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7 Top Reasons Why Students Should Consider Attending A Christian College

Christian colleges are a popular choice for parents when they are considering suitable schools for their children.

Joining a Christian college is more than just learning different subjects and obtaining the highest grades possible. It’s about sharing experiences with a community of like-minded people including learning about ancient scriptures.

Helpful List with Top Benefits Associated with Attending a Christian College:

  1. Strengthening your Connection with God

Connecting with God on a much deeper level by taking advantage of all the opportunities these places offer such as classes, churches and religious guidance from spiritual advisors and guidance officers.

  1. Comprehensive Lesson Plans

Most of the lessons are given in the same context or will have a recurring theme. The timetables and lessons are adequately constructed and refined, providing students with a lesson plan that will offer them maximum opportunities for their futures.


  1. College Fees & Fundraising Campaigns

Christian colleges are often more affordable than secular colleges.

Parents and students can enjoy a percentage discount if they pay the annual college fees upfront before the due date, plus sibling discount is (applicable to the tuition portion) of yearly fees payable.

Fundraising campaigns are often initiated by Christian colleges to raise money, enabling them to provide much needed financial assistance to students, children or young adults by subsidizing student fees.

  1. Health & Safety

These institutions have a health and safety plan in place to prevent injuries and to ensure that students, workers and all parties involved are working and studying in a healthy and safe environment.

Kingsway Christian College is among the best Christian schools in Perth, keeping the safety of all members of the College community a top priority.

  1. College Satisfaction Ratio

Research provided through ratings of several facilities showed that Christian colleges had a higher rating when it came to overall satisfaction.

Colleges are rated on issues such as rigor, quality of staff, on-site personnel and the quality of educational resources.

Attending A Christian College

  1. Added Amenities

These Colleges offer resources such as a health care center and canteen to provide students with nutritional meals and access to professional healthcare.

  1. Christ-honoring Activities

Both Christian and secular colleges have similar social activities such as dance parties or themed movie nights, but the difference being, Christian colleges have restrictions on drinking, smoking, and sexual activity and provide single-sex dorms to avoid the temptations that students are faced with when going to a secular college.

Christian colleges offer volunteer opportunities, mission trips, internships and study abroad programs to promote culture engagement and community involvement.


Many high school students find it an overwhelming and challenging task to choose between colleges. Scholarships, tuition fees, teachers and counselors are just some of the information one needs to consider a tertiary education facility.

For Christian students, it is possible to grow their faith in a secular institution, but the range of benefits of attending a Christian college is certainly worth taking into consideration.

College is an exciting phase in a person’s life. A time of growth change and development and a chapter in their life that will leave a lasting impact.

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