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6 Best Baby Wraps for Babywearing Moms

Some Moms may be unfamiliar with the term “babywearing”, but the practice has been done by different cultures for centuries.

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6 Best Baby Wraps for Babywearing Moms

What does babywearing mean?

Babywearing is when your baby is carried around your body whether in a baby carrier, wrap or sling.

Different positions of babywearing:

  • Baby is carried in front and facing outwards (facing the same way Mom is).
  • Baby is carried on the hip on one side.
  • Baby is carried in front facing Mom. This way baby and Mom are facing each other.
  • Baby is carried on Mom’s back facing the same way than Mom is, looking over Mom’s shoulder.

Popular types of baby carriers:

  • Wraps made from stretchy materials.
  • Backpacks with frames for support.
  • Soft baby carriers.
  • Ring slings.
  • Pouch wraps.
  • Woven wraps.

Best tips for babywearing:

  1. Finding the best one for you

Some carriers are suited for different ages or stages in baby’s life and in other cases your baby might prefer one kind over another. The best is to find one that you think will suit you best. You can try out different types at baby stores or borrow them from other Mom friends or local Moms to see which one is best for you. Check out the best baby wraps on online websites and read the instructions and pros and cons on Mom blogs or parenting magazines to figure out what will be your best option.

  1. Safety first

There are a few safety precautions when babywearing:

a. Always ensure that your baby’s airway is open.
b. Avoid riding a bike while you are babywearing.
c. Make sure baby is secure and comfy.

  1. Practice makes perfect

A lot of Moms struggle to figure out the sling or their babies might not like the feel of it. Make sure that you’ve probably read the instruction manual and with most carriers it takes time to get the hang of it. You can also watch instructional videos on YouTube.

Mom wearing baby in carrier

  1. Plan beforehand

The best way to put a wrap on is before you leave the house. They are quite long and if you’ve already put it on ahead of time, it is all set when you need to put your baby in when leaving the car.

  1. Don’t be shy to ask questions

No questions are too stupid when it comes to parenthood. When unsure about how to put on the sling or if a particular carrier is a good option, ask questions. You can visit online forums or Mom-related pages. There are always Moms or babywearing experts that are willing to give advice and talk about their own experiences.

  1. Steer away from probable dangerous situations

Avoid cooking on a hot stove, especially cooking dishes that can splatter when wearing your baby. Avoid drinking hot beverages that can spill on you. Always take these scenarios into consideration when you are wearing your baby in a carrier.

  1. Bend from the knees

We all know that you must bend from the knees and not from the ways if you would like to maintain a healthy back, but it is especially advantageous when you are babywearing because you are carrying extra weight. And when you are bending correctly, you ensure that baby stays in an upright position.

  1. Stay hydrated

Babywearing can get very hot during the Summer months. Try to keep this in mind when you are choosing your baby carrier and always keep yourself and baby hydrated when you are wearing your baby in the heat.

6 Best Baby Wraps

  1. Boba baby wrap carrier

  • This wrap is perfect for infants and babies of 0-36 months and can hold up to 35lbs in weight.
  • A very popular option amongst Moms and has been around for ten years. The tying instructions are really simple and is ideal for the first three months of Mommyhood. The wrap was the first of its kind, is machine washable and has a lifetime guarantee.
  • The Spandex material allows the wrap to keep it’s form and won’t sag or loosen when you have to re-adjust when taking baby out for the car ride or when nursing.
  • This wrap is a discreet and comfortable option when breastfeeding.
  • One size fit all.

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  1. Pura Vida luxury Bamboo ring sling baby carrier

This baby carrier allows you to carry your baby in a womb-like position which is perfect for bonding as it gives baby a feeling of nurturing and trust, being wrapped against Mommy’s chest in a loving embrace.
Made from Eco-friendly linen and soft bamboo which is ultra-strong, yet lightweight.

The material will not scratch your baby’s delicate skin and the fabric doesn’t need to be “broken in”.

Pura Vida slings allow Moms to carry babies in the M position which is highly recommended, as it prevents the risk of hip dysplasia and encourages health hip positioning. The front carry position has a soothing massage action on baby’s belly which promotes healthy digestion and the prevention of reflux or colic.

This sling is a wonderful accessory for regulating baby’s temperature by keeping baby comfortably, but cool. The sling is helpful with not allowing your clothing to wrinkle too much and the tail fabric can double to be used as a nursing cover for discreet breastfeeding on the go.

By purchasing this item, you are helping a family in need as 5% of the proceeds goes towards CEPIA which is a charity that supports struggling families in Costa Rica.

  1. Babywombworld Baby wrap carrier new-born sling

  • The Babywombworld allows for the baby to be carried in the same position as the one they assumed during pregnancy. The sling allows for bonding moments with Mom and baby making eye-contact.
  • Baby is tucked safe against Mom’s chest and allows Mom to be hands free while running errands or doing shopping.
  • The sling is made from high-quality material which is a blend of spandex and cotton, allowing shock absorption, elasticity and comfort. The single layer of fabric allows the material to be breathable and prevent baby from overheating.
  • The wrap is fully adjustable and perfect for new-borns, babies and small toddlers that weighs up to 35 pounds.
  • The wrap is easy to adjust and one size fits all.

