Hot new toys for kids

7 Hot New Toys for Kids

Our kids are getting smarter and more creative every year so their toys need to develop along with them. The list of hot new toys for this year looks much different than it would if we were creating this list back in the 90’s or even early 2000’s. Children are also becoming more and more involved with technology than they ever have so this list has a combination of toys they’ll enjoy and toys we think parents will enjoy seeing them use.

These toys are also great for adults looking to add a little fun to their lives so no matter the age, these products are hot this year! Check out these new toys for kids they are sure to fall in love with.

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Fingerlings are adorable little finger friends. Perfect for boys and girls of all ages, these toys are tiny robot monkeys that respond to sound, motion, and touch. They interact with children by making monkey noises, blowing kisses, and hanging upside down with their tails. They make the perfect companion for kids and are number one on our list of the hottest toys this year. Who wouldn’t want a little friend to accompany you wherever you go? They come in a variety of colors and teach children how to care for something without the stress of adopting a real furry friend. Because no matter how much the kids say they’ll take care of the pet, it really ends up being the responsibility of the adult to watch over the little guy. Free of maintenance and stress, be sure to check them out today!

VR Headsets

Virtual reality was once thought of as pure craziness and futuristic science and has quickly become one of the hottest trends of the year. By slipping on the headset, you are transported into an alternate world. Virtual reality will allow your children to become more involved in their favorite games. They can play as their favorite characters or enter into their favorite reality world all at the touch of a button. Users can pick up a sword and swing at their enemies in battle while never entering any real danger. VR headsets have been made to accompany any device, whether it’s your smart phone or your gaming console. Prepare to pay a pretty penny for one of these but the benefits are unlimited and provide a more elite level of gaming that traditional consoles just can’t touch.

The Fidget Cube

Let’s be honest, the Fidget Spinner craze came and went before any of us really knew what was going on. But the principle behind it was genius. Just as kids are becoming more technologically advanced, their attention spans are becoming shorter due to constant stimulation. So having something to occupy their hands will allow them to focus on the task at hand. During study time or while reading, students can keep their minds on what’s important even if distracted or unmotivated. This is where the Fidget Cube becomes much better than the spinner. With the spinner, you are forced into only a few option of spinning it one way or another. With this cube, you have almost the same amount of choices as you did with Bop It. You can press buttons, flip a switch, turn nobs, you name it. This toy also helps while trying to break habits by keeping your hands busy so they don’t tend to pick up the old habit. Endless fun and assistance for all ages!

Fidget cube

Speak Out board game

Yes we know board games are becoming less fun for children. Which is why this new board game is unlike the traditional board games where we use to yell sorry when we really weren’t sorry. This game uses plastic mouthpieces inserted by players in order to read phrases listed on the cards provided. This game provides hours of entertainment because the plastic forces your mouth into silly shapes that cannot pronounce sounds like they would be naturally. You work in teams and one person must pronounce the words while the other tries to guess the phrase in order to win the card. An added challenge to the game is done by the timer, which forces a sense of urgency to guess your best. The team with the most cards wins! But with this card game, everyone wins while laughing all in good fun at each other’s expense.

Nerf Guns

Nerf guns are not a new toy by any means but boy have they evolved into the machines they are now. They are safe for children because they are foam dart guns that only have such a far range and power of shooting. Originally created in 1970, the Nerf empire has grown into the toy giant it is today. Kids everywhere love blasting each other with these safe and fun to use guns. In recent years, these guns have gotten a bit more intense due to replicating assault rifles and shotguns. They even have a water blaster line to up the ante and your laundry load. A fun game for the family is to gift everyone Nerf Guns during the holiday season and watch the family erupt in laughter and kick into battle mode as they hit each other with these darts. Plus once you purchase the gun, all you need is the darts which are pretty cheap to replace when they get lost under the couch.

PS4 Pro

We would be silly to ignore the gaming console craze that has occurred for past decades. It seems like every holiday season there is a new gaming system that kids must have or they’ll just die. This year’s is the PS4 Pro which is a level up from the PS4. When choosing a gaming system, it’s critical to determine between Playstation and Xbox. Depending on how you like to interact with the game and what features on your controller you’d like, you’ll decide between one or the other. We’ve picked the PS4 and therefore had to include the PS4 Pro on this list. Some hot new features to mention that make it worth the upgrade are the 4K streaming capabilities and auto upscaling to 4K resolution, which make for high quality graphics for your games and movies that are better than ever. All PS4 games will operate on this system and work better than originally programed with this upgraded system. With literally thousands of games to choose from, the hours of entertainment never end. Since they also double to play movies, enjoy a night in with the family on the couch and spend some quality time together watching your favorite or newly released films.


STEM toys stand for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math and are increasingly popular with parents. While the subjects aren’t anything to write home to, kids don’t realize they are learning while playing. They are both educational and joyful and help promote interest in these areas of study so that hopefully children will take more of an interest in them. GloFX specializes in scientific LED STEM toys like the brightest LED Orbits .  According to their engineer, Orbits work when the user creates tension in the string by pulling outward and spinning the orbit in circles. Once the tension is built up enough, the user releases the tension in the string by moving their arms inward from the circular spinning motion of the orbit. This is caused by spinning it in circles as well as the mass of the orbit and as the tension is released in the string, it allows the orbit to go into actual “orbit”. With the centripetal forces of the orbit and by adjusting the tension in the string, it will remain in orbit. Therefore, using an orbit teaches children about physics because of how tension makes the orbit spin and the wagon wheel or reverse rotation effect, all in a fun and exciting way!

Toys, Toys, Toys

Regardless of the toys you choose, what’s important to remember is to have fun! Toys are fun for all genders and all ages so whatever interests you, pick one up or learn more about today. There are so many ways to play whether it’s with electronics or traditional toys. This list provides some kind of fun for everyone and ranges drastically in price.

What toy do you think your kids will enjoy most? Which toy would you buy for yourself? Let us know in the comments below and remember you’re never too young or old to have a good time.

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