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7 Tips for First Time Traveling to India with Kids

Traveling to India is mostly associated with Taj Mahal but being a foreigner and avid traveler, I know that India has a lot more than just Taj Mahal. This country has everything which a traveler loves. You can find peace here in some parts of Rishikesh and Sarnath; you can see snow-covered Skyscraper Mountains in the Himalayas and expansive deserts in Rajasthan. So, if visiting India is not in your bucket list yet, then you should be adding it right away. And if you are planning to visit this beautiful country then here we have some piece of advice for you.

 Traveling to India with Kids

India is a crowded country, so thinking about traveling to India with kids may raise your eyebrows, but practically it’s not that difficult. Here we have seven tips for first-time travelers to enjoy their stay in this awesome country with kids.

1. Planning for the Trip

Once you made your mind to visit the best tourist places in India, the first thing you need to do is to vaccinate your kid. This vaccination can prevent the kid from diseases like chicken pox, Hepatitis, Tetanus, and Typhoid.

2. Choose the Mode of Transport Wisely

Traveling in India with your kids, the train is the best mode of transport to explore India and same we would suggest you. To visit hill stations like Dharamshala, the train is the best option. But if you are traveling for not so long distance with kids then hire a taxi or private car with driver. This would be an affordable and time-saving option for you. For a longer traveling plan through the car, get a car seat installed in it. The car seat is not very common in India so tell your cabbie in advance about it. You may carry your own car seat as well. If you are thinking to visit someplace by bus, then drop this idea immediately. The bus is a cheap mode of transport but it’s mostly overcrowded and not in very good condition, so avoid it.

3. Sanitizers are a Must

Dust is everywhere in India except shopping malls and hotels. So, be prepared to face it because you cannot escape from it. You need to be extra cautious about the dust when you are with kids as you can’t stop them from touching something. So keep a sanitizer handy and ask your children to wash their hands before any meal. You need to take some extra care of your hygiene. Drinking tap water is a Big NO in India. Always keep some extra bottles of mineral water with you.

4. Be Choosy with Accommodation

You need to be really picky about the accommodation in India. In India, parents sleep with their kids so you may not get some extra bed in all the hotels. I would suggest you pick the high-class hotels as they have spacious room and your child can play easily there. Having 24 hours of medical facility will be an advantage.

5. Learn to Say No

All the cities and travel places in India, are full of people and believe me that these people will not only look at you, but they will also actually stare at you. You can be asked for a selfie many times, and a few people may want to be clicked with your kid. Now it’s up to you if you like it then its fine but if it makes you and your kid uncomfortable then politely say ‘NO.’ Prepare your kid in advanced to say ‘NO’ for selfies and photos.

6. Book the Train Tickets in Advance

Train tickets get booked in India with supersonic speed, so you need to be really fast in train tickets booking. Tickets for your chosen destinations are not always available. So, book your tickets faster and make a choice between first class and second class. First class coaches in Indian trains are very comfortable, but you need to pay accordingly. Second class seats are also fine and that too at a reasonable rate.

7. Be Picky with Restaurants

Indians love spices, and all their meals are packed with different spices. Eating Indian curries may be a food experiment for you, but your kids may not like it at all. So, you need to be very picky about the eating place. You can choose omelet and rice as options of food for your kids. Subway and McDonalds can be found easily in India, and they can offer you less spicy food. But if you search around, you will find some restaurants where continental food is also available. The continental food is now available at almost all the travel places in India.

The unparalleled diversity of landscape and culture make India a must visit the country. You can enjoy your visit to India with kids as well. Munnar, Dharamshala, Sikkim, and Goa are among the most beautiful travel destination to visit with kids.

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