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Be inspired By Baby Care Which Lets You Parent Your Way

Bringing new life into the world truly is a miracle. Pregnancy and the months following birth are a special time as you and your newborn grow, learn and develop together.

Baby Care Which Lets You Parent Your Way

From conception to birth, it can also be a time of uncertainty, as you discover what is going on inside your body and seek the reassurance that everything is ok. After you’ve experienced Mother Nature’s most magical moment of giving birth, you will want to be sure you’re doing everything you can to help your baby mature and thrive.

Pregnancy and parenthood are a personal experience we each must travel on our own and while it can be hard work, it’s also an awe-inspiring and rewarding journey. While countless others have walked the path of parenthood before you, your experience will be unique to you and your baby.

However, as you enter this new phase of life with your infant, there will be moments of anxiety or stress as you figure out a new way of being as a new Mum and the best way of doing things in your new routine of caring for baby.

Parenting is about trusting your instincts, about following your gut instinct and choosing what works best for you.  With so much information and support for the best baby care available, you can quickly find your feet knowing when you need help with feeding, sterilizing bottles and soothing your infant on this new journey of discovery.

While breastfeeding is a rewarding and beautiful journey, it’s not always easy as there are uncertainties and challenges parents may face. There are times when mothers can’t breastfeed or prefer not to, either because they experience discomfort or because they want to share the feeding process with their partner. As a result, many new mothers are looking for a breast pump that allows them to express comfortably and discreetly, helping them to enjoy a convenient breastfeeding experience and to continue giving breastmilk to their baby for longer.

Knowing a calm and comfortable feed is important for both you and your baby, whether you choose to breastfeed, bottle feed or combination feed, it is all about feeling confident and setting a feeding, sterilisation process and baby pacifying routine in place .

Here to empower and support you through adaptive, trustworthy, and intuitive solutions, the following baby care solutions have been developed by Philips Avent, together with healthcare professionals, based on their experience of your parenting needs, so you can find out what works best for you, your family and your precious one.

Pumping Breast Milk

Love Your Way, Feed Your Way

The Philips Avent Electric Breast Pump, is a unique expressing solution that mimics a baby’s natural feeding movement for pumping that is simple, fast and gentle. Research shows that babies use a peristaltic movement, which is a special, wave-like tongue motion, to help release milk quickly when breastfeeding. This is replicated in the design of the Philips Avent Electric Breast Pump, which uses a combination of suction and unique nipple stimulation to mimic a suckling motion, initiating milk let down for a comfortable and quicker milk flow. Compatible with 99.9% of nipple sizes up to 30mm, new parents can feel confident it’s the right pump for them.

Sterilizing baby feeding products

Peace Of Mind

Steam sterilization is proven to be the most effective way to protect your baby from harmful germs. Based on the hospital principle, the intensive heat of the steam eliminates harmful bacteria.

Fast and easy to use, the 220-240V Philips Avent Steam Steriliser sterilizes six bottles in 8 minutes. Just add water, load, switch on, and the contents are sterile and ready to use in approximately 8 minutes and will remain sterile for up to 6 hours if unopened. With a large capacity, the sterilizer holds up to six 260 ml/ 9oz Avent Bottles or two Philips Avent Breast Pumps and accessories.

Bottle warmer

Ready In Minutes

For days when you’re rushed off your feet, the Philips Avent Fast Bottle Warmer (SCF355/00) warms 150ml/5oz of milk in just minutes. Circulating the milk continuously as it warms, this fast bottle warmer warms the contents both quickly and evenly, preventing the potential of any hot spots.

Easy to operate, the Philips Fast bottle warmer features a handy defrost setting and can also be used to warm baby food for a unique solution for busy moms and dads. Safer than defrosting in a microwave and more convenient than using water, simply select the setting to defrost frozen milk or baby food to liquid.

Baby soother

Soothing Moments

Bonding with your newborn is such an intimate moment. When your baby feels discomfort, or can’t fall asleep easily, it can cause you just as much anxiety. Using a soother can help to calm both you and your baby.

The Philips Avent Ultra Air Soother is a light and breathable pacifier to soothe and calm baby and lets baby’s skin breathe. Delivered in a handy 2-pack, it features extra large holes to ventilate and keep baby’s skin soft and dry. Its lightweight shield is designed for maximum air flow for babies aged 0 to 18 months and is orthodontic approved and BPA-Free, providing the ideal texture and silky nipple for a feeling of comfort.

Parenting app

Above all, be kind to yourself

Being a new parent can be the best job in the world, but it’s also one of life’s biggest challenges. It’s ok to feel overwhelmed and ask for help when you need it – every situation is new and you’re learning on the job. Philips is here to offer support wherever we can, with free expert advice and guidance along the way. Our range of pioneering products and innovative Pregnancy+ app is here to support you and your little one as you begin this life-changing journey.

Remember, you’ve got this.

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  1. Trusting your Gut is not always easy well for me. Sometimes I think like am I holding my child back because of my fear. And then you get the saying if you dont give your child space when they have space they will make wrong decisions…

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