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6 Styling Tips That The Mother of The Bride Should Be Aware Of

Weddings hold a special place in everyone’s heart, particularly for those directly involved. While the spotlight naturally falls on the bride and groom, it’s equally important for their parents to shine and present themselves at their best on this significant occasion. This holds especially true for the mother of the bride, who might often find herself preoccupied with wedding arrangements and may unintentionally neglect her own attire.

However, it’s crucial to debunk this misconception. While the focus primarily rests on the couple tying the knot, guests also pay attention to other key figures involved in the celebration. The mother of the bride should look her best while bidding farewell to her daughter on this momentous day, it’s essential to radiate confidence and elegance. For mothers in a similar position, here are some tips to ensure you look and feel your best during this extraordinary event.

6 Styling Tips The Mother Of The Bride Should Be Aware Of

  1. Communicate With The Bride

The bride will be deeply engrossed in selecting her dress, but once she’s finalised her choices, it’s a good idea to have a conversation with her about your own vision. She can provide valuable opinions and insights. Additionally, consider coordinating the colour of your dress with the wedding party, possibly aligning with the mother of the groom’s attire.

Maintaining communication with the bride is crucial. Keep the bride in the loop and consult with her about your dress or styling preferences to help prevent any missteps or misunderstandings. Many mothers of brides often resort to independent online searches to avoid burdening the already stressed bride. However, it’s essential to engage in open dialogue instead. Opt for direct communication via phone or in-person meetings, as these mediums convey nuances that might get lost in written communication like chats or emails.

Furthermore, steer clear of choosing a dress style too similar to the bride’s, as this might not be well-received. Keeping an open line of communication ensures mutual understanding and prevents any unintentional clashes in choices.

  1. Dress For The Occasion

When you shop for mother of the bride outfits, consider the event’s tone and steer clear of overly flashy or revealing outfits. Opting for attire that covers appropriately is essential, as overly revealing or tightly fitted clothes might attract unintended attention. Choosing bold colours can work if they align with the wedding’s theme, but it’s wise to avoid something excessively attention-grabbing. For instance, if the wedding features mostly pastels and light tones, an extremely bold colour like red might clash.

For mothers of the bride, personalised work bags are a stylish and practical choice to complement your attire. Choose a chic bag that matches your style and adds sophistication.

While it’s not recommended to bare too much skin, there’s merit in subtly accentuating your best features with your outfit. Emphasising your assets in a tasteful manner, such as showcasing great arms with sleeveless dresses, can draw attention to your attire for all the right reasons. It’s about striking a balance between elegance and highlighting your best attributes.

  1. Don’t Go For Boleros

While boleros may serve a practical purpose in weather changes, they typically don’t complement most body types. Their mid-chest cut may not accentuate your favourable features. This holds true for shawls, stoles, or similar accessories, as they can appear overly fussy and detract attention from your dress. Moreover, carrying a shawl throughout the wedding can become quite tiresome. Instead, consider evening coats that end above the knees if the weather demands warmth or if you prefer coverage for your arms.

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  1. Explore Different Colour Options

Certainly, while it’s advisable to steer clear of certain colours such as black, red, and those closely resembling the bride’s attire, there’s a plethora of other options available to consider. When exploring different colour choices, it’s crucial to bear in mind the overall colour scheme of the wedding. Shades like mauve, plum, lavender, and gold tend to be popular choices among mothers of the bride. Additionally, you can delve into a wide array of colour tones, including metallic shades and various pastel hues. Ultimately, as long as the colour you opt for aligns harmoniously with the wedding’s palette, the possibilities are quite diverse and open for exploration.

  1. Simplicity Is Key

While indulging in extravagance isn’t necessarily negative, opting for simplicity presents an easier path. Steer clear of excessive beading, intricate lacework, or overwhelming ruffles when selecting your attire. An elegant sheath dress often holds more allure than an overly adorned outfit with numerous details. Limit embellishments to a minimum and favour classic dress styles, such as a simple yet refined dress paired with a statement necklace or a coordinated coat and skirt ensemble. Regardless of your selection, prioritize simplicity as a means to stand out in a more favourable and sophisticated manner.

  1. Smooth Your Curves

If you’re feeling slightly insecure about your dress fitting or concerned about any problem areas, consider incorporating Spanx or shapewear beneath your outfit. Shapewear can significantly boost your confidence, particularly when wearing a fitted dress that hugs your body. However, it’s crucial to select shapewear that is both comfortable and accurately sized for your body. Ensuring comfort is key; you wouldn’t want to feel uneasy throughout the entire wedding day due to ill-fitting shapewear.

In conclusion, embracing simplicity, coordinating with the wedding theme, and communicating openly with the bride are essential elements for mothers of the bride in choosing the perfect outfit. Prioritising comfort, elegance, and alignment with the occasion can help mothers radiate confidence and grace as they play a vital role in their daughter’s special day. By considering these tips and focusing on personal style while respecting the event’s ambiance, mothers of the bride can shine brightly, contributing to the celebration in their unique, sophisticated way.

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  1. These are splendid tips.
    Simplicity is definitely a must. No mother will want a probability of outshining her own daughter.

  2. Betsie Labuschagne

    The bride should be the one standing out on her wedding day. Try to tie the color in with her theme of the wedding and go for something simple and elegant.

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