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6 Styling Tips That The Mother of The Bride Should Be Aware Of

Weddings are always special but even more so for the people involved. As the bride and groom take the center stage, their parents too should not fall behind and must try to look their best on this special day. This is especially true if you are the mother of the bride because you will probably be more worried about the wedding preparations to pay any heed to your own wardrobe. The mother of the bride also don’t believe in playing dress up and instead prefer to spend more her time more with the bride by tending to her needs.

This however is completely false and not appropriate because while it is true that the majority of the limelight will be on the bride and the groom, guests would also be looking at the other people involved in the wedding. The Mother of the bride should look her best as she sends off her daughter into her new life. If you too are a mother of a bride then we are here to help you look your best on this very special day with some helpful tips.

6 Styling Tips The Mother Of The Bride Should Be Aware Of

  1. Talk with The Bride

The bride is going to be busy while selecting her dress but after she has done finalizing everything, talk to her about how you envision yourself and she will be able to help you out with opinions of her own. You can also try to coordinate the color of the dress that you will wear with the rest of the wedding party. For example you could wear a similar color tone like the mother of the groom or go for something else entirely.

It is important to keep the bride in the loop and run your dress or styling choices through her first. This is to avoid making any faux pauses on the way by choosing something that the bride completely disapproves of. Most mothers of brides do a simple Google search and try to figure out everything on their own. This might be because they don’t want to bother the bride because she is stressed out enough but do avoid doing that and instead talk it out. Use the phone or meet face to face for better understanding because chats and e-mails might not be able to convey the exact tone. Also, try avoiding a dress style that is similar to what the bride is wearing because it might not go down well with the former.

  1. Dress for the Occasion

When you shop for mother of the bride outfits, keep in mind the occasion and try to avoid something that is too flashy or revealing. Showing too much skin or wearing overly tight clothes might not go down well and you might get more stares than what you bargained for. Bold colors are a good choice only if the theme of the wedding matches the color tone that you are wearing and it is also a wise decision to avoid something that stands out too much. For example, if the wedding has mostly pastels and light color tones, wearing a jarring red might not be the greatest idea.

Also, while showing too much skin is not advisable, there is nothing wrong in drawing people’s attention to your outfit by wearing something that attenuates your figures in the right ways. For example if you have great arms, go for sleeveless dresses because highlighting your assets in a classy way will make you stand out for all the right reasons.

  1. Don’t Go For Boleros

They might be functional and useful enough to protect you during weather fluctuations but they are definitely not flattering enough on most body types. This is because they are cut off in the mid chest and therefore don’t accentuate your good parts. The same goes for shawls, stoles or anything similar because they can look too much fussy and take the attention away from your dress. Also, carrying a shawl throughout the wedding can be a tiring affair. Go for evening coats that end above your knees if the weather is too chilly or if you want to cover your arms.

Bride and bridesmaids

  1. Explore Different Color Options

It is true that you need to avoid certain colors like black, red and colors too close to what the bride is wearing but there are many other options that you can explore easily. Just keep the color tone of the wedding in mind before exploring other kind of color tones. Colors like mauve, plum, lavender and gold are the most preferred color palettes for mothers; you can also explore a variety of other color tones like metallic, different shades of pastels etc. As long as the color you choose suits the wedding tone, you can go with anything.

  1. Simplicity Is the Key

While going extravagant is not a bad thing, keeping things simple is an easier way out. Avoid too much beading, lace work or ruffles while choosing your outfit. An elegant sheath dress will look better than going over the top and implementing multiple details on your dress. The embellishments for example should be kept to a minimum and always go for classical dress styles like a simple dress with a statement necklace or a coat and skirt duo. Whatever be your choice, remember to keep it simple to stand out more in a positive way.

  1. Smoothen Your Curves

If you are getting a little insecure about fitting in your dress and are worried about fat rolls then do not shy away from wearing spanx underneath your outfit. Shapewear can make a huge difference to your confidence if you are going for a fitted outfit that clings to your body. Just be careful to choose a shapewear that is comfortable and rightly sized for your body because you don’t want to be uncomfortable during the whole wedding.

So, the above were some styling tips that you can keep in mind for the mother of the bride.

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  1. These are splendid tips.
    Simplicity is definitely a must. No mother will want a probability of outshining her own daughter.

  2. Betsie Labuschagne

    The bride should be the one standing out on her wedding day. Try to tie the color in with her theme of the wedding and go for something simple and elegant.

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