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7 Ways To Create The Best Breastfeeding Environment At Home

If you plan on breastfeeding your baby you need to start preparing yourself mentally and physically for it. Breastfeeding does not come naturally to all women, in fact a lot of women struggle with breastfeeding successfully. Of course there are many places to look for breastfeeding tips.

There are many things that you can do to make breastfeeding a little easier for yourself and one thing is to prepare a place in your home to breastfeed your baby. Having a special place that is peaceful, relaxing and comfortable for mom and baby will make the process a lot easier.

Here are some ways to create the best breastfeeding environment at home for mommy and baby:

7 Ways To Create The Best Breastfeeding Environment At Home

Peaceful and Quiet

You want to create a nursing space that peaceful and quiet for you and baby. Any place that has lots of hustle and bustle from the household won’t really be ideal so try to avoid a place that has a lot of foot traffic or areas where there is a lot of activity, especially if you have other children.

The baby nursery or your bedroom is ideal since you can close the door and keep the noise out, but any other room that is quiet and private will work well.

Fresh Clean Air

Before your baby is born ensure your home is safe and clean, and that air quality is free from pollutants and allergens. Your baby nursery and the area where you breastfeed should have clean, fresh air but it should not be cold. If you can open up some windows that will be great, however it may make the room too cold. You can also make sure that you have some houseplants close by to refresh the air. You could also make use of an air purifier.

Soft Lighting

Your baby will be most relaxed when there is no bright light and so will you, make sure that you can dim the room nicely by closing the curtains or blinds.

Have a night light or a small lamp that you can turn on at night rather than the bright overhead light.

Comfortable Place To Sit

You will need somewhere that is comfortable to sit or lie while you breastfeed.  You may like a comfortable chair or rocking chair, or perhaps you will choose to lie with your baby on the bed. You may like to change positions often and sometimes nurse while sitting and other times lying down.

Make sure any chair or couch you choose will support your back properly and have armrests to help you to support your baby.

Breastfeeding baby in nursery

Have A Side Table

Nursing is going to be quite time consuming and you will need some things close to hand. Make sure you have a side table next to where you will breastfeed and ensure that there is a power point close by.

You may want to drink something while you are feeding, or read a book for example. You will also need a place to keep your burp cloth and your breast pump. If your pump is electric you will need the power point. You may also want to lay some soft music or white noise while breastfeeding so make sure you have a way to play music close by.

Pillows and Blankets

You are going to want to get cosy with your baby. Nursing is a great bonding experience for mom and baby so make sure that you are both warm and comfortable.

Make sure you have a breastfeeding pillow and other pillows on hand – it is very important that you have proper support for your back and arms while breastfeeding. Make use of pillows on your lap, under your arms, behind your back or wherever else you need them to make sure you are properly supported so you can relax while breastfeeding.

Other Handy Breastfeeding Goodies

There are many great breastfeeding products out there and you will probably be making use of a good few of them. Make sure that all the things you need for your nursing sessions are close on hand – nipple shields, nipple cream, nursing pillows and more.

You will also need some blankets for your baby for swaddling and maybe a pacifier for after you have finished nursing. Have a convenient place to store all of these items close on hand. There is nothing worse then starting to nurse and realising you need something on the other side of the room!

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  1. These are great tips, thanks.

    I have heard one other tip that seems sensible: some mothers like to introduce a small comfort item while breastfeeding at home, simply because, it may not always be possible to breastfeed at home. A familiar comfort item, like a blanket or a small safe soft toy, that is used for feeding association could help baby settle when breastfeeding in an unfamiliar place like a mall, someone else’s home, or a clinic reception area. It helps to have at least *something* familiar.

  2. Love this, great tips

  3. Could it be that I was sometimes struggling to feed because of the environment?

    • Very likely Kamo! My daughter was incredibly sensitive to her environment when feeding. My son however would feed anywhere and any time.

  4. Reading this as I’m breastfeeding my new born.
    I do wish I had a comfy spot to sit and bf. Would love to have one of those comfy chairs and then sit in her room to bf, especially with the pain of the c-section.

  5. Lovely thank you. I know my breast feeding pillow helped quite alot

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