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6 Benefits of Composite Decking for Exterior Home Improvement

Since pressure-treated timber has been introduced to the market around forty years ago, it has become the preferred material for replacing and building porches, decks, and other outdoor living areas. Nowadays, composite decking material is often produced from cellulose fiber, recycled plastic, and waste wood. More and more construction companies are using composite decking for exterior home improvement tasks. Here are 6 benefits linked to using the best composite decking materials.

6 Benefits Of Composite Decking For Exterior Home Improvement

Minimal Maintenance

Wood-plastic composite decking and straight PVC decking is made to withstand outside elements, allowing your deck to maintain its aesthetic appearance for years. You do not need to stain, paint, or seal it on a yearly basis like the case is with traditional wooden decks. Also, because it is more resistant to wear and tear, insects, and warping, there is no need to replace any damaged, rotten, or uneven boards.

A Safer Option

Unlike standard wooden decks, composite decking material is slip-resistant and splinter-free which means your home is a safer place for the entire family and your pets. Because it stands up well against outside elements, the risk of the deck collapsing is significantly reduced when it is installed by a professional contractor that is aware of the capacity limitations of the deck.

It is highly durable

Standard wooden decks are aesthetically beautiful, but unfortunately, they do not remain that way over time. Over time, being exposed to the different seasons, the deck takes a significant beating due to cold and blistering hot temperatures. Wood-plastic composite and PVC decking is produced using a process that ensures the results are consistent and the deck is durable with low-maintenance. Most composite decking suppliers offer warranties that cover the rare instances where extreme weather conditions managed to inflict damage.

Boosting Your Home’s Value

Composite decking not only improves your quality of life, but it also adds value to your home. With composite decking projects, the homeowner can get a return on their investment when they decide to sell their home. Homeowners can expect an average of around 62.8 percent return on their investment of adding composite deck additions.

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Spoilt for Choice

Suppliers of wood-plastic composite decking materials usually offer a broad variety of color selections, many of which imitate the appearance of hardwood or traditional wood. Homeowners can also add accessories like handrails, post caps, railings, gates, and solar deck lights to upgrade their outside entertainment area. These accessories are designed to supplement and improve the aesthetic appearance as well as safety of your deck, which gives you the flexibility to create a space that matches your personal taste.

Long-term Expense Benefit

Many people might be surprised to find that pressure-treated decking is more expensive than composites long-term. The initial cost of installing pressure-treated wood might be more cost-effective in most instances, the cost of the ongoing maintenance on a traditional deck needs to be factored in. With no sealing, cleaning, or periodic maintenance a composite deck pays itself within five years. Pressure-treated wood material is also prone to warping and splintering which requires board or railing replacement which is not the case with a composite deck. Even if pressure-treated wood is well maintained, the deck boards might need replacement in less than ten years.


We hope you have found this post about the six benefits of composite decking for exterior home improvement useful and that you will keep this in mind the next time you are in the market for building a new deck. 

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