9 Helpful Tips For Residential Garage Door Maintenance

People often overlook garage door maintenance, but it is recommended to do an inspection and maintenance at least twice-yearly to ensure your garage door system stays in an optimal working condition and to save you money on repair bills.

List Of Helpful Suggestions To Follow When It Comes To Residential Garage Door Maintenance

1.) Pay Attention To Details

Usually, when a garage door is starting to show signs of wear and tear or malfunctioning, it will make scraping or grating sounds, and it will not move as smoothly as before. Be on the lookout for jerky movements and it is advisable to check the pulleys, cables, and springs to make sure they are symmetrical and in good working order.

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2.) Check The Tracks

Always check the tracks to ensure they don’t have rust or debris on them that may cause constrictions when the doors are operational and can cause malfunctioning.

3.) Check Hardware

With the frequent use of garage doors, the vibrations and motions can loosen hardware such as bolts. Check the brackets which are supporting the door tracks and other sections for possible loose hardware and make sure you tighten them with a socket wrench.

4.) Inspection Of The Rollers

Residential garage doors Perth must be inspected twice-yearly for any chipped, worn or cracked rollers that may need replacement, except for the bottom rollers that are attached to cables.

5.) Cables And Pulleys

Homeowners must avoid touching the cables or springs as it can be hazardous. Regular checking of the cabling and pulleys for signs of wear and tear (broken strands on the cabling or other damages) can be done, and an experienced garage door repairer is contacted in case of any problems found.

6.) Moving Parts

By keeping running parts and rollers lubricated can significantly lower strain on the door opener and rollers and can prolong the life expectancy of these parts.


7.) Testing Auto-Reverse Features & Door Balance

Most new automatic garage door openers have an auto-reverse function. This function ensures that the door stops and starts reversing when it hits a person or object before reaching the ground. Always ensure that this function is in working condition.

A garage door’s springs must adequately balance the door otherwise the door opener has to work twice as hard, and the springs will have to be replaced eventually by a qualified garage door repair company.

8.) Weatherstripping

Check the weatherstripping at least twice-yearly to make sure it is not worn out. It is recommended to have the stripping in excellent condition as it helps to keep dust, dirt and cold from coming in.

9.) Keep The Garage Door Cleaned

When you do your inspection, remember to check the door itself.

Steel doors must be checked for any signs of rust. If any rust spots are found, the door needs to be sanded, and primer and paint need to be applied to prevent further damage.

Fiberglass doors require washing with an all-purpose cleaner.

Wooden doors must be checked for water damages or warping. Chipped or peeling paint must be removed, and the door will have to be sanded and repainted.

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