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9 Smart Ideas For Online Income For Stay At Home Moms

In today’s economy, having multiple sources of income is not only easy but also necessary. Acknowledging the hustle in the present time, you can consider looking for activities that give you a passive income. Passive income is the money earned through a variety of ventures that require minimal effort. Whether you are a homemaker or a stay at home mom, it is always a good choice to have a passive income. You can make money using your skills, your hobbies or by simply doing something new that interests you.

Here is a list of 9 smart ideas to earn some more money from the comfort of your home!
9 Smart Ideas for Online Income for Stay At Home Moms

  • World of Apps

You don’t have to be a major in coding to create an app or a website. With all the information available today and a little effort to learn the basics, you can start creating apps and websites for clients. And to acquire the skills required, you could sign up for lessons on web development, take coding tests, refer to books and videos on the internet and create the interface your clients are looking for.

As a beginner, it is very helpful to be an app/website tester. As a tester, you need to only provide your feedback for the interface to be updated and made customer-friendly. By doing this, you will also get to understand the user end of what you will create in the future.

  • Writing

There is an increasing demand for content development. If you can put your thoughts to words that send the message across, you are already qualified! Additional courses and experience will come handy and will make it easier for you to deliver better content, which is sure to increase your passive income. Freelance writing can be branched out into various other types. For example, you can start as a ghost-writer, write blogs, and do editing/proofreading. All these tasks will polish your language and understanding of what the world is looking for.

  • Social Media is still the game

For the last couple of years, social media marketing has been the hype. And it continues to be so. If you are creative with how you put your information across and can grab the attention of people scrolling past on their news feeds, then you should try putting these skills to create innovative social media content for businesses. From social media marketing, we can now shift focus to social media management as well, where you are required to juggle around varies platforms. With knowledge about the current trend and familiarity with automation programs, you can step up a level on social media.

  • How rich are you?

If you like organizing and making the perfect plan, you could try bookkeeping or being a personal financial advisor, who keeps track of income and expenses, makes deposits, accesses bills and makes reports. You will need to know the financial market to be able to help your clients better as an advisor.

  • Creative cup

Have you always had an eye for how beautiful some things look on the internet? If you can create them, then you would love to be a graphic designer. A firm understanding of Photoshop and illustrator is required to create stunning visuals for bloggers and small businesses. Many entrepreneurs look for a helping hand to curate the best graphics. This is a platform which will let you be at the peak of your creativity and give you a good amount of money. Apart from being a graphic designer, with the skillset, you could also design logos and provide branding services.

Doing paperwork

  • Electronic books?

With the current marketing trend to reach customers in the most creatively and interestingly way, eBooks have come to existence. A lot of online businesses need eBooks for their lead magnet (a freebie they offer in exchange for an email) and will seek out a writer. And since these are big projects, you can expect to be paid accordingly. These projects will need the writer to invest some time for research on the relative topic.

  • How many languages do you know?

If you are bi or multilingual, then you are luckier than more than 70% of people on this planet. You can look for freelance translation jobs that pay by the number of words translated. As a translator, you’ll need to know the nuances between languages and may have to come up with alternative ways to say a phrase in a new language. Many companies and businesses need their content to be translated into multiple languages so that they can reach out to a wide range of audience. A few languages in demand are Chinese, French, and Japanese. However, familiarity with your local languages can also bring you a sufficient number of projects.

  • Let’s pass on some knowledge

Thanks to the advantages of technology, people don’t have to travel a distance to find a tutor anymore. Everyone just looks online. That’s right!

Online tutor jobs are a great option if you enjoy teaching. You could start your own tutor service or join an existing platform that promises a variety of classes for people. However, you will require a degree or a good amount of knowledge and experience. Personal tutors are also paid well.

  • Capture the moment

Photography has been an art that has swept the world. With a good camera, a keen eye for detail and basic editing skills, you could capture images that are required by many bloggers.

As the people in this world grow to like aesthetics, you will continue to get more opportunities to be creative and make the world look at things the way you see it.

These were a few ideas to tell you that anything is possible. If none of these jobs seems to fit your interest, then my word of advice would be that you can always turn your passion into a source of income. Again, we live in an era where everything is in our reach because of the widespread use of internet. And all that is available is the result of someone sitting (home/office) and creating or managing everything for you. So, go ahead and make use of the internet the right way.

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  1. Lutfiyya Nicholson

    These are actually good ideas of making money

  2. Being a mom can be tough,theres no time to go look for a job.Staying at home and getting money will be supper cool

    • Shaleen yes it is really tough and there are always so many expenses when you have kids. Making money from home is the ultimate way to earn if you are a mom!

  3. Great ideas! Definitely going to look into some of these ideas. I’m a working mom but an extra income on the side to increase my savings for my children’s education would be awesome.

    • Extra income is always great, especially when you have kids. There are always extra expenses!

      • Patricia von Meyer

        These are really great ideas. I am a single mommy and extra income is always welcome. I find the idea of becoming an app or website tester really interesting.

      • It is a fun way to earn extra income Patricia 🙂 And it is easy enough to do!

  4. Jolandie de Waal

    I would like to find out which opportunities are ranked as most successful, I am an agent for a few businesses but people don’t really have money for these luxuries so business are going slow. I am registered with BrandHubb where you make MeBucks 1 MeBuck = 1Rand and you can make as much as you want it all depends on the time you put in, trick is you can only spend it on their brands but they have some amazing items U couldn’t afford with my salary, but I still need extra cash! I will give these a go and also the surveys you were posting about on the page!

    • Jolandie what I always recommend moms try is exactly what I do – blogging! It really is an amazing way to make money once you know what you are doing. The best part is that you can make money in your own time and start making some passive income. Like now while it is school holidays I tone down my work schedule during the day to make time for activities and outings with the kids and I work more at night. If you want to learn how to blog then I highly recommend you check out this website. You can register for free and start some of their free training to get an idea of the level of training but I recommend you go for the paid account which will take you by the hand with step by step training. You will learn as you set up your blog and over time be able to build a long term sustainable business. I’ve been a member there since 2015.

  5. Geraldine Lokchander

    very interesting

  6. Very interesting article and very good ways to make money one must just put in the extra effort

  7. I’m a stay at home mom and this was what I needed to read! Thank you

  8. I love this

  9. Cheron Hercules

    Wonderful. I am a stay at home mom I can do with an extra income .

  10. Great,wonderful ideas to make extra cash,and I can do with some extra cash…thanks

  11. Thank you for sharing,l love this

  12. Thank you so much

  13. i love all your tips lynne, so glad i follow you to learn new ways of earning income from the comfort of my own home

  14. Really good ideas. Thank you

  15. Wonderful thank you for sharing.
    After working at a company and then being a stay at home mom it is very helpful to find ways to get some income

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