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6 Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Rings

There is so much focus and attention put onto the woman’s engagement ring but the wedding rings for the bride and groom are equally important, if not even more.

Your wedding rings are intended to be worn for life – this makes your choice of wedding rings a huge decision to make. Your wedding ring represents your marriage vows and your commitment to your spouse.

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Here are some tips for choosing your wedding rings to help you buy the best suited rings for you and your future spouse:

6 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Rings

Choose Quality

Considering that your wedding ring will be born all day every day from the day you get married until your last days you need to ensure that the ring you buy will be high quality and continue to look good forever.

While you may not want to spend a fortune on your wedding rings, you need to consider that rings that are thin can lose their shape over time.

Buying gold plated wedding rings is also not a great idea since the gold plating will wear away over time and your ring will either need to be replated which is expensive and an extra thing you will need to add to your to do list in the future. In the long run it will be best not to go for a gold plated wedding ring.

Some of the most popular metals for wedding rings are gold, platinum, titanium, palladium, tungsten carbide and cobalt chrome. Research which of these best suit your needs. Tungsten wedding bands are a very popular choice for alternative metals when it comes to wedding rings.

Match Your Rings

Take into consideration your engagement ring. You will want to match your wedding ring style to your engagement ring in both the type of metal and with the quality of the metal. You wouldn’t want to have a 24 carat gold engagement ring paired with an 18 carat wedding ring. If you match a stronger metal with a weaker metal then the stronger metal will wear away the weaker metal.

Make sure that the wedding and engagement rings look great together.

It is also lovely to match the style of the bride and groom’s wedding rings. There are some stunning color collection wedding rings that you can choose from if you want to get fun and funky instead of traditional.

Consider Family Heirlooms

It is traditional in many families for parents and grandparents to hand down wedding and engagement rings that are family heirlooms. While the ring that has been passed down may not be perfectly suited you can always take it to a jeweler to resize it and to renovate it into the perfect wedding ring that has sentimental value.

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Try It Alone

Your wedding ring should look great with your engagement ring, but it must also look good on its own. Many women don’t wear their engagement ring all the time, especially since it can catch on clothing and after having a baby many women worry it may scratch their baby.

Make sure that your wedding ring can stand alone and still look amazing.

Size Is Important

Make sure to balance the sizes of your wedding and engagement rings. It is best to choose a wedding ring that is the same width or slightly wider than your engagement ring. Having the size of your wedding and engagement rings very different won’t look good together – make sure that both rings look good on their own and together.

Plan Ahead

Don’t leave your wedding rings for the last minute, especially if you want to have a family heirloom incorporated into your wedding rings and if you want a special ring designed.

You don’t want your wedding day fast approaching and find that you are scrambling  for ring after leaving it too late! Make sure you have ordered your wedding rings at least 6 months before your wedding date so that there is no possibility of them being late or problems arising that you cannot resolve in time.

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  1. When nobody actually discusses purchasing wedding rings and no planning that is done to pick them, the outcome to this is normally dissatisfaction.

    Talking from my personal experience, when my husband and I were looking for a ring, I didn’t look at catalogues or even window shop. I literally walked into a shop and picked a ring, that to from the first shop, got them to sort the size and left. When the wedding day came and he put my ring on my finger it wasn’t as I expected I guess.
    This definitely was something I should off spent more time on. I ended up replacing my wedding ring with another a year later and now my wedding ring is in a jewellery box kept aside for the past six years.

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