Actually I'm NOT Pregnant

Actually I’m NOT pregnant

Thank you for all the congratulations and well wishes I receive at least once a week… but actually I’m not pregnant!

This is just my body after birth, I’ve had 2 babies and this is the end result. I am well aware that it’s time to get my sexy back and I am working on it!

I don’t take offence when I am regularly congratulated on my “pregnancy”, I have a little tummy which my bundles of joy left me with and I have not had the time or energy to do anything about it yet.

I just wonder why so many people actually congratulate me? Thanks, it is sweet of you, but really my stomach is not that huge. I don’t congratulate any woman unless she is very obviously pregnant, if she looks like she is about to give birth any moment to multiples, yes I congratulate her.

However there are loads of women that may or may not have had babies that have a nice little paunch. It does not automatically make them pregnant does it?

The most recent incident was on Monday. I went to the pharmacy to stock up on medication for my family for runny tummies and at the till I mentioned it is a very violent bug going around, I had it on the weekend and my son had just gotten it.

The younger of the two ladies behind the counter looked at me with concern and said “Oh dear, that can be dangerous in your condition!”.

I was confused for a few seconds before I started laughing and replied “Oh thanks, but no worries I’m not pregnant! This is just left overs from my 2 pregnancies”.

She looked horrified and pointed at the older lady next to her and said “My mom said you were!”, much to her mother’s embarrassment.

The mother smiled at me and tried to rectify the situation by saying “You look very good for someone that has had two babies”.

Yes, that explains why you thought I was pregnant?

Another recent incident was where I was offered an alcoholic drink and I said “No thanks, I can’t drink”, immediately congratulations were offered, along with a kind belly rub! The hand was quickly withdrawn when I responded with “No, I’m not pregnant. I’m an alcoholic!”.

Once again another embarrassed apology.

About a year ago a new mother came into my shop with her 6 week old baby in a pram. She looked great, for someone that has just given birth. Yes she had some extra weight but unless you are one of these celebrities that probably have liposuction 5 minutes after birth you are going to look a little heavy for quite some time!

Someone close to me came into my shop (I won’t say names) and congratulated this woman on her pregnancy and asked her how far she was. I was mortified!

If I see a chubby woman with a new baby with her I know very well that she is still carrying her pregnancy weight.

Have you ever congratulated someone on being pregnant when they weren’t? How may times have you been congratulated on being “pregnant” and how have you dealt with it?


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  1. Lol!!!
    Im too scared to say anything until the person mention that she pregnant…
    Or hopefully you see it on facebook before you see her in public.

    • Yes exactly Marisca… how many chubby women are around that just have not lost that extra bit after kids? Well most women I know actually. It is just too risky to warrant upsetting people!

  2. I was like “baby number 3”? And she said for who? And I said for you. She was like “I’m not pregnant” in a surprising way. And I said oh sorry I thought you are??

  3. I just had a baby in November and still look like I’m pregnant. *still trying to lose baby fat but breastfeeding* I work as a cashier, so people look at me in my belly thinking that I might be pregnant again. I tell them I’m not. Its weird

    • Lynne Huysamen

      Well @wendz my youngest is now 3 years old and the congratulations are still rolling in! Try not to take it to heart and just be grateful for your beautiful baby!!

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