Ways to predict the gender of your baby

8 Ways to Predict The Gender of Your Baby

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If you’re as anxious as I was to find out the gender of your unborn baby you might find yourself searching everything and anything online regarding gender predictions.  Its funny how much you learn on this crazy topic when prior to being pregnant I didn’t know they existed! Below are the most talked about and widely tried and tested theories, although they are fun techniques some are actually proven and may encourage that gut feeling you have!

8 ways to predict the gender of your baby pin

Gender Prediction with Nub Theory

Nub theory is also referred to the “angle of dangle”. Before 15 weeks of gestation, both sexes have genital tubercles. It is possible to determine the gender of the unborn baby between 12-14 weeks of gestation by careful analysis of the shape and angle of the nub. The ultrasound scan must be viewed in the profile mode, to enable viewing of the spine and the relationship of the nub to the spine.

Gender Prediction with Ramzi Method / Ramzi Theory

According to original research conducted by Dr. Saad Ramzi Ismaal which involved over 5,000 fetal ultrasound scans, fetus gender can be accurately determined as early as six weeks gestation based on the position of the placenta. It was found that 97.2% of the male fetuses had their placenta attached to the right side of the mother’s uterus while 97.5% of female fetuses were positioned to the left side of the uterus.

Gender Prediction with the Skull Theory

The Skull Theory is another excellent way to predict gender by you at home before any gender scans which are usually around the 15 weeks stage. Many mums-to-be claim it has a 92% accuracy rating, however no study has been found to back this up.  The theory is male and female skull shapes can be visible on a baby scan.  Genderprediction.co.uk/the-skull-theory have a good image to support this theory along with the visible differences, such as the male skull forehead slopes further back than the female skull, another difference is the male skull looks more block like rather than tapered and round at the top.

Gender Prediction and the mothers Blood Pressure

A recent study has found this theory to be pretty accurate; the study found that a woman’s blood pressure before conceiving is directly linked to the likelihood of giving birth to either a girl or a boy. Doctors found that would be mothers with lower blood pressure found to conceive a girl and those with higher blood pressure had a higher rate of expecting a boy. Those who had a baby girl average systolic blood pressure of 103.3mmHg before they conceived, while those who carried boys the figure was 106, 2.6% higher.

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Gender Prediction with the Chinese Calendar Chart

One of the most popular gender predictors on the Internet is the The Chinese Calendar Chart is approx. 700 years old and if used correctly has an accuracy rating of over 90%. The gender of the baby is predicted based on the month of conception and the mother’s birthday as expressed in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. 90% seems like a big statement but many mothers to be who have tried this theory swear by the accuracy.

Gender Prediction with the Cabbage Test

The Cabbage Test has an accuracy of at least 55%, and most accurate prior to 10 weeks pregnant. When there can only be two outcomes it seems crazy that this test is even used! That being said you only need to Google this test to see many who try it to this day.  Basically the mothers pH found in her urine either clashes or does nothing with the cabbage water (chop red cabbage and place in 450ml of boiling water, 10 minutes of simmering then pour an equal amount of the cabbage water into a glass and then add the same amount of urine), if the colour goes red /pink then this indicates a boy is on his way, and purple indicates a girl.  Worth noting, that the morning urine is the most strongest to be used for this fun test.

Gender Prediction with Baking Powder Test

This is another wacky test that can be found on most old wives tales baby sites. The test itself is simple enough. Basically scoop a tablespoon or two of baking soda/powder into a glass, and then pour in your urine. The combination should do one of two things, if the combination fizzes like a fizzy drink that has been shook up this suggests you are having a boy. The other combination is no reaction at all from the mix this will indicate a girl. The science behind this suggests the gender of the baby affects the mother’s hormones within the body and changes the acid content within the urine.

Gender Prediction with an Ultrasound Scan

Arguably the most accurate way to determine the gender of your unborn baby is with the use of the scan.  Although gender scans can be done as early as 15 weeks many expectant mothers usually wait until their 20-week scan.  The accuracy rating is much higher nearer to the 20 weeks hence many waiting until then.  For the mothers who cant wait Gender Prediction allow you to upload your baby scan from 6-14 weeks gestation and will use either of the Nub, Ramzi or Skull theory to help determine your baby’s gender.

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  1. Chinese calendar chart works for me , its says a boy and when i go for scaner truely it was a boy.

  2. This is an interesting article, but I am sure that some of these ‘tests’ are only superstition.

  3. I was told by my doctor that craving for sweet things and starchy foods usually indicates that you are expecting a girl. It has something to do with the excess estrogen. You also tend to be more emotional when expecting girls as to boys. I carried my first daughter very high and the second one very low so there was a difference in the way I carried although they were both girls.

  4. Betsie Labuschagne

    Another superstition I have heard was that if you have had serious heartburn during pregnancy, the baby will be born with a head full of hair.

    Mine was just the opposite – no heartburn and she was born with a head full of hair!

  5. Wow I think some how a mother knows I knew I was expecting a boy even though the scan didn’t reveal and for my 2nd time I just sensed it was a girl but 3rd time round I wanted a boy so much and this old lady did this thing where she throws the beans and she told me it’s a girl I disagreed and she did it again and said it’s a girl surprise I have a girl and owed her a chocolate cake this lady did this for many woman and it was always correct

  6. When I was pregnant I wanted my baby to be a surprise but along the way I was told you can tell by my stomach and nose if its a boy or girl… So If your tummy is high its a girl and low a boy, If you look extremely beautiful and your nose dose not swell its a boy and if you have pimples on your face and your nose swells then its a girl…. Oh and best one If girl babies like you its a boy if they dont its a girl and vice versa

    So I spent my pregnancy with everyone guessing by my body LOL

  7. My baby was a surprise on its own, my gynaecologist told I’m having a girl when my baby was born my bundle was a boy

  8. I love all these predictions and everyone telling you what gender you are going to have even before you know yourself. It is always wonderful to guess what the gender would be and then get a huge surprise when you go to the doctor. ?

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