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An Informational Guide To Buying Other Camping Equipment Relating To Camp Life

Most people already have the essential camping equipment, i.e. tents, sleeping bags, and mattresses, but if you really want to gain the reputation as a camping guru, other items can make life around camp a whole lot better.

Cooking Around Camp

First, you need to think about whether you’ll be backpacking or camping with your vehicle. This will determine your choices when buying cooking supplies. Having your vehicle close to your campsite will make it much easier to cook and eat a variety of foods like braai salads.


When backpacking, a liquid-fuel stove which is lightweight will suffice, but when you are cooking for more prominent groups of people at once, a sizeable dual-burner stove can hold more than one pot and will allow them to simmer well.

In colder temperatures, a liquid-fuel stove is a lot more efficient than a canister stove, but the disadvantage of getting them is that they are a lot messier, bulkier and more complicated to operate. Canister stoves are lightweight and great for moderate temperatures.

Tip: investing in none heavy-duty pots for the outdoors can be extremely advantageous, as you won’t get your household pots all to dinged up with during camping trips.

camping knife

A Knife:

When backpacking a multi-tool or folding knife can be convenient for meal prepping and other odd jobs around camp. When camping with your vehicle, you can take a knife from home but make sure it is packed safely with the blade concealed.

Lanterns or Headlamps

Camping equipment suppliers have great options available when buying a lamp or headlamp to use as a signaling device or getting things done at night.

A lantern is a great hands-free alternative, but it doesn’t provide the same lumens as opposed to paying more for a decent battery-operated lantern.

Water Bottles

Plastic water bottles are great for hikers or campers that like to stay hydrated and to pour liquids in the pot when cooking. An even better option is a hydration reservoir that can hold 2 to 3 liters of water, which means you don’t have to stop every now and again to fill up your water supply.

Camp Chairs

Collapsible backpacking chairs are ideal when you’re looking for the lightest option. When car camping, you mainly use any type of chair that is suitable for a tailgate or beach party. The higher standard option is camping chairs that are made from a breathable material with mesh inserts and cup holders.

First Aid

One can never overstate enough the importance of having a first aid kit for any camping trip, as you can encounter insect stings, cuts or other common pains or aches when out and about.

camping first aid kit

Top Considerations When Buying A First Aid Kit Are:

  • The size of the group you’ll be camping with.
  • How long are you planning to spend time in the outdoors?
  • Special emergency considerations, i.e. people with specific allergies or medical conditions.

There is a great selection of first-aid kits available on the market, from bulky family bags to small pouches made for solo campers. You can build your own kit of course. Make sure you include an adequate supply of moleskin or similar products that can treat blisters.

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