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8 Dental Care Tips For Keeping Your Children’s Teeth Healthy

The ultimate goal of incorporating dental care for your children from a young age is to keep their teeth cavity free. Dental care is not just about having a sparkling bright smile, but dental disease that is left untreated can affect your child’s ability to eat, function and sleep well at home and school. A dental decay issue can compromise your kid’s self-esteem and subsequently his social development. In this post we will be sharing dental care tips for children given by Frank Roach dentist.

Be a role model to your kids

Children typically imitates the people closest to them, therefore be a good example for them. If you practice excellent oral health habits, they will follow suit. Make it a fun exercise while brushing and flossing with your children, instead of just ordering them to go and do it. Avoid making oral healthcare a chore, instead make it something that is part of their daily routine.

Teaching them from a young age

For children younger than three years old, teach them how to use a tiny amount of toothpaste. Once they can spit, instead of swallowing the toothpaste, they can start using a pea-size amount. Once they are older and their teeth are touching against each other, they can start flossing and rinsing with mouthwash.

Do not neglect dental appointments

Make a point of visiting your child’s dentist at least twice a year. Stick to your appointments and do not make a big deal out of it. Show them that dental appointments are part of your normal routine. A child’s first dental appointment should be within six months of their first birthday or after they had their first tooth. After that, appointments must be scheduled twice-yearly.

Re-assure them before going to the dentist

Prepare your children before their first dental appointment and give them an idea of what to expect. During the consultation, speak to your dentist about any concerns that you might have regarding thumb sucking, mouth guards, crowding or losing teeth. 

Make healthy foods

Steer clear from sugary foods and drinks which is generally good for overall health too. Sugar is the number one cause of tooth decay.

Healthy Food

Teach them the importance of brushing teeth

The rule of thumb is brushing twice every day for at least two minutes, however, this is not always achievable. Try to reach all teeth surfaces when you brush and do it for long enough to remove all signs of plaque.

Include dental care into your reward system

For example, allow your children to choose their own fun toothbrush and think about making a goal chart, so that you can track their progress on a particular goal that results in a reward, like a toy or going to the movies.

Avoid sharing germs

Avoid sharing sippy cups, pacifiers, utensils, bottles, or any other items that kids generally share with others, including yourself. Mouth bacteria can be transferred to others and is not healthy. Sanitize all your baby items to avoid bacterial infections like thrush.

Healthy dental care goals for children

Essentially the goal of promoting dental care from a young age, is to build a foundation for your entire household to maintain healthy teeth from early on. Follow these tips mentioned above to jumpstart lifetime habits.

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