Top 10 baby photo competition October - November 2017

TOP 10 Baby Photo Competition October – November 2017

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So here’s the announcement you’ve all been waiting for… the Top 10 announcement in the October – November 2017 Photo Competition !

TOP 10 Baby Photo Competition

Here are the Top 10 photos in order of votes!

  1. Milané Botha (PHOTO 2926)
  2. Lorenzo Fredericks (PHOTO 2691)
  3. Denika Naidu (PHOTO 2468)
  4. Karli Luyt (PHOTO 2628)
  5. Clarece (PHOTO 2467)
  6. Zanélle Swanepoel (PHOTO 2944)
  7. Esmarelda Madikoto (PHOTO 2890)
  8. Tègan Nel (PHOTO 2852)
  9. Blake Noan Boonzaaier (PHOTO 2736)
  10. Lieben Fourie (PHOTO 2814)

Congrats to the top 10, just remember that the competition is not over yet! All babies and children are still in the competition, this is just a fun announcement sharing who is in the lead at this moment!

Voting is up until midnight on 30 November 2017 and the winner of all these awesome prizes will be announced on Wednesday 05 December 2017!

Good luck!

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