Ways to make your home warm and cosy this winter

7 Ways to Make Your Home Warm and Cozy As Winter Hits The US

When the summer time in the US finally ends and winter heads in with much colder temperatures, you definitely want to keep some of that heat around. There’s nothing worse than shivering your way through winter because you didn’t take the proper precautions in preparing for cold temperatures. All you have to do is put some thought into preparing your home for winter and you are going to be warm and cozy throughout all of those cold months. Just keep reading down below to learn more about the top ways to keep your home warm all winter.

  1. Order Plenty of Firewood to Heat Up Your Home

If you have a wood-powered furnace in your home or a fireplace that you haven’t used in a while, then it’s time to get prepped with some high-quality firewood. You want to ensure that you get firewood that’s been seasoned for about a year for the best fires. You can easily ask around your community and with your family or friends to see where the best place to get firewood is. When you know where to get the best firewood, you can keep going back to that place every winter to keep your home warm.

  1. Seal Your Masonry and Plug Any Holes

One of the main reasons why you might not be keeping as warm as you could be this winter is if you have any holes or cracks throughout your home. Especially if you are living in an older home, you might have cracks in the weatherproofing of your doors and windows. This lets cold air in and will release any of the warm air that you’ve tried to build up inside. Make sure to plug any of these holes to ensure you’re not losing any efficiency in your home.

  1. Get Your Chimney Cleaned Out

One of the biggest heating and ventilation inefficiencies that you might have in your home is not having your chimney properly cleaned. When you don’t do this, then you are not going to have proper heating going through your house when you light a fire. Make sure that you hire a chimney sweep who can come and clean out your chimney if you want to have a cozy house.

  1. Make Sure to Replace the Filters on Your Furnace

It’s been shown that tons of inefficiency in your heating system can come from not cleaning out your filters on your furnace. You really need to make sure that you have replaced those filters on your furnace before winter comes around and keep doing it on a regular basis. This is going to ensure that the warm air coming and getting pumped through your home is coming out as efficiently as possible.

  1. Clean Up the Mess Around Your Furnace to Ensure It’s Running Efficiently

When you have a furnace, you might be tempted to just let things clutter up around it. However, this is not only a fire hazard, but this is going to make your furnace run a lot less efficiently. Make sure that you get rid of any boxes or other clutter around the furnace before winter comes around

Cosy blankets

  1. Invest in Some High-Quality Blankets and Pillows

What better way to make your home warm and cozy than having tons of blankets and pillows around? Head out to the store and get some really warm blankets to lay around the house and pillows to cuddle up with.

  1. Reverse the Direction of Your Fans

When you have heating running throughout your home, it’s easy for the heat to get trapped at the ceiling. That’s because warm air rises. You can easily improve the circulation of the warm air throughout your house by reversing the direction of your fans. This is going to bring that warm air down to the bottom and make your home that much more cozy and warm.

Each of these points are the best ways that you can make your home warm and cozy this winter. Which one are you going to work on first?


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