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7 Birthday Gifts Ideas for 7 Year Olds

I love buying birthday gifts for my children. It is the day each year where we get to celebrate the birth of my child and the fact the he or she is another year older. I know some parents buy the gift that their child really wants at the time, however this is not how I choose the gift that i buy my child.

I look at the developmental stage my child is in and buy something that is educational and will stand the test of time. I am not interested in fad gifts that will be ignored in a month’s time. I prefer to focus on something that will really give back to my child and that my child will use for a while to come.  I also love things that will keep my kids active and outdoors.

My daughter turns 7 years old in October this year and I have been researching the best toys for 7 year old kids.

7 Birthday Gifts Ideas For 7 Year Olds


Bicycles are amazing for kids. They will teach your child balance and coordination while providing your child with much needed physical exercise. Best of all bikes are fun and social too.

Riding a bicycle will also be educational for your child. Perhaps not in the traditional sense, but it will teach loads of important life skills such as road safety and responsibility.

Your child may already have a bicycle but chances are high that your child has outgrown the smaller bicycle that may even have training wheels on still. 7 Years old is a great time for your child to upgrade to his or her first “big bike”.

Kids Tablet

Your child is growing up now and it may be time for your kid to get his or her own tablet. Tablets are hands down the best electronic toys for kids.

Gone are the days of text books at schools – most schools now are utilizing tablets from the primary school years so it is important for your child to understand how a tablet works from an early age. While you may feel concerned about your child spending too much time on the tablet make sure to load lots of educational games on the tablet that can help your child with learning at school. There are plenty of amazing educational apps from drawing and writing apps to apps that teach you how to speak a new language.

Make sure to limit your child’s screen time and set boundaries from the beginning to protect your child online.

Boy playing guitar

Musical Instrument

7 years old is a great age to start playing a musical instrument. Playing a musical instrument comes with many amazing benefits from helping your child learn to concentrate to improving memory skills, language skills and helps your child to express him or herself.

Your child has probably had plenty of toy guitars, pianos and xylophones but your child is growing up and will be at the perfect age to start learning how to play a real musical instrument.

Pair up the musical instrument with some music lessons so your child can learn how to play properly.

Boy looking through telescope

Kids Telescope

Does your child show interest in the moon and the stars? Then what better gift to give than a kids telescope? Both my children show so much interest in the moon, the stars, planets and comets. They often talk about shooting stars and want to know all about eclipses and what causes them.

If your child is also interested in space consider getting a telescope and maybe a kids book on astronomy to go along with it so your child can start identifying the stars.

Lego Set

Yes your child most likely has played with Lego before and might even have some Lego sets, but Lego will never go out of popularity and it also provides valuable learning for kids. There are sets suitable for every age group so it may be time for an upgrade!

Your child will be at an age now where he or she can start to follow instructions so getting a Lego set for 7 to 8 years old will still go down a treat.

Kid baking biscuits

Kids Baking Sets

Baking will teach your child many skills and at the same time your child might start making you some tasty treats in the kitchen. Children need to learn life skills which they will carry through for the rest of their lives and knowing how to cook is one important skill.

Children love being in the kitchen and making things. Baking will help your child learn how to measure and weigh ingredients and your child will need to practice math to learn how to bake properly.

Of course at the age of 7 you will need to help your child in the kitchen, especially when it comes to using the oven and other kitchen appliances like an electric beater. The fact that you will need to spend that time helping your child is not a bad thing, it will give you a chance to spend time with your child and bond while you teach your child how to bake.

You can include a cook book for kids, or encourage your child to find recipes online which will also teach your child valuable lessons.

Kids Scooter

If your child doesn’t have a scooter yet this will be the perfect time to get one for your child. A scooter will encourage your child to spend time outdoors and it will keep your child active while teaching important skills like balance and coordination. Just like bicycles scooters are fun and social, a great way for your child to interact with the other kids in the neighborhood.

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  1. These are great for 7 year olds… any tips for a 9 year old age please ?

    • I will add a post for 9 year olds soon. My daughter is turning 9 next month so I’ve got to start thinking about what to buy my girl.

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