counting all their fingers and toes first of course! For some reason those little hands and feet are so special and they are etched into my memory.

While I still remember them, they have grown so fast and their little hands and feet are just not so little anymore. That said they are still very cute.

So here are some awesome baby handprint footprint ideas for you to get crafty and also to create beautiful and sentimental baby keepsakes. (Oh and keep reading to the bottom for the $10 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway)

Baby Hand Foot Print Kits

I published an article a few months back about the stunning Nino Baby Hand Foot Print Kits at Amazon and I still love them so much! There are so many cool crafty ideas for creating baby keepsakes using your baby’s hand and foot prints but sometimes you just want something that is ready to go, especially when you have a newborn baby.

Their kits come with safe, non-toxic clay and a frame to put it in, plus place to put some photos. This will make a stunning decor piece for your home.

And you are in luck if this sounds appealing, because Nino Baby Hand Foot Print Kits have given us an exclusive discount coupon code which is valid until 01 July 2017 which will give you 10% off your purchase.

Just click here to place your order and use this code: Ninos100

Baby Handprint Footprint Ideas Kits


Make Your Own Plaster Baby Handprint

You can also get creative and make your own plaster baby handprint or footprint. This awesome video shows you how to make one really quickly and easily. It looks like so much fun to do too!

Add Footprints To Your Baby Memory Book

Chances are that you have a baby memory book so adding your baby’s footprints and handprints to your baby memory book is an awesome idea. Make sure to get ink or paint that is non-toxic and safe for your baby,

This quick video will show you how to do it.

Make Your Own Handprint or Footprint Keyring

This is just gorgeous and such a fun idea. The only problem with this is that it looks like it shrinks a lot and while it is a handprint or footprint I love the idea of having the right size for baby keepsakes so you can see how small your child’s hands and feet were.

That said it is still so cute and gorgeous that I wouldn’t mind giving this one a go anyway.

Create Baby Footprint Artwork

There are so many ideas for creating artwork with your kids foot and hand prints. All you have to do is a quick search on Pinterest and you will find so many cool arty and crafty things to make.

For some initial inspiration here is a video showing how to make butterfly art using your baby’s fooprints.

I hope that these ideas for baby footprints and handprints have given you lots of inspiration! It really is important to get started with making some lovely baby keepsakes as early as possible since the time flies and your baby will grow up so fast. You don’t want to miss those little moments.

$10 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Tell us in the comments what you think of the Nino Baby Hand Foot Print Kit and you will be entered into the giveaway for the $10 Amazon Gift Card!

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  1. So many beautiful things to do. For such beautifully tiny memories to remember..
    I’m a tattooed mom (??) so her foot prints on my feet. With quote “il walk every step with you and when you can’t I will walk then for you”

    At 2 weeks had a photo shoot. One of pics was her hands holding my finger… so have it moulded in clay and keep as gift you can give her at age she can appreciate it.

  2. Chamone Coetzee

    This is so amazing ideas I even share it on fb with my friends and family thank you very much for sharing it with me.. Now me. And my sweetheart going to make the key handprint so dady can keep the sweet little memory for fathersday gift.

  3. This is so great way to keep those little hands and feets memory’s alive and when their grow up the will real appropriate it. Thanks @lynne

  4. This is really nice and creative to do and it’s always a good idea to keep the memory of how small your child’s hands and feet were.

  5. Mommy this is my tiny little feet print please keep this for ever as I am forever in your hart love u Mommy


  7. wow this really is a few good ideas! Thanks Lynne! I will most def try at least one of these.. leaning towards the bakingsoda one 🙂

  8. The kit provides safe, non-toxic clay, which is peace of mind in a box for any mommy; as well as the frame to put the clay in, plus++ a space to put some photos. This will make a stunning desk decor for work of the kit itself as a babyshower gift! Precious memories

  9. I wish I knew about such awesome ideas when my kids were still babies. Such specials keepsakes.

  10. When John (my oldest) was small and time to think was still a part of my life, we made a poster for Granny with his hands and his feet on it and a poem I made up right in the middle. We had it framed and gave it to her for Christmas. It’s still standing in her kitchen which makes me smile whenever we visit.

    Emma was born When John was fourteen months old and it’s all a blur after that so we don’t have any prints of hers at all. When my ‘laatlammetjie’ came along, the blur was still real cos we were homeschooling a 6 and 7 year old so we never did prints for him either but he was the first of our kids to go to nursery school and my favourite of the artworks he ever brought home are the ones with his footprints on them.

    • Oh yes I know what you mean – my kids are always coming home with lovely hand and foot print artwork from school. Those are always the best things.

  11. This is really nice and also so creative to do and it’s always a good idea to keep the memory of how small your child’s hands and feet were. We got both our baby boys feet with his photo and date of birth laminated at the hospital the day he was born looking at it 9 months later already cant believe it was so small.

  12. This is one of the best ways to have wonderful memories of when our children were small. My eldest is now 17, and I still have his after all this time, and still looks like it was done yesterday. Now my twins are 10 months old today, and this is just something we have to do. Special forever memories, to show even to our children’s children when the time comes. Thank you for all the different methods of making that special memory.

  13. Nice idea of the printed hands . New activity for his 1year birthday. Thanks

  14. I simply love the key ring idea, wish I had known that when my little one was still small, I did a hand and foot print in clay, to be honest I couldn’t even tell you where it is now ?

  15. Love them little feet and hands!!! We had hand and foot print done in the hospital the day after our baby boy was born. I was so glad that we had it done. And begining of December 2017 me and hubby both got tattoos of our baby boys prints! I got his little foot print on my right thigh with his birth date and hubby got his hand and foot print with his name, date and his blood tipe. I didn’t get his name as I have another tattoo in mind for his name at a later stage!
    I know not many people approve if tattoos but everyday I look down at mine and just fall all over inlive with my little man and just realize how small he was!! (They grow up so fast)

  16. These are so wonderful, I never really done any of these besides a footprint in the baby book when he was a week old.
    Such creative ideas 🙂

  17. Betsie Labuschagne

    Lovely ideas. I made a Mother’s day card for grandma with our daughter’s footprint. She was 11 months at the time and it serves as a great memory. I also tried to make a scrapbook of all her photos from the day she was born and add personal notes about when she got her first tooth, started to walk, etc. All small details we tend to forget as time go by.

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