sooth crying baby
Soothe Crying Baby

7 Ways to Soothe a Crying Baby

Not knowing what to do to soothe a crying baby can be incredibly frustrating and distressing, so try out these tips:

1. Swaddling

Wrapping baby up can give them a sense of security as it mirrors the pressure they once felt within the uterus. It can also reduce the little jerks they do which can startle and disturb their sleep.

Here’s how to swaddle your baby.

2. Shushing

This imitates the continuous wooshing sound they heard in the womb. White noise can also help (sounds such as the vacuum cleaner or fan)

3. Patting

Pat baby’s back or bum

4. Being held

Put baby in a sling and keep baby close to your body. A small baby needs physical closeness and hearing your heart beat can be very soothing

5. Sucking

The need to suck is very strong. Giving baby the breast, a clean finger or a dummy can be very soothing.

6. Massage

The warm touch of your hands can console your baby instantly

7. Bath

A warm bath may soothe and calm your baby

There are many home remedies that moms try such as Rooilavental for babies, just make sure to properly research these methods before trying them out.

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  1. I tried swaddling my daughter when she was a newborn but she freaked out, she really hates any type of restriction. The best way i found to soothe her was a warm bath before bedtime and then fall asleep on mommy or daddy’s chest.

  2. LOL Stephanie sometimes they fight the swaddle! Both my babies also fought as soon as I swaddled them, but after a minutes they calmed down and relaxed beautifully. Then when they got older they kept escaping out the swaddle 🙂

  3. i really like it because with babys u try everything when they cry and then its just something small like they want to behold or getting cold and this helps to try difrent things

  4. I found swaddling and shushing worked for me, I even downloaded a white noise track and it worked amazing for the first couple of month. But now he’s hit almost 6 months, these things don’t work so well anymore! All he wants now is to be in the arms and to be walked around!

  5. Lauren what drives me crazy with sleep and routine issues, is that every time I think ok I’ve got this everything changes! Suddenly baby goes from needing 3 naps to needing 2 and then have to get the new routine figured out, or a method to soothe that has always been successful suddenly just doesn’t work at all and have to find another way. Well I can’t say my life is boring 🙂

  6. I have to sing travelin soldier from dixie chicks all the time..its the only way she will sleep is when Im singing that my husband tried to get her asleep to play to song in hid phone..and she sadly turned her head around to the phone to see if she can see me…I was heartbroken and said never will I do that now Im singing it and the whole

    • Valerie I know what you mean, I struggled so much when my children cried when they were babies. It was heart breaking. At least now that they are older I can ask them what the matter is.

  7. Very helpfull Lynne dummy work for me and wrap up my boy and hold him sometime nothing wants to work in this heat then i wipe him down till bath time he enjoy that and instantly calm again.

    • Lisa yes swaddling worked wonders for my babies. My son especially just loved being wrapped up in a blanket. And yes the heat doesn’t help at all, it is not easy swaddling a baby when it is so hot!

  8. All of this is so true. the pat on the back or bum always worked with my kids. still to today whenever they feel unhapoy they absolutely love me patting their backs. did the shhhh as well, in a soothing rhythm. it worked wonders

  9. We still do this and it still helps thank you ?

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