Family Heirloom Ring

An Informational Guide About Family Heirloom Rings

Many families have heirloom jewelry that is passed down from generation to generation. In many instances, the oldest son proposes to his wife-to-be with the family’s heirloom ring. Using a passed down ring can be cost-effective, as the money that is spent on an engagement ring can be utilized to pay for wedding expenses or towards the honeymoon.


The Selection Of Heirloom Rings

An heirloom ring will not necessarily come from an immediate family member. A cousin, aunt or a member of your step-family that is close to the groom or bride can pass the ring down as a sentimental keepsake to pass on to future children and even grandchildren. Some rings don’t have to be necessarily an engagement ring; it can be a valued promise or antique anniversary ring. An engagement ring can even be made from non-traditional items with sentimental significance such as a gem, ornamental hair piece or brooch.

Where Does The Ring Originate From?

A challenging part of the process is where the ring will come from, whether it is passed down from the groom’s side of the family or the bride’s side of the family.

Helpful tips on choosing which engagement ring is the preferred ring to be passed down to carry on a family tradition:

  1. Family History: The more obvious choice would be an heirloom ring that has been passed down for generations as opposed to a ring that is gifted by a distant cousin or aunt for instance.
  2. Consideration Of A Late Family Member: In the case where a ring being passed on through the estate of a treasured family member that has passed on.
  3. Style Considerations Of The Bride: A ring that doesn’t match the style preference of the bride-to-be might not be an ideal choice as opposed to a ring that was worn by a beloved grandmother every day. In some cases, the bride might even prefer having a ring that has more personal significance — for instance, designing ring from scratch that fits her unique style preference when you’re starting a brand-new family tradition. By visiting a coin shop Sacramento, you can buy a more suitable ring that matches your fiancée’s style, or you can obtain the highest paid prices for selling existing jewelry pieces or gold coins to design and manufacture a ring that will be more fitting for your new bride, one that will have more sentimental value to her.

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Making Changes To A Family Heirloom Ring:

It is vital to consider the proper heirloom ring etiquette when you’re considering making any changes to a ring. When you’re changing the ring color, the setting or any other features of the ring, it is advisable to mention this to the giver, so that they are not faced with unexpected surprises. Mention your reasons behind the changes, for example, the ring being too big or small for your fiancée’s hand, or a safer re-setting option when the ring will be worn every day or even adding of a diamond piece from another family member’s ring to add sentimental value. It’s always best to have a genuine and respectful discussion with the person to get their approval and to show consideration for everyone’s feelings when it comes to such a personal family issue.

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