  1. Cuddlebug chest wrap Ergo carrier sling

  • Made from a blend of Spandex and Terry Cotton.
  • Babies love to be swaddled as it mimics the safe and enclosed space they got used to while in the womb. Studies have proofed that the more babies are held, the less likely they’ll be to fuss and cry. Wearing your baby in this baby chest carrier, will create a stress-free and secure environment for your baby while out and about.
  • The Cuddlebug wrap allows baby to be carried tummy-to-tummy and chest-to-chest which allows baby to feel and hear the familiar sound of Mom’s heartbeat.
  • Great for brain development as baby will become more aware by being able to hear, smell and experience everything that Mom is experiencing and are exposed to sounds and smells whether new or familiar.
  • A great ergonomic hands-free option for going to the grocery store.
  • Completely risk-free and suitable for new-borns.
  •  Carry a lifetime guarantee.

  1. Lumiere 360 Ergonomic all-season baby carrier

  • This baby carrier is one of a kind, has many features and comes with everything that you might want when it comes to baby carriers.
  • The carrier has a full adjustable panel for temperature regulating which allows Mom or Dad to easily control the temperature and keeping both parent and baby cool or warm depending on the weather conditions.
  • The carrier can zip up to provide warmth or zip down to reveal breathable 3D mesh inserts which is great for allowing airflow. This is an amazing feature, as the carrier can be utilized through all Seasons throughout the year.
  • The carrier has 6 Ergonomic carry positions including:
    • Front-newborn
    • Front-infant
    • Front facing out
    • Front-toddler
    • Hip
    • Back
  • Allowing 360-degree angles for baby to face and no insert is needed for new-borns, as the structured bucket is designed to accommodate baby through all the development stages. The seating position allows baby to be in the M position from birth to toddler (7-45lbs). The product is acknowledged as being hip healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia institute which makes this product highly favourable and all-in-all a great universal ergonomic fit.
  • Extremely comfortable for parents – due to the structural features including:
    • Extra-padded crossable shoulder straps.
    • Wide and durable waist belt.
    • Lumber support which take of the pressure on your shoulder and back areas. Baby’s weight is evenly distributed between the shoulder and hip areas and the lumbar support and waist belt promotes healthy alignment and posture to prevent lower back strain.
  • Safety first – the carrier is made from soft materials and fabric that are free from toxic substances and safe for baby. It has passed international safety standards (ASTM F2236 and EN 13209).
  • Product has a three-year warranty.

  1. Keababies all-in-one stretchy baby wrap

This baby wrap is made from stretchy but secure fabric to accommodate baby’s weight and to provide comfort for Mom when wearing it for long periods of time, avoiding too much strain on the shoulder and back areas.

The ergonomic baby carrier fits all sizes (The wrap can be tied at the back for bigger mommies and for smaller mommies the wrap can be looped and wrapped in front).

The product comes with a lifetime guarantee and is one hundred percent risk free.

Top Reasons Why Babywearing Is Beneficial

  1. Convenience

The most significant and convenient reason is for Mom to be hands free to do what she needs to do, whether it is a quick errand or typing an e-mail. Babywearing is highly favourable for when you want to run a quick errand.

No need for a stroller and when grandma needs to take baby for a while, you don’t have to explain how the stroller works. The sling or wrap can just be transferred onto her.

  1. Attending to baby faster

Having baby close to you always, makes it a lot easier to re-assure or comfort him immediately. Research has shown that baby’s that are carried close to Mom in a sling or wrap is less likely to cry or being fussy.

It also makes it easier for Mom to learn the signs or cues of what baby needs by having him close-by.

  1. Baby can experience the world a lot better

By carrying baby on you, he experiences all the things that Mommy is experiencing. He can hear and smell new sounds and smells whilst being safely tucked to Mommy’s side, back or chest.

Being visually and mentally stimulated with all these new experiences can be beneficial to a child’s brain development.

  1. Making nursing easier

Mothers can react to baby’s hunger cries sooner when wearing a carrier, as most of them provides discreet and comfortable nursing capabilities.

  1. Physical development

The upright M position that most carriers offer is excellent for healthy digestion and prevents issues with physical abnormalities (hip dysplasia, flattened skulls and frog legs) that are normally associated with babies that spent too much time lying on their backs or bellies.

Strollers have a huge ecological impact and can sometimes have a negative effect on your baby’s development if left in the stroller for long periods of time.

  1. Great for bonding

Babywearing allows Mom or Dad to bond with their baby from very young and it allows them to attend to their baby’s needs quicker. Moms who suffers from depression can nurture their babies more easily.

Preemies or sick babies can heal and grow faster when they are worn, especially when both baby and parent is skin-to-skin. This is called kangaroo care and are been actively practiced in neonatal intensive care units. The great thing about baby carriers are that they can be worn by parents, caregivers and grandparents.


There are so many positive benefits associated with babywearing and the practice has been around for centuries. Make sure you pick the right carrier that will benefit both you and your baby. has a great selection of baby carriers available and offer free delivery on all orders over $25.

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