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6 Ways To Put The Spark Back Into Your Relationship

Being in a new relationship is fun and exciting, but as the months and years go on the thrill disappears especially when you add into the mix everyday life and things like a new baby which can really put a damper on your romance and sex life.

A long term relationship may start to feel mundane and boring, so it is important to get some spice and spark back.

6 Ways To Put The Spark Back In Your Relationship

Work On Communication

Good communication is the key to every relationship. Make sure to to be honest, respectful and loving towards your partner. Be clear and concise about your needs.

Make sure to really listen to your partner and try to understand each other better. If you are having trouble communicating it will be difficult to have a healthy and close relationship. It could be a great idea to go for couples counseling to learn how to better communicate with each other.

Get Physical

This is not just about sex, it is about being physically affectionate. Surprise your partner with a back massage after a long day at work. Holding hands is an intimate gesture that may seem so small but it can make a massive impact on your togetherness.

Physical touch releases Oxytocin which has many great benefits, it can even strengthen your immune system!

With physical touch comes more physical intimacy, you will probably find that through these small acts of physical intimacy your libido increases and you start having sex more often, which can only be a great thing for your relationship.

Close couple holding hands

Show Your Love

In early relationships you feel the love intensely and because you are feeling love you show your love. As your relationship progresses that loving feeling becomes a more mature love with less excitement.

Try to remember the things you and your partner did for each other when your relationship was fresh and exciting and start to implement those things now.

Focus On Being A Team

It is so easy to get caught up in little arguments and wanting to win. When you get stuck in this mindset it is so easy to be hurtful towards each other and to make matters worse. Stop trying to be right all the time.

Remember that you are not in a team against each other, you are one team working together, you are an item. Focus on togetherness and happiness.

Go On A Romantic Getaway

It can be tough trying to rekindle the flame while stuck at home in the same patterns and environment. Book a weekend away for just the two of you. Getting away from chores, kids, stress and everything else that life throws at you might be just the thing you both need to reconnect with each other and breathe new life into your relationship.

Get Your Sexy On

When was the last time you really dressed up just for your partner? Chances are that in the early days of your relationship you scrubbed up pretty good each time you got together and now you are just in your comfy clothes when your partner gets home.

Have your hair done, shave your legs, do your face up and get a new outfit to surprise your partner when he gets home, just like you used to when you first started dating.

